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From Playmates To Lovers/C23 New Students Reporting in
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C23 New Students Reporting in

When he walked into the classroom, the homeroom teacher was standing on the podium, giving a lively lecture. He walked in leisurely and attracted everyone's attention. Jia Hui, the homeroom teacher, was forced to stop her lecture. This was the person the principal had personally instructed her to take special care of. She smiled and called out his name, "Lyi Rann, introduce yourself briefly."

He turned around and pursed his lips, still looking sleepy. "Hello, everyone. My name is Lyi Rann." Lyi Rann had washed his hair, but it hadn't completely dried yet. When he lowered his eyes, he looked a little indifferent. He wore a simple checkered shirt, and the white skin around his neck and collarbone could be seen.

"He's so handsome. He has a much better temperament than us," Some girls around them began to whisper.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. He changed his love so quickly. He can't even walk when he sees someone so handsome." The two girls started to tease each other.

"Teacher, in our music department, new students are reporting in. When everyone introduces themselves, they sing. New students, why don't you also sing a song?" Lyi Rann looked up at him, his eyes light but a little oppressive. "Who said music students have to know how to sing?" The situation instantly became awkward. Lyi Rann liked to sing, and he sang well, but he didn't want to be sensational.

He walked to the back of the classroom, opened his textbook, took out his phone and sent Lyi Aotian a WeChat message, "You really know how to play. Register for a music department for me." After a few minutes, Lyi Aotian replied him, "I think you like to sing a lot." "That was a few years ago. It's been so many years. Do you know what else I like?"

"Lyi Rann, other than your request, I can give you anything you want." Lyi Aotian sent a voice message. Lyi Rann clicked on it and his clear voice spilled into the classroom. Only then did Lyi Rann seem to react. Jia Hui glanced at him and didn't say anything, but her eyes flashed with dissatisfaction.

The university courses were all major ones, and the two classes were connected. There was a break in between, and after class, Lyi Rann called Shen Moyun. "I want a guitar." Shen Moyun sighed lightly. The little ancestor loved to order him around like a slave more and more. " How was it? Are the university courses good? "

"It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad. That's it. Remember to buy it for me quickly and send it over." Lyi Rann stood by the window, hung up the phone, and turned around. There were many people staring at him, and he walked back to his seat. He saw a guitar on the table at the back, made of pure wood. Lyi Rann had always liked wooden things.

"That's mine." He turned around and saw a boy wearing black-rimmed glasses and a black denim jacket. He said, "Guitars are for playing." He smiled, picked up the guitar, and adjusted the strings. Then, he leaned against the table and gently started to play. "Not bad."

Most of the students were in the classroom. He lowered his eyes. "Don't you want to hear me sing?" Lyi Rann said slowly, "Before the story begins, in the early spring, the sun shone on the poplar trees, and the wind blew silver..." He was singing Park Tree's Year of Innocence, an extremely plain song, with such deep affection and such sincere lyrics that it seemed completely unsuitable for a boy in his early twenties, but the way Lyi Rann sang, the deep emotion that was immersed in his own feelings, made him seem like a man full of stories.

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