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C18 Who Grovels

Lyi Rann swiped his card and returned to his room, followed by Shen Moyun. He collapsed on the bed, took off his shirt, pulled the blanket over him, and was about to sleep.

Shen Moyun took off his coat and laid down beside him. "I won't leave tonight. I'll stay with you."

"Heh, I'm a man, not a woman. Are you afraid that I'll be raped?" Shen Moyun said in a low voice, "I don't want you to be alone." Lyi Rann felt uncomfortable. The better Shen Moyun treated him, the more uncomfortable he felt.

He sat up and the blanket on his body fell off. "Why are you so girly?! Lyi Aotian wasn't even worried about me, what are you worried about, dawdling, what have you got to do with me, why are you so concerned about me, groveling like a servant! " Lyi Rann's words completely infuriated Shen Moyun.

He grabbed him by the neck and threw him onto the bed. His dark eyes were filled with killing intent. "Don't tell me you can't tell that I like you?! How many people in the world do you think I am willing to give my heart and lungs for you?! For five years, I've been the one who thought about you and went crazy! I'm also the one who looked for you and went crazy! I'm the one who couldn't sleep all night because of you! It's me, Shen Moyun, not Lyi Aotian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He roared, expressing the love he had for her for many years with just a few words.

" You deserve it! Did I beg you to like me? Did I ask you to look for me? Lyi Aotian is a scumbag, but I f * cking like him?! I look down on you the most for pretending to be gentle. Every time you kneel down and lick my toes, I feel sorry for you. " Lyi Rann was as meticulous as a hair. He had been aware of Shen Moyun's thoughts for a long time, but he never said that he liked Lyi Aotian and monopolized Shen Moyun at the same time.

"I'm pitiful? Lyi Rann, we're the same. You've been gone for five years, and Lyi Aotian's life is as peaceful as ever. Her wife is elegant and generous, and her daughter is lively and cute. ! Only me! Shen Moyun, I treat you like a treasure. I love you so much that my heart hurts, but I can't bear to let go. All my pitiful looks in front of you are the same as you in front of Lyi Aotian. In fact, you are even more pitiful than me!" He had loved this man for ten years, growing up with him when he was a child, watching his boy suffer for another man. It was not that he did not feel sorry for him;

"Shen Moyun, fuck you! I'll fight you to the death!" Lyi Rann suddenly sat up and grabbed Shen Moyun's neck with both hands. Shen Moyun's face was so cold that it could freeze into ice. He reached out and grabbed both of his wrists. With a little force, he pressed his wrist bones. Lyi Rann was in so much pain that his face changed. He had lost a lot of weight and his wrist bones were protruding. There was only a thin layer of skin. He rubbed and squeezed it hard. The pain was so intense that he almost cried.

"It hurts!!!"

"Are you still challenging me?! Are you still shouting at me? ! I don't mind at all. I will f * ck you right here! I want to see who dares to say no to what I, Shen Moyun, have done! " Lyi Rann had never seen Shen Moyun angry before. In his memory, he was always gentle and charming. Although he was frivolous and full of dirty jokes, Lyi Rann had always thought that this person had no temper or was especially good-tempered.

"I was wrong. If you pinch again, it will really break, Moyun ~" When Lyi Rann called out the long-awaited name, Shen Moyun felt as if a lifetime had passed. When he looked at the young man in front of him again, his features were delicate and handsome. He would always be the innocent person he loved. Why did it have to be him? Why did he break his heart and give it to such a person?

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