From Playmates To Lovers/C25 Reunited Again after the New Year
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From Playmates To Lovers/C25 Reunited Again after the New Year
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C25 Reunited Again after the New Year

Tang Cheng wanted Lyi Rann to grow up on his own, to experience and toughen himself. A person like Lyi Rann would never grow up without experiencing something.

In the end, he couldn't bear to see Lyi Rann living in such a pitiful state, so he came forward to ease the situation. The two of them had already contacted each other two years ago, "secretly plotting against each other." No one knew that Tang Cheng had always thought that Lyi Rann, a young master who lived a comfortable life, would not be able to last long after leaving Lyi Aotian. He would definitely go back to look for him. He didn't expect that he would be gone for five years.

Tang Cheng had no idea how many times he had seen Lyi Rann in such dire straits. He had watched him sleep on a bench in the park, thirsty and hungry. In the end, he had paid someone to buy him some food. He had even gone out of his way to negotiate with his boss about his job as a porter. After he had bought everything from Lyi Rann, he had earned two thousand yuan a month, with the exception of rent, water, and electricity. He had seen Lyi Rann in a daze as he walked down the street in the torrential rain, kneeling on the pavement and crying bitterly. He also knew that Lyi Rann had had an accident while he was tidying up the warehouse. His back had been torn and sutured more than a dozen times, leaving behind a long scar.

He had no family, no money to hire a nurse, and had fainted several times in the corridor of the hospital. Lyi Rann's exquisite features made it so that every man and woman would want to take him for their own. There were so many dirty and vulgar things that had happened to him that once, when Tang Cheng rushed over to save him, he was stripped naked and a wretched old man was holding his things in his mouth. Lyi Rann would rather die than submit. His forehead was dripping with blood, and he was on the verge of death. Tang Cheng was furious and cut off his genitals!

The little ancestor of the Lyi family had an unknown tenacity. She would rather die outside than accept the fact that Lyi Aotian was engaged.

Tang Cheng had never looked down on Lyi Rann. The man who had climbed out of the dead only treated him like a little brother. Sometimes, he would wonder if Lyi Rann was really more ruthless than him because he was willing to be ruthless to himself. How could someone who could do this to him not be ruthless?

Tang Cheng turned to look at him. The young man was only twenty-one years old, but his eyes had already seen too much evil in this world. They were filled with his own stories.

"Let's get together tonight. It's been five years since we last met." Lyi Rann bit the tip of his tongue and nodded. Tang Cheng walked over and put his arm around his shoulder." Rann, you must remember that you are the only one in the world who will not leave you. So you must be good to yourself and make yourself strong." Lyi Rann had always thought that he would never be as elegant as Tang Cheng in this life. It was as if he and Gu Ci loved each other deeply, but he had never thought of stopping for him. He came and went as he pleased. No matter how much he hurt that person's heart, there was only one apology. Tang Cheng belonged to the martial arts world, and he had never belonged to someone.

Five years later, the brothers gathered together. Lyi Aotian wanted to bring Mu Qing along, but Shen Moyun called and told him not to bring her along. Shen Moyun knew Lyi Aotian and Lyi Rann well. If Mu Qing came, there was no need for this meal. He had no doubt that Lyi Rann would dare to flip the table and leave.

Gu Ci sat on the chair, his cold eyes staring at Tang Cheng, not saying a word. "I'm not talking about you guys, but how can the atmosphere not be so tense? I have goosebumps all over my body." Jee Qixi could not help but say. "Is that so? I got a sharp dagger a few days ago. Why don't I lend it to you? Cut off your pimples?" Gu Ci looked at Tang Cheng, but his words were directed at Jee Qixi.

Jee Qixi rubbed his arm and felt a chill run down his spine. Gu Ci was famous for being homosexual and inhumane.

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