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C20 College

"I want him to go to college. He's too young to do nothing." In fact, Shen Moyun had the same thought. With him and Lyi Aotian around, he didn't expect Lyi Rann to have any special ability to earn money. It was just that studying in university was an important experience in life after all. Lyi Rann was still young, so it wouldn't be a good thing for him to get involved in society too early.

"Then you'd better ask him for his opinion. Your little grandpapa has been wandering the outside world."

"F * ck you!" Lyi Rann woke up in a daze. Before he could open his eyes, he heard Shen Moyun berate him, "You don't have a temper, yet you speak ill of me behind my back. If you have the ability, say it in front of me!"

Shen Moyun said lightly, "You don't have much ability, but your temper is not bad!" If he asked him to speak, then he would speak directly.

"Get lost. Your skin is itching again." Lyi Rann sat up. His hair was messy from sleep, and his eyelids were especially obvious. His eyes were filled with confusion, and his voice was hoarse from sleep. "You're so capable, but you don't have a temper." Shen Moyun was not modest at all. "That's right."

Lyi Rann rolled his eyes at him and saw Lyi Aotian, "Oh, Big Brother, why are you here?" He rubbed his hair, still in a daze. He didn't really care about yesterday's memories.

Lyi Aotian suddenly felt that this was still the same child who loved to sleep in five years ago, ignorant and fearless. Other than him, no one else could wake him up.

"Since you're back, you can't just do nothing all the time. It's better to go to university and choose a major that you're interested in in in in this city." Lyi Rann sat on the bed with the blanket covering his lower body. He didn't have any special thoughts, "Do you have any major in eating, drinking, and playing? I like it."

Shen Moyun suddenly laughed out loud. "Are you just waiting to die?" Lyi Aotian's voice was cold, dissatisfied with his attitude. "Hmm, you don't know when he will die. Why bother so much?" Lyi Rann laid back down and put his arms behind his head as if he didn't care about anything at all.

"If you don't have anything you want to learn, I'll choose it for you. Don't blame me if you don't like it when the time comes." Lyi Rann pulled on the blanket and said, "Whatever, it's all the same. I'm not going to learn it anyway."

... "" "Don't you have any dreams or pursuits? You're still so young, yet you're treating your future life with such an attitude? " Lyi Aotian tried his best to persuade him. He really didn't want to see Lyi Rann like this.

"Yes, dreams, pursuits. Isn't your biggest dream to like me? But that was a dream, so he could only think about it. For the rest, whatever, my whole life has revolved around you as long as I can remember, but you probably just think I'm a burden, so do whatever you want, I don't care, as long as you're happy. "

Shen Moyun's breathing couldn't help but become heavier as he calmed his emotions. He said that Lyi Rann was pitiful, but wasn't he the same? At the very least, he and Lyi Aotian were still brothers. No matter what, he wouldn't abandon Lyi Rann, but to him, he was dispensable.

He lowered his head and smiled bitterly. He felt like a joke. Five years of fear, five years of struggle, and pain couldn't get even a smile from that person. He really didn't know what he was clinging to. He and Lyi Rann were really the same kind of person.

Lyi Aotian quickly found a school for Lyi Rann, a noble school. He did not force Lyi Rann's idea and enrolled him in a music department.

Lyi Aotian gave Lyi Rann a black gold card, and Shen Moyun gave him another. The next day, Young Master Li spent six million yuan to pick up a red Lamborghini from the 4S store. When he drove it, it was extremely eye-catching. Just the brand was enough to make other cars back off. If the car was damaged, just the money for the repair would be enough to destroy them.

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