Freya And The Lycan King'/C8 At the breakfast table
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Freya And The Lycan King'/C8 At the breakfast table
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C8 At the breakfast table

Freya’s pov

Running into the hard string surface, it sent me back. I yelped as I lost my balance and was going butt down on the ground. Just as I was about to make contact with the floor two large arms had their arms around me, catching me just in time.

My hands by reflex went up and were wrapped around my savior's neck. He balanced me and I gazed into his gold coloured eyes.

I saw where his infatuation or should I say his obsession for gold came from. Even his were good and they were pretty.

But before I started drooling and dreaming about his looks, it wasn’t time for that.

His hold was posited on me and so was his gaze. Eluding a quizzical feature, probably wondering why I was running in the hallway like someone that was being chased by a ghost.

Yes I was being chased, but I never saw the face of my follower nor did I get a glimpse of his silhouette. All I heard were footsteps and I was already on my heels.

Horror movies had portrayed a lot of foolish characters that I would fall victim to staying to discover who my pursuer is before I make a run for it.

I certainly couldn’t tell him that I ran at the sounds of footsteps. That I was too much of a coward to stay back and find out.

He would see me weak and unfit for the position of a Luna, of his Luna.

“Why were you in so much haste?” He queried, unwrapping his hand from my waist.

I almost hissed at the loss of physical contact with his body. It took every letter of dignity from me not to drag his hands back to where they were.

“Where did you go? I didn’t find you in the room?”

A little smirk played shadowy on his lips, faint like a tingle. Anyone would mistake it as an illusion but I did see it.

“I went to organize breakfast,” he paused and observed me perceptibly, “are you not hungry?”

My hands glided down from his neck. “I am,” he chuckled, “well then, let’s get you to breakfast.” He motioned for me to follow him.

Taking one last glance at the corridor I strode down.

It happened to be that there were stairs in the building as well as an elevator. Sweet! The stairs connected to the dining and when we approached there, there were an array of staff, posited at every corner of the dining room.

The dining was covered in sun rays, a rectangular table in the middle, four seats placed around it. Food was displayed on the table like a design and for a moment, it was hard to imagine that I was the same person that was served food in portions a day.

He pushed out the chair for me to pass and sit down then he went round the table and sat opposite from me.

“I’ll be going to supervise works in the company. I’ll be out late so don’t wait up,” Artemis said chewing slowly on his food.

“Why? You’ll be gone for such a long period of time,” complaint of him leaving flew right out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

‘Damn this stupid mate bond, I have become so weak and needy.’

He didn’t smile but I could see that the smile was behind his hard features, his brows were relaxed and so were the skin around his eyes.

I chuckled lightly which drew his attention.


Smiling, I muttered, “you look less frightful than when I first met you,” making him know that his features were less cold from our first encounter.

“Because I have a beautiful mate,” he outrightly said, earning a cough and making me choke by his direct compliment.

“Racheal,” he called out. A ‘yes,’ answer is heard from behind the doors followed by a clicking sound and a squeaking sound. The door opened to a petite Brunette just almost my height.

She approached Artemis' side and answered “what do you need assistance with sir?”

Something about her physique was off, she wasn’t particularly scared but seemed rather relaxed and chilled around him yet at the same sync there was an evident of respect knitted with it.

I would not be surprised if she was his play thing. An alpha, powerful such as himself, would have concubines swimming around him like a duck surrounding a meal.

“You’re going to accompany Freya shopping,” he told her in a finalized tone leaving no room for objection.

When he said my name, it reminded me of how he knew my name; even till my last name that I was unaware of on the day of our wedding.

He said ‘Dimitri’ a name that even alpha Rex and his sorry Luna and daughter never made mention of.

Unconsciously my hand moved to my neck to rub the pendant but I found the spot empty. I remembered taking it off and forgetting to replace it.

“Yes alpha,” she replied with agility.

My guts told me that she wasn’t nice. ‘Stay away!’ But my wolf thought otherwise, she loved challenges and wouldn’t hesitate to tear down anyone that stood between her and her hot mate.

A staff ran in swiftly, he bent forward to Artemis ear and whispered indistinct words in his ear.

As he spoke, Artemis' features hardened, his jaw clenched and his cold and loathful face was back on.

This didn’t look good. By the time he was done reporting to Artemis; he was already on his feet.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” he told the staff. The staff bowed and ran out. Artemis wiped his mouth and walked out of the dining room without sparing me a second glance.

This was not looking good. Anything that would make him this infuriated was unsettling.

I was just getting excited that he was softening, I guess I was hasty in my judgment and I had jinxed it.

The sudden urge for eating had evaporated like water and escaped through the little opening in the windows. I tried to eat, but looking at the food they didn’t make me hungry again although my stomach groaned like a dying monster I felt otherwise.

My wolf whimpered within me. She didn’t adore the fact that that little encounter with her mate had undone all the smiles on his face.

She wanted to rip his throat off, but we knew better. A sigh escaped from me. I was looking forward to spending my time with him, but there goes my wish.

He was down the stairs. “Racheal see her to her room, organize it and follows her shopping!” Artemis said and went out through the front door.

That threw the last string of appetite I had over the window.

He seemed in a hurry and certainly looked like he had something to worry about.

My eyes were still transfixed on the door that he had gone out from. Somehow I was wishing that he would run in back and declare that all the problems have been sorted, I wished dearly.

I heard a clearing of throat thrashing me back into reality. The brunette. A scoff struggled to be let out staring at her. I bite back a sigh. She wasn’t friendly and was definitely his f*ck thing.

I would have to stay clear of her.

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