From Playmates To Lovers/C19 We're the Same Kind of People
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From Playmates To Lovers/C19 We're the Same Kind of People
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C19 We're the Same Kind of People

Shen Moyun slowly let go, and a dangerous look flashed across Lyi Rann's eyes. The moment he let go, his right hand fiercely grabbed his face.

Shen Moyun felt a sharp pain in his left cheek. When he raised his hand to touch it, the tip of his finger was bright red. There were four clear fingerprints on it. It was Lyi Rann's masterpiece. Shen Moyun threw himself on him again. "I think you owe me!" Lyi Rann struggled with all his might, like a fish that had come ashore. His hands and feet struggled with all his might, and he struggled with Shen Moyun with all his might. He grabbed both of Lyi Rann's wrists and pressed his body firmly against his. Lyi Rann's face was full of stubbornness and he refused to give in. Shen Moyun looked at the person under him seriously. No matter how Lyi Rann tried to mess with him, he was not afraid. It was just that he could not bear the fact that he was not in front of him and beside him.

"Look at yourself. You've lost a lot of weight." Lyi Rann's heart ached, and tears immediately welled up in his eyes. A stray child would eventually have to go home, "It's none of your business." When he was alone, he never felt what he was going through, but when someone cared about him, cared about him, it all came pouring out and hit him in the softest part of his heart.

He did not want anyone to see his vulnerability, and he did not need anyone to pity him. He stuck to his path, and he did not want to turn back, and no matter how much he suffered, no matter how much he suffered, he did not regret it.

"I never have any principles with you. In fact, we are the same kind of people. We don't want to let go of each other." Lyi Rann had his back to him. He didn't want to say too much. He had no idea what the future held. He had run away from home when he was only in his second year of high school. It had been five years now.

Lyi Aotian came looking for him the next day. When Shen Moyun opened the door, Lyi Rann was still asleep. Last night, the two of them argued and quarreled until midnight. Finally, Lyi Rann kicked him out of bed and Shen Moyun pounced on him. The two of them were like children in kindergarten, losing all ability to speak and only knew how to tear each other apart.

In the end, it was Shen Moyun who said that if he continued to mess with him, he would get serious. Only then did Lyi Rann stop pestering him and obediently go to sleep.

"What's the matter? He was still sleeping." Lyi Aotian saw the marks on his face and was a little suspicious, "Your face is..." Shen Moyun sighed, "Your little ancestor has learned the ways of a woman."

Lyi Aotian looked at the person lying on the bed in an indescribable sleeping position. Lyi Rann was wearing a pair of underwear, his upper body was naked, hugging the blanket, and his arms were behind his back, his feet were crossed. Lyi Aotian could not understand how he could sleep so comfortably in such a position!

Lyi Rann, on the other hand, slept soundly. The sound of his deep breathing echoed in the room. Lyi Aotian really could not understand such a person.

There was a scar on Lyi Rann's back that was about seven or eight centimeters long. One could clearly see the marks of the stitches on his back, especially on his smooth back. Lyi Rann had a slender figure, and his slender back could be seen protruding with beautiful butterfly bones. Very few men had such a graceful figure. Shen Moyun shared the same bed with him, and it took a lot of mental struggle to keep himself from losing control and doing something to him.

"You stayed with him all night?" Shen Moyun sat on the edge of the bed and said indifferently.

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