Freya And The Lycan King'/C12 The Visitor
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Freya And The Lycan King'/C12 The Visitor
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C12 The Visitor

Freya’s Pov

“I’m going to go,” Racheal said almost in a whisper, stumbling like a headless chicken as she saw herself out. Ignoring my question

For the main time I’m graced with the presence of after showered Artemis. His hair was still dripping wet and a towel was wrapped on his neck. His damped hair was dishevelled on his face, his shirt loose giving him a boyish look.

He tilted his body a little to the left as Racheal passed. He smirked and closed the door. His smirk slowly broke into a mischievous grin as he approached me.

When he got to where I stood, my brain was already a cloud of fog. He used one hand and pulled me close to his strong hard muscles. Years of hard work. His hand was around my waist in no time. My body, the lower part, my stomach and abdomen made contact with his chest.

We were in a position so that my upper body was a few inches away from him as a result of his sudden action which left me startled and speechless. My face looked shocked.

When I had relaxed, and I had grasped the gravity of what was interspersing I placed my hand on his chest. Still calming my racing heart.

Quickly I felt my body leaving the ground, I was about to shout when he grabbed my thighs and wrapped it around his waist

I giggled as I flushed. “You get fluttered too easily. At this rate you’ll be a walking tomato.”

Hiding my face in the crook of my neck I smiled. His cologne swept my nose and I had to resist myself from eating him. It was so appetizing.

Pulling away, my eyes fixed almost instantly on his lips, they moved to his eyes. They were the usual golden colour. It was enticing and alluring. As my eyes moved from his left eye to his right eyes they settled on his lips and I flushed even more. I was kind of hot. And by reflex I bit my lips, his eyes were equally on my lips, I felt his stare and they were excruciatingly burning on me.

Immediately I bit my lips, that was the last thread of restraint he had thrown out through the window because he crashed his lips on mine in no time. And I reciprocated like my life was on the line. I hadn’t seen him all day and over the time I had craved for his company like a babe for her mama’s milk.

My back was unexpectedly slammed to the wall but not as roughly. Lips on lips fighting for dominance. He was fighting to stay in control but I wasn’t going to let him win without a proper battle. As he groaned on my lips I smirked. His hand goes round my neck and mine on his hair holding a fistful of it.

His kiss was dominating, desperate to show who was in charge. When I wouldn’t grant him access he bit slowly on my bottom lips and I gasped which immediately made him gain passage to my lips.

His lips curled into a smirk as he kissed the oxygen out of me. I didn’t want to give up, so I equally applied strength and kissed him. It was like a battle of the lips. The only difference was that this battle brought pleasure. I had to pull away for oxygen, that traitor. I broke the kiss to take in oxygen in order not to die.

Panting, “wow,” I said breathlessly. When he moved I thought he was going to put me down, but he carried me in his arms to the bed.

He climbed up from the other side. “Are you going to sleep here?” I asked.

“What do you think?” He was already by my side pulling me closer to him. I smiled moving stealthily towards him the whole time while I covered my face in embarrassment.

His hand immediately went round my waist and I was made to lie on his chest. As a sweet tender smile spread all over my face down to my body, I thought, this was the best sleep I could possibly get.


The sun rays, the early sun of the morning. They furtively made their way into the room, lighting up the room in a crystalline form. A tinge of the rays landed harshly on my face waking me up.

When I woke up I thought that Artemis would have been long gone. My eyes blinked open at the discomfort of the light. I steered in my body, something weighty was on me when I circled round I saw Artemis still sound asleep. His hand was holding me securely in one place.

Although the light had somehow discomforted me and woken me up it did a direct contrast to him. With his hair let down, reaching just at the tip of his eye brows. He looked almost if not boyish. Soft, tender and gentle. It was almost impossible to view him as the monster everyone knew him to be or as the monster I thought he was. One would mistake him as an angel. He was fanciful and looked innocent.

Inspecting him some more, my instinct pinched at me to touch his face, to trace his well defined jawline. I probably shouldn’t but. I knew how this always ended in the multiple books that I had read nonetheless my hands stretched out. They were moving on their own accord to his face.

“It’s improper to stare at people while they sleep,” he said, startling me.

I leaped from my spot about to run when he grabbed me just before I could hide my face in embarrassment. I laughed while hiding my face.

“You cut my sleep short Fay,” he said, shortening my name.

“I’m so sorry.” I said. I felt bad for distorting his sleep.

“It’s no problem, I got to feel you watching me like a sleeping beauty,” this got me laughing even more.

Morning Artemis was different. Did he just describe himself as ‘sleeping beauty?’ I swear this guy was the proudest alpha to exist. I laughed as I layed on his body.

Of course my happy moments would be cut short. There came a knock on the door followed by a deep voice from the opposite end of the door.

“Alpha. You have a visitor,” The voice from outside called out.

I recognized that voice, it sounded familiar, uncanningly familiar.

Artemis was off the bed, his robe on as he walked out of the room. As he got to the door we shared a stare before he opened the door and walked out without saying anything. A pang in my chest.

Before the door closed behind him I heard a squeaking female’s voice. She sounded thrilled and excited. I couldn’t quite decipher her words but I surely didn’t like the sound of her voice. I also detested the fact that she came just when Artemis had a visitor.

‘What if she was the visitor?’ I thought. I shook my head. ‘That couldn’t be true, is it? Nah it is just a weird coincidence,’ but then Racheal’s voice returned to me like vapor and I was sprinting to the door.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that, ‘it’s never a coincidence. What were the chances?’ I didn’t stay back. I had to put my curiosity at bay and the only way to do that was to get my ass off this bed, now.

And I was scurrying down from my bed. I smoothed my night dress and opened the door hastily. The moment I did, I regretted it..

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