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From Playmates To Lovers/C3 It Was His Birthday
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C3 It Was His Birthday

It was a beautiful day, and Lyi Rann, who had just started high school, took eleven long holidays, which happened to be his sixteenth birthday.

He was wearing a school uniform, and his face was filled with the innocence and naivety of a school boy. At that time, Lyi Rann really lived like a child.

"Moyun." Lyi Rann smiled and greeted Shen Moyun, who had come to pick him up at the school gate. He was leaning against the car, dressed in a pure black handmade suit, and looked like an elite. He stood at the school gate and watched Lyi Rann walk out with a smile on his face.

"Let's go. I've taken care of everything, and I've invited all your best friends and classmates, as you requested."

Lyi Rann was suddenly filled with anticipation. At this time of the year, he always received a lot of gifts and blessings, so he was very happy on his birthday every year. His elder brother would also put down all his work and focus on accompanying him on this day. A few years ago, when he was still young, Lyi Aotian would accompany him to amusement parks or aquariums. No matter where he went, Lyi Aotian's kindness to him would always make him feel proud, so he always wanted to be a little more willful, just a little more willful, to see how much he could tolerate him.

"Brother, I'm back!" Holding his bag, Lyi Rann shouted to the men who were chatting on the sofa, "Wait for me, go upstairs and change."

Lyi Aotian had custom-made a suit for him according to Lyi Rann's figure, and Lyi Rann loved it very much. It was the first suit in his life, and he seemed to feel that wearing it would make him a mature man like the men downstairs.

They watched him throw his schoolbag on the coffee table and rush upstairs. Shen Moyun sat in the empty seat and shook his head. "Pretty fast. You're already sixteen years old." Gu Ci said, holding a glass of red wine in his hand. It was rare for Lyi Aotian to be willing to take out his precious wine. Lyi Aotian pondered for a moment. Year after year, it was indeed very fast. Lyi Rann had been in the Lyi family for ten years.

"Cough!" Lyi Rann stood at the corner of the second floor and deliberately made a noise. The few of them looked up and saw an elegant young man slowly walking down the stairs.

Lyi Rann kept a straight face and pretended to be unfathomable. Although he was only a little taller, he was already 1.75 meters tall. His well-cut suit outlined his youthful body.

Lyi Rann seemed to have only just noticed the layout of the house. It was a proper banquet atmosphere. Lyi Aotian had instantly transformed the Lyi family mansion into a banquet hall.

Lyi Rann held his tie in his hand and seemed to be a little embarrassed, "Uh, brother, I don't know how to wear a tie." Su Su instantly sneered. Lyi Rann was a little embarrassed and asked angrily, "Su Xiaomi, what are you laughing at?"

Lyi Aotian frowned, "Lyi Rann, be polite." Su Su felt a little helpless. He didn't know what his parents were thinking about his name, but they gave him a girl's name. Lyi Rann often teased him, and over time, he became Su Xiaomi, and he also became Xiaomi from Su Su's brother.

Shen Moyun walked over in silence. "I'll help you." Lyi Rann handed him the tie in his hand. Shen Moyun had never tied anyone's tie except his own.

"Ahem, Shen Moyun, you want to murder me!" Shen Moyun smiled shyly and loosened his tie again. After tying it up, he tidied his neat suit to make the young man look more energetic. Lyi Rann frowned and kept pulling on the tie. He felt uncomfortable. He had a hard time breathing and was not used to it.

It was still early for the birthday party to begin. Lyi Rann saw that all of them were holding glasses of red wine, so he also took a glass and went over to pour one. "Minors are not allowed to drink." Lyi Aotian saw through his intention and stopped him. Lyi Rann did not mind, " Aiya, I'm a man, not a woman. Besides, I'm in my own house. Will it be dangerous for me to drink too much? "

Jee Qixi smiled wickedly and teased, "Not necessarily. Our Rann is so beautiful that any man or woman who sees him will be moved." Lyi Rann had always been shameless, but his face turned red because of what he said. He subconsciously glanced at Lyi Aotian, but all he saw was the man drinking with his head raised, not looking at him. Shen Moyun also raised his wine glass. In the blink of an eye, he was already sixteen years old. In another two years, he would be an adult.

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