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From Playmates To Lovers/C27 Acting Scoundrelly
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C27 Acting Scoundrelly

Lyi Aotian sat on the edge of his bed and reached out to touch his forehead.

Tang Cheng sat down on the sofa. "I've seen so much of him, he said slowly. I've seen so much of him that he almost fell to his knees and begged for money. If I hadn't found him at the first possible moment, he would have died long ago."

When Shen Moyun heard this, he couldn't help but walk forward and grab his collar.

"You bastard! Since you found him, why didn't you bring him back? Tang Cheng, what are you thinking about?"

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Moyun with disdain. He took his hand away. "Don't fight me. Why should I bring him back? I won't!"

"I've always wanted to ask you why you treat Lyi Rann so well. Why can't anyone contact you except him?"

He didn't care if Lyi Rann was good to him, but his respect and love for him made him jealous. No one, not even Lyi Aotian, could completely subdue Lyi Rann. Only Tang Cheng could.

"Well, that's easy to explain. He doesn't like people who aren't capable."

"Since you found him back then, even if you didn't bring him back, why couldn't you just let him live a better life?"

Lyi Aotian looked at the pale child and felt his heart ache.

"Lyi Rann is too spoiled, he will never grow up without going through some things. Why don't you reflect on yourself when you ask? I don't object to your marriage, but since you know he likes you, why don't you consider his feelings?

If you had cared for him more before you got married, he wouldn't have been gone for five years, crying out that you cared for him, that you cared for him."

Lyi Aotian was speechless for the first time when he faced Tang Cheng's responsibility.

Lyi Rann lay quietly on the bed, tears slowly flowing down the corners of his eyes. He felt sad and sad.

When Tang Cheng scolded Lyi Aotian, he couldn't help but feel wronged for him. He didn't know what to do, nor did he know what to do. He just felt sad for no reason.

To him, not being able to love was probably the greatest sorrow in his life.

Lyi Aotian and Shen Moyun were guarding him in the hospital, along with so many doctors and nurses.

When Gu Ci arrived home, he opened the door and sat on the sofa. He covered his eyes with his hand. Tang Cheng was back. He had been gone for two years, and now he was back.

It would be a lie to say that he was unhappy. At least, he was fine. He could still stand in front of him.

How could he ask for more? Every time that person came and went without a second thought, no matter how reluctant he was, Gu Ci felt that he was becoming more and more feminine.

He could not bear to part with him, but he could not help but worry about him. His heart ached for him, and he liked Tang Cheng. It made him feel extremely tired.

After dinner, he laid on his bed and prepared to sleep. There were so many things on his mind every day!

He was still awake when he heard a noise at the window of the French window. When he got up to investigate, he saw Tang Cheng jump out of their window.

"Hey, baby, did you miss me?"

It was the same with Tang Cheng. Whenever Gu Ci was angry and refused to see him, he would jump out of the window and say that he was giving him a surprise.

Gu Ci did not even bother to look at him and went back to his bed to cover himself with his blanket as if they were not familiar with each other.

Tang Cheng took off his wool coat, lifted the blanket and laid down. Gu Ci was furious.

"Get lost, get away from me. If you do this, I'll sue you for trespassing and sexual harassment."

Tang Cheng hugged him and put his leg on his waist, looking like a hooligan.

"Isn't this my house? Why would I break into my own house when I'm back home? Am I hugging my own wife or are you molesting me?

Besides, I haven't harassed you yet. What's wrong? Brother has been gone for so long. Do you want me to harass you from the inside out? "

Gu Ci turned around and faced him. Tang Cheng couldn't wait to kiss him. In the past two years, he had missed the person in front of him so much that he was about to go crazy.

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