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From Playmates To Lovers/C17 Who Do You Think You Are!
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C17 Who Do You Think You Are!

Lyi Rann lay on the bed, exhausted, not knowing where to go from now on. Shen Moyun sat on the edge of the bed and watched him in a daze.

"Rann..." All these years, other than Lyi Aotian, Shen Moyun had been the one who missed Lyi Rann the most. The brothers could all tell that Shen Moyun liked Lyi Rann, the dissolute and elegant Young Master Shen. In the end, he was defeated by a young man who was ten years younger than him. "Don't talk, I don't hate you." Lyi Rann acted like a rich second generation and was not afraid of Shen Moyun at all.

"You blame me for asking him to bring you back. Is it so good to suffer outside?" Lyi Rann roared, "I'm willing! Who do you think you are? What right do you have to care about me?!"

Shen Moyun also lost his temper. He was not afraid that Lyi Rann would cause a ruckus under their noses and pierce the sky. He also had a backer, but it was different outside. Who would indulge Li Rann? Lyi Rann's tricks were only for those who cared about him.

"Who do I think I am? Ask me who am I? Who do you think you are? What do you have after leaving the Lyi family? Look at you, eating, living, and enjoying yourself. Lyi Aotian is still getting married and having children. What's the use of you running around for five years?! " Lyi Rann almost jumped out of bed. Damn it, you came here to attack me on purpose!

"Get lost! Get lost! Damn it!" Shen Moyun suddenly laughed. Looking at Lyi Rann's flustered and exasperated appearance, he wanted to laugh. This guy, he thought that after five years of experience, he would improve, but he didn't expect it to be like this.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to go out and eat? If you wait any longer, the customers will get off work." Lyi Rann was obviously tempted. The customer was a restaurant under Shen Moyun's name. The food there was expensive, but it was extremely delicious. The food was so delicious that it made people forget to return. He didn't know what Shen Moyun was thinking. The environment there was ancient, with small bridges, flowing water, and pavilions. It had an ancient style.

There were a few times when Lyi Aotian took Hee Shi with him and had small gatherings with his brothers. Each time, more than half of the food went into Lyi Rann's stomach.

"Sure." He sat up, and the moment he got up, Shen Moyun saw a scar under his bangs on his forehead. He leaned forward and lifted his fringe with his right hand. His thumb traced the scar on his forehead. "How did you get this?"

Lyi Rann pushed his hand away and frowned impatiently. "It's nothing. I just accidentally knocked it." Lyi Rann had a fair skin and had gotten a little tan over the past few years, but it didn't affect his handsomeness. His fine bangs just happened to cover his scar, and if one didn't look closely, they wouldn't be able to see it.

Shen Moyun knew that Lyi Rann actually cared a lot about his face. He always felt that appearance could be a weapon. Now that there was a scar on his forehead, he didn't know how much he would mind.

Shen Moyun drove him to the diner. While he was backing up, he had already made the call. When Lyi Rann arrived, he didn't need to wait. He could just eat. They were all his favorite dishes, and Shen Moyun could easily tell him all his preferences and habits. He had known him for fifteen years, and it could almost be said that he had grown up with him. Sometimes, Lyi Rann even felt that Shen Moyun knew him better than he did.

After dinner, Shen Moyun drove him back to the hotel. Lyi Rann got out of the car and walked straight in. Shen Moyun gave the car keys to the parking attendant and chased after him. "You little heartless bastard, why didn't you wait for me?" Lyi Rann looked at him. "Why are we waiting for you? Aren't you going home?" Shen Moyun was silent. It was not easy to find him. He had to keep an eye on him. He really did not want to look for him for another five years.

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