Freya And The Lycan King'/C15 The meeting
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Freya And The Lycan King'/C15 The meeting
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C15 The meeting

Artemis Pov

Iris immediately called an urgent meeting when we arrived at the company. The security and technical team were present. We had to catch our culprit. The lowlife spreading lies about our company and shit.

They were all seated when we walked into the meeting room. Laptops could be seen sitting up in front of them as they worked.

The room was a transparent white. Painted and decorated wholly with white. A rectangular glass table was posited at what could be seen as the center of the room.

The room was noise proof. Every person was busy. Catching this culprit was at the top of the pyramid.

Over the last years lies had swelled around the company. Lies that reduced our income and revenue. The lies and slander had cost us potential customers and clients and had put on line the hope of us having investors and partners.

They were all little, good for nothing cowardly companies and we didn’t beg. They were too much of a coward to partner with us. According to them they said, ‘our customers safety and priority came first,’ when asked that was the subtle lie they all shared and dropped any business deal with us refusing to partner with us. I didn’t care. They were insignificant losers and humans at that.

We were strong and the company was managed by none other than myself and although we had not fallen to the ground as they had plotted, we still lost a huge number of customers who had their trust in us.

Their money as you’ll may know wasn’t what generated my income or money. I was an alpha and the most feared at that. I was pretty sure that clearly spelt out, I did not give a damn about some low life beings. And I mostly didn’t need their money to survive.

The money did not bother me, what infuriated me to make my blood boil was that I was losing. I’m Artemis and I never lose.

It would taint my reputation should words fly that Artemis companies were folding. My enemies would reveled in my downfall and slower they would garnered up little mushrooms of courage and think that I had grown weak and they could destroy me. It would make me weak and soft, incompetent even in the werewolf community and I didn’t want that.

When they acknowledged my presence they all bowed. A human stood up and drew the blind. Giving us privacy. After he did that he ascended the pulpit, his hand rested on it.

They were all on black plaid suit that made them look nothing but professional. Gold wrist watches clunked perfectly to their wrist. All were designers. Call me a perfectionist but I would rather kill than to be looked upon as less even down to my workers. They all had to look exceptionally good to represent me better.

The human on the rostrum cleared his throat and all eyes were focused on him. He put on the projector and a bright light was shown on the black material on the wall.

“Let’s give a warm welcome to the managing director for making it here today,” he said.

They all turned to me and echoed a chorused welcome. My face was hard as I didn’t respond. I was impatient and I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of here. Iris noticed my displeasure and said, “let’s begin.”

“I’m Seth and I would be leading this meeting,” Seth was more of the small size. His stature was okay as a human and he looked like a perfectionist himself or maybe one of those humans who were born lucky with money.

After introducing himself, he returned back to the screen. “So for the past one and half year our monthly revenue had dropped consecutively.” He used his hand to show us the graph on the screen. Our revenue off course sloping down ward.

“We have had numerous meetings on how to go about this, believe me, even I grew tired but we have come to no solution because we have been attacking our problem from the surface rather than delving deep to find the root and today, one of our numerous genius has found the root,” it felt like he was giving lecture. My impatience grew with the passing second wanting him to reveal the name already.

My wolf rejoiced on the possible damage we would do to the human or wolf that believed he could cross us. I could feel him pacing in my head from impatience. One thing I and my wolf had in common.

“Now we haven't established the fact that they’re responsible but we are eighty percent sure,” he said in a ‘note’ tone.

He took his phone and put one of the numerous bloggers targeted towards us. They were inflow, multiple of them and every single one of them had contributed to the downfall of our income.

“Now when this first appeared we thought it was just bloggers looking for attention. But on the first day it hit the internet, the next few hours our sale immediately dropped. We received numerous calls from customers calling off their bookings with us. Ten customers to be exact of which are all potential customers that had raised our income the past few years as a result of them being social media influencers. We tried to halt this rumors but in the next month when nothing explicit had been done we lost our first investor and many customers. What started as ten turned into hundreds, thousands and now millions and what began as only one had marked an uncountable numbers of investors pulling away and canceling their contract with us.”

As he spoke I felt my anger rise. This mut must pay, be he werewolf or human. I didn’t care no one crossed me and lived to tell the tale. No one

Their death would be slow and disturbingly excruciating. Whomever they were would beg for death. He would serve as an example to others. Our company used to be included in the top five but as he showed us our rankings. We weren’t even in the top twenty.

“This man’s record was clean and if we did not do proper digging we would have missed him,” Seth once again said. It took everything in me not to growl out loud and show them the animal that I am.

“This is the man and he has a company of his own.”

He pressed a button on the remote and a man's picture appeared on the screen.

I had to stop myself from laughing darkly. I was so going to enjoy this. I knew him. He was once an acquaintance of mine. I knew everything about him. He could be described as one of those people who worshipped and yet dug your grave. Fu-cking snakes. Killing him would not be hard. He always frequented a particular road. He drove a Mercedes Benz, black colour. He thought he could bite me and go scott free. For a year and half he had been doing this, right under my nose. I was right, people were not to be trusted. But I would give him credit for that, he had been really smart and strategic. And so his death would have to be smart. A fitting death for a smart person such as himself.

Before the meeting was concluded I had massaged my gamma. I asked him to get ready with strong men. We were going man hunting.

As my mind processed all the satisfying and new techniques of torture that I would use on him, my lips curled at the corner into a smile. I would enjoy putting his name down in my book and keeping it in the library.

My mind following this path of thought drove to Freya automatically. And the thought of when she found my book returned. The horrific look on her face. It got me wondering if I should really deal with him the way I usually deal with my little headache or I should do what would be best and make me look good in the eyes of Freya.

‘No I should just do what I always do.’

‘Change for Freya. She deserves better,’ my conscience told me.

‘I need to teach him a lesson. If I don’t, he won’t know who’s in charge.’

‘You could but does it have to come down to killing?’the voice now sounded like Freya’s in my mind.

‘If I don’t he will keep on spreading lies!’

‘Is it really a lie?”

‘That’s it, you cross me, you die, that’s my principle.’

‘I know but what will Freya think when she sees you’re exactly as they described you in the rumors.’

The last words got me pondering. I really wanted to be the best for Freya. I wanted to show her that the rumors were not true, that they’re just a result of jealous motherf*ckers. But then I halted.

‘You know what?

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