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C13 His Home

The Shen family was also one of the four major families in the city. However, Shen Moyun refused to go to his own company no matter what. Instead, he chose to work at Lyi Aotian's subsidiary company. Fortunately, he had a strong woman's sister named Shen Ying. Now that she was the vice president of the Shen Group, Shen Moyun's family pressure was much lighter.

He carried Lyi Rann in and placed him on the sofa. When Faang Meilian saw her son carrying someone, she thought it was a girl from some family, but when she went over to take a look, it was Lyi Rann.

She sat down next to him and looked at his cast-covered arms and legs. "Rann, what happened to you?"

"I ran to the sports meet and was pushed down by someone." Lyi Rann's hands and feet were all injured, and it was especially inconvenient for him to move, especially this cast, which was very heavy and he was not used to it. He kept frowning and his face was filled with unhappiness.

"Who did it? Whose child is so bad that he actually pushed you? Then you... are so injured?" She hesitated. Looking at Lyi Rann's posture, it didn't look like he had fallen, but more like he had been in a car accident.

"Don't mention it. When he was running five thousand meters, he was pushed down by someone when he was sprinting. With such a fast speed, he was sent flying. Even this kind of fall is considered light." Shen Moyun was indignant at the side. When he thought about this matter now, he gritted his teeth in hatred. He wanted to beat up that brat so badly that his entire body was covered in plaster, especially that right hand. He wanted to chop it off!

Faang Meilian was shocked by her son's murderous aura. She was also very angry, "Sigh, children these days, why are they all so ruthless? Look at how badly they have fallen for our Rann." She looked at Lyi Rann's expression and her words were filled with heartache. Lyi Rann often came to her house, and Faang Meilian felt that Shen Moyun treated him like his own younger brother and cared a lot about him.

"Lyi Aotian was on a business trip, so I brought him back." Faang Meilian nodded, "Rann, you can stay at Auntie's house in peace. Auntie will personally cook and cook soup for you. Your injuries will definitely heal quickly." Lyi Rann nodded with a smile. He really liked this Auntie Shen. It seemed that in his distant memories, there was also a woman who treated him very well.

After Faang Meilian finished speaking, she got up and went to the kitchen. Lyi Rann sat on the sofa and Shen Moyun stared at him, making Lyi Rann's hair stand on end. "What are you doing? It seems like you want to kidnap and sell me." Shen Moyun's tone was particularly cold. "Other than eating, drinking, and having fun, does anyone want someone who doesn't know anything else?"

" Hey, do you want a beating? ! Lyi Rann stretched out his uninjured arm and pretended to hit Shen Moyun. He grabbed his wrist and leaned closer to him. Lyi Rann had never seen him like this before. His heart was a little scared. "Shen Moyun, what are you doing?"

"Remember to protect yourself at all times. It is your own business whether you are hurt or not. No matter how others feel, they can never feel the same way as you. " Lyi Rann blinked his eyes and looked at his serious and serious expression. He silently swallowed his saliva and said in a very obedient manner, " Got it."

At this time, Shen Ying came back. Lyi Rann called out to her obediently," Sister Shen Ying. " Shen Ying nodded and sat on the other end of the sofa. She poured herself a glass of water. Her eyes were tired, and her dark circles were dark. Shen Moyun could see it clearly, but he didn't say anything.

When she saw Lyi Rann's expression, she asked curiously, What's wrong?" What happened to you?" Lyi Rann pursed his lips. He was especially afraid of Shen Ying. For some reason, he was afraid of her. "I was participating in the sports meet and accidentally fell." Shen Ying looked at him helplessly. Lyi Rann always had a way to make things happen to her.

Sure enough, Faang Meilian made a bone soup for Lyi Rann. The soup was rich and fragrant. Shen Moyun could not help but run over to fill a bowl as well. When Faang Meilian strongly accused him, Shen Moyun did not know whether to laugh or cry. Just who was the real son?

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