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From Playmates To Lovers/C24 I'm Tangcheng Ge
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C24 I'm Tangcheng Ge

Everyone was listening to him, and some of them weren't listening at all. They were so fascinated by his appearance that they couldn't take their eyes off him. Boys who knew how to play the guitar were always very handsome, and Lyi Rann was already very attractive. When he played the guitar and sang seriously, he gave off the aura of a star.

Jia Hui stood on the podium. No one knew when she had come in until Lyi Rann's last words came to an end. His long fingers, playing the guitar, slowly drooped.

A song instantly became a fan.

"Not bad." Everyone seemed to have just noticed that the lesson had been going on for a long time. Jia Hui started to praise." Her voice was clear and plain, without any signs of showing off. If you practice well, your future will be bright." Lyi Rann put down his guitar and walked back to his seat. "All you know is how to act cool."

The owner of the guitar said softly. Lyi Rann raised his eyebrows and smiled evilly. "You saw through it." Hsu Huo sneered, "Too pretentious." "You speak as if you are a noble." After class, the two of them unexpectedly went to the next classroom together.

For some reason, the video of Lyi Rann singing in the classroom was uploaded to the campus Weibo. In a short period of time, the number of views quickly broke through ten thousand, and Lyi Rann instantly became famous in school. Some people said that he was a soul singer who was covered up by his looks, and he instantly became the new generation of Prince Charming. Actually, Lyi Rann's singing was right, perfect but not that good.

Lyi Rann had no classes in the afternoon, so he walked around the sports field. He sat on the artificial lawn of the sports field and looked at the running men and women. Suddenly, he felt very tired. He didn't know what he wanted, nor did he know what he could do. He remembered that when he was in high school, he participated in the sports competition. At that time, he trained hard every day, sweating profusely. His body was tired, but his heart was full. He had been back for a few days, but he hadn't returned to the Lyi family yet. He missed home very much, but he always felt that there was no place for him there.

He hated himself for being like a walking corpse, without thought, without soul, and what a terrible thing it was to be indifferent.

A man in a black trench coat suddenly sat down beside him. Lyi Rann turned his head, surprised and happy. "Cheng, why are you here? How did you know I was here? You appear and disappear like a ghost. You're simply..."

Tang Cheng patted his shoulder. "I know your whereabouts like the back of my hand. Finally, Rann, Lyi Aotian found you." Lyi Rann smiled bitterly," It's not him. It's Moyun who found me. " Tang Cheng nodded, not surprised at all. "I thought he would be more promising. I didn't expect it to take five years to find you, but he's much better than Lyi Aotian."

"Come, let's go for a run. Your sports field is full of nobility." Lyi Rann had not exercised for a long time, and after a few steps, he was out of breath. He walked slowly around the track, with Tang Cheng running beside him. He looked like a handsome man in a black trench coat. He looked sunny no matter what. Of all Lyi Aotian's friends, only Tang Cheng could make him lose his temper.

"Cheng, have you seen Ci?" Tang Cheng turned around and smiled brightly, "I came straight to you as soon as I got off the plane. How would I have the time to see him?" The wind in the sports field was a little strong, and Lyi Rann felt a little cold." Cheng, where have you been all this time?" Tang Cheng raised his eyebrows. "San Francisco. I suffered some minor injuries and have been recuperating for a few months."

What kind of minor injuries could take a few months to recover from? Tang Cheng's whereabouts were a mystery. Every year, he would travel all over the world, and no one could contact him. However, whenever something happened to one of his brothers, he would always appear at the right time. When Lyi Rann ran away from home, he found him immediately. However, he did not tell anyone that with his secret arrangements, the little ancestor of the Lyi family would not have a hard time.

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