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From Playmates To Lovers/C21 You're Just a Bag Bearer!
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C21 You're Just a Bag Bearer!

Lyi Rann didn't have a driver's license, and he was speeding along the road. Naturally, he was fined by the traffic police.

Lyi Rann was an adult now, but his account was with Lyi Aotian. All these years, in order to avoid Lyi Aotian, he didn't have any documents. Helpless, he could only call Shen Moyun. Shen Moyun came very quickly, almost hanging up the phone and rushed over. He really couldn't stand by and watch. Lyi Rann and Lyi Aotian had an argument and wouldn't look for him for anything. Helpless, he could only be the temporary guardian.

He walked Lyi Rann out of the police station and looked at his new car." Lyi Rann liked bright, dazzling red sports cars. They were like a ball of fire when they sped on the road. No matter where he went, a bright red color always made him feel refreshed.

"Get lost! I like this kind of car. This is the latest model, a leather seat, panoramic skylight, voice navigation, awesome! This is my wife from now on." Shen Moyun frowned silently. You would rather have a broken car as your wife than look at me? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You don't even have a driver's license. Give me the keys. I will take care of the car for the time being. When you get your driver's license, come to my place to get it." Lyi Rann frowned. He didn't want to get a driver's license, but he didn't want to go to the police station every now and then, so he signed up for a driving school the next day.

After the physical exam, Lyi Rann took a series of exam questions and dragged his flashy yellow suitcase to school.

Shen Moyun helped him with all the enrollment procedures. With a wave of Lyi Aotian's hand, the Z-shaped office building had the funds for renovation, and he even set up a million-dollar scholarship every year. His company collaborated with the school to open a school and cooperate with the school enterprise. Lyi Rann became the principal's treasure again.

However, he didn't know any of this. While Shen Moyun carried his suitcase, Lyi Rann walked unsteadily up the stairs. When he opened the dormitory door, he walked in and took a look around.

Lyi Rann's dormitory was a double room, but for the time being, he was the only one living there. "Alright, put down the things. You can leave now." Shen Moyun closed the door and looked at him coldly. "So I'm just a bag bearer?" Lyi Rann sat in front of the table and looked up at him with an arrogant expression." It's your fortune to carry my bag."

He took two steps forward, placed his left hand on the table, and slightly bent over, "It's my fortune to be able to sleep with you." Lyi Rann moved his lips, made a gesture with his mouth, and silently spat out a word." Get lost. "

He stood up and pulled back the curtains. The dorm faced a field of flowers, with paths and wooden chairs where couples walked hand in hand and romance filled the room.

As the sunlight shone in, Lyi Rann's hair emitted a seven-colored light. His back was slender and slender, giving off the feeling of youth.

For some reason, Shen Moyun could see that Lyi Rann had really changed a lot. If he was no longer happy, he would laugh out loud, and if he was sad, he would secretly cry. He knew how to hide his feelings. All these years, he did not mention anything about the past. It was as if he was a teenager who had left home and was just wandering around. Now that he had returned home, he had a home to return to.

But he saw at once that he was unhappy.

Lyi Rann had always been a thoughtful person. Perhaps it was because of his childhood, but he was extremely insecure, sensitive, suspicious, and possessive. It could almost be said to be infuriating. Shen Moyun knew very well in his heart that Lyi Rann might be using him, no, not using him. It was too much to say that. He just didn't want to be alone and couldn't bear the loneliness. So even if he knew what Shen Moyun thought of him, he still dragged Shen Moyun along with him. Shen Moyun had a premonition that if he had someone he liked, Lyi Rann would definitely break off all ties with him and never forgive him. Although they weren't lovers, Lyi Rann would feel that he had betrayed him.

It couldn't be helped, he thought. It was he, Shen Moyun, who was useless.

If he didn't love Lyi Rann, he wouldn't pamper him like this. No matter how Lyi Rann threw a tantrum, Shen Moyun wouldn't even spare him a glance. There were too many unfair things in the world, but there were too many willingly existing. What right did he have to complain about Lyi Rann? It was because he couldn't bear to let it go. Then, let's just leave it at that. He would rather the two of them suffer each other's pain than let Lyi Rann hide and be sad alone.

Perhaps... He thought that it would feel better to see himself in pain. At least, there was someone who could sympathize with him.

In fact, he was torturing himself because he couldn't think of a better way to make himself feel better.

Falling flowers were intentional, but water was merciless.

I like you. It's probably a sad story.

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