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From Playmates To Lovers/C29 Sunshine Orphanage
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C29 Sunshine Orphanage

They were taught by a computer science teacher, an elderly little old man who liked to sit in the back, where he could play with his mobile phone as he pleased.

Lyi Rann was sitting in the first row. When Hsu Huo walked in, he glanced around the class and sat down next to him. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's rare to come to class." Lyi Rann glanced at him and said, "I don't want to either."

On Saturdays in college, Lyi Rann took a taxi to Sunshine Orphanage. He hadn't been here in a long time. Occasionally, he would come here to take a look at the children here. Ever since Lyi Aotian brought Lyi Rann back to the Lyi family, he had never stopped funding Sunshine Orphanage, so the living conditions here were not bad.

He sat on the swing he had always loved and watched the children play in the distance. He had not been there for a long time.

"Brother Lyi Rann." Suddenly, a little girl of about ten years old ran over to Lyi Rann's side happily. Lyi Rann looked at the little girl lying on his lap and asked hesitantly, "Yuv?" The little girl nodded, "It's me. Brother Lyi Rann. " "Are you still in the orphanage? No one adopted you?"

"No, I come here every week. I came here with my brother today to help the principal's grandmother with some things." She held Lyi Rann's hand and looked very happy. "Brother?"

"Yes, look, my brother is there. Brother!" She suddenly shouted. Lyi Rann never thought that Yuv's brother would be Hsu Huo. He was also a little surprised to see Lyi Rann. He slowly walked over and patted Yuv's head. "Why are you here?"

Lyi Rann pursed his lips. "I came out of this orphanage." Hsu Huo knew nothing about his family background. He only knew from his daily life that his family was very rich.

"Yuv, go over there and play. Be careful. Didn't you say you want to teach children how to draw?" After sending Yuv away, he sat on another swing. "So you're an orphan. I always thought you were a rich kid."

"Heh, rich family's son. That was a long time ago. The current me is just a joke." Hsu Huo frowned silently. For some reason, he always felt a deep sadness from Lyi Rann. His disregard for everything around him, including himself, was simply terrifying. "Lyi Rann, why are you always so unhappy?"

"Nothing much. I just like someone I shouldn't like. After experiencing some things, I feel that there's almost nothing to look forward to in my world."

Hsu Huo was a little disdainful. He looked down on men who were trapped by love and wanted to die.

"Love isn't the only thing in life. There are a lot of things to look forward to. Look at Yuv. Every time she comes home, she does her homework on time. On weekends, she comes here whenever she can to teach them how to sing and dance and draw. She's happy every time. She's so young, and yet she knows how to be grateful, which I think is very rare, and just the same, your presence here today proves that you're not a heartless person. " Lyi Rann looked at his tilted head and sighed softly.

"You don't understand. Maybe Yuv and I are the same kind of people. We are grateful to the Sunshine Orphanage, and we are also grateful to the person who gave us our family. He means more to me than my life." His tone was so sad and full of pain that Hsu Huo couldn't help but fall silent. Lyi Rann, I'm afraid you really like that person.

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