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From Playmates To Lovers/C12 Come to My House
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C12 Come to My House

They had all driven here. Shen Moyun drove very fast along the way. Not long after, a police car followed behind. But when he saw that it was the young master of the Shen family, he did not dare to say anything else. Lyi Rann also complained about him. It was not like a woman was giving birth to a child. Why was he driving so fast?

Gu Ci arrived shortly after and was sent straight to the MRI room. After a thorough examination, he found that it was really a ligament strain. Lyi Rann felt a sharp pain in his right arm as well. After a careful examination, he found that it was a fracture!

Shen Moyun was so angry that he almost smashed Gu Ci's hospital. The little ancestor who usually couldn't bear to say harsh words when they quarreled, was actually bullied like this right under his nose. If Lyi Aotian came back, what would happen?!

"It's all over, it's all over, I'm going to die, big brother! Come back and see me one last time!!" Lyi Rann lay on the bed and wailed in pain. When Shen Moyun called Lyi Aotian, Lyi Rann immediately said bitterly, "Big brother, come back quickly. I'm going to die. Someone bullied me!" Lyi Aotian's deep voice sounded, "What's wrong with you?"

"You promised to come and watch my competition. Where are you?! Just because you're not here, I fell down and broke my bones! It's all your fault!" Lyi Aotian said in a deep voice, "How did you do it? Why are you injured? Could it be that Moyun didn't go to watch your competition?" Lyi Rann shouted, "I don't care. I want you to come back and see me. I'm already like this, why aren't you coming back?" Lyi Aotian was in a dilemma, "Rann, I still need about a week here, I'm afraid I can't go back now."

"In your eyes, I'm not as important as your business!" Lyi Rann hung up the phone and threw it on the blanket. His right elbow was in a cast, and his right calf was also in a cast. He looked at his pitiful appearance. The person who should have cared about him the most was not by his side, and he still did not come back to see him! Lyi Rann turned his head away, his nose aching and tears welling up in his eyes. No matter who Lyi Aotian was, he couldn't stand his slight neglect of him.

Gu Ci held the film in his hand and looked at the cracked bone on his elbow, "Rann, don't use your elbow to support yourself when you fall. You're so fast, yet you still dare to use your hand to support yourself when you fall. It's good that you're not broken."

Lyi Rann looked at him bitterly, his eyes glistening with tears, "I don't know! Anyone who falls doesn't subconsciously support themselves on the ground!"

"Alright, I won't be coming back either. Go to my house for a while first. It's better than you being injured at home alone." Shen Moyun stood there and made the decision for him easily. He just hoped that Lyi Aotian wouldn't come back. He just hoped that the injured Lyi Rann would live in his house. "He's finished. I won't forgive him." Shen Moyun lowered his head and thought to himself, 'This is for the best.'

He felt like a despicable person, coldly watching Lyi Rann's dissatisfaction with Lyi Aotian. He didn't want to see the two brothers love each other at all. His heart ached for Lyi Rann's tears and vulnerability, but he always thought, 'How much do I hate Lyi Aotian?' The person he had liked for so long would never give up to someone else. After all these twists and turns, Lyi Rann would only be his.

He brought home this scarred man.

Lyi Rann often came to Shen Moyun's house, and Shen's mother treated him as her own son. She had an inexplicable fondness for Lyi Rann. Father Shen was calmer and more tolerant of this willful child. Lyi Aotian and Shen Moyun were so close, and the Shen family was Lyi Rann's second home.

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