From Playmates To Lovers/C28 His New Roommate
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From Playmates To Lovers/C28 His New Roommate
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C28 His New Roommate

Gu Ci tilted his head to avoid his kiss.

"Tang Cheng, in your heart, am I no different from those women in the nightclub?

In your heart, I'm like a pet. If you're in a good mood, you coax me, but if you're in a bad mood, you leave me alone.

It has been two years, and you haven't been heard from. Have you never thought that I will worry about you? "

Tang Cheng hugged him tightly and looked into his eyes.

"Ci, you have to understand that you are the most important person in my heart. If you want my life, I can give it to you without hesitation, but I have a responsibility that I have to bear.

My brother, I think you will understand my pursuit."

"I want to understand you too much, but I can't see through you.

The most important thing is that I can't see you. You came back and immediately went to find Lyi Rann. How do you want me to feel?!"

Tang Cheng didn't want to waste his time arguing. He didn't know when he'd leave, but he wanted to be happy with Gu Ci every minute, not doing meaningless things, so he played dumb and changed the subject.

"Oh, so you're jealous. Let me see how jealous our Ci is."

Gu Ci blushed and rejected him, "Get lost, you're the one who's jealous."

Tang Cheng's hand immediately slipped into his pajamas and moved across his skin.

Gu Ci was a doctor, so he paid more attention to his health.

Perhaps it was because he was with Tang Cheng, but he paid more attention to the care of his skin. He hoped that every time Tang Cheng saw him, he wouldn't be able to control himself.

They hadn't been intimate in a long time, but Gu Ci had always been sensitive to Tang Cheng's touch.

His hands were full of calluses. Perhaps it was because he had been holding a gun all year round, but his fingers were rough. Every time they landed on Gu Ci's body, they would leave a lot of green and purple marks. Every time, Gu Ci felt as if he had been domesticated by him.

Gu Ci enjoyed being with Tang Cheng. If it had been anyone else, he probably wouldn't have been willing to be pressed down by another man.

But not Tang Cheng. With him, Gu Ci felt loved, loved as a man by another man, as if that was how it was.

He would not look down on himself. He knew that he was a man, and the person he loved was also a man.

Moreover, Tang Cheng was an extremely masculine man. Every time Gu Ci finished with him, he felt as if he had been to heaven. This was something that Tang Cheng had brought him. It was unique, the perfect compatibility of the body, and the collision of the mind. It made Gu Ci forgive him again and again.

Tang Cheng had always felt that Gu Ci was all he had, and had always been there.

But he seemed to have forgotten that he was a man of flesh and blood, that he had given too much, that he had waited too long, that he would feel tired, tired, that he had never thought that he would lose Gu Ci like that.

Lyi Rann took a leave of absence and stayed in the hospital for a few days before going back to class.

When he returned to the dormitory, he found that a new roommate had moved in. It was a dark boy with glasses.

When he heard the sound of the door opening, he turned around. Lyi Rann was a little surprised, thinking that he had walked into the wrong dormitory. After leaving, he looked at the door number. That's right ~

The boy laughed out loud because of his cute actions.

"You didn't walk in the wrong direction. I just moved here. Hello, my name is Lan Yizheng. I'm in the Computer Science Department."

Lyi Rann could not help but ask, "Why don't you call yourself Yideng?"

The corner of his mouth twitched, and he was a little speechless.

Lyi Rann looked at the schedule. The next class was Computer Foundation.

Lyi Rann's school had a rule that every student had to obtain a second-level computer certificate before graduation.

Lyi Rann walked all the way to the classroom during the rush hour, and when he received six love letters, he threw them into the trash can and took a textbook with him as he leisurely went to class.

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