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C30 Couple Model

The sunny weather suddenly began to rain heavily without any warning. Hsu Huo and Lyi Rann walked into the house to take shelter from the rain. Looking at the familiar scene, Lyi Rann's heart felt like it was raining heavily.

Ten years ago, he was squatting in the corner watching two ants moving things together. Lyi Aotian, eighteen years old, was tall and slender, dressed in luxurious clothes, walked out of the luxury car, walked in front of him, and asked him with a cold expression, "Would you like to come back to the Lyi family with me?"

He looked at that person, feeling extremely afraid in his heart, so he did not say anything. He waited for him for a few minutes. Seeing that he did not speak and was about to turn around and leave, Lyi Rann suddenly said, "Will you protect me?"

Lyi Aotian turned around and looked at his unusually serious expression, "Yes, as long as you're obedient, I'll protect you forever." But now, the person who said that she would protect him forever had hurt him the most.

Lyi Rann stood by the window and looked at the heavy rain. He silently raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes. He had never been able to cry openly.

Because of the heavy rainstorm, it was not easy to take a taxi from the orphanage. Coincidentally, Hsu Huo's house was not far from here, so Lyi Rann followed his advice and went to Hsu Huo's house. He saw him carrying Yuv on his back. This boy really knew how to take care of people.

The umbrella barely had any effect in the storm, so the two of them hurried back to Hsu Huo's house in the rain.

Hsu Huo's parents were both at home and greeted Lyi Rann warmly when they saw him. Hsu Huo's father was a college teacher and his mother was a civil servant. They only had Hsu Huo as a son and had always wanted a daughter, so they adopted Yuv.

When Mrs. Xu saw the three of them running home in low spirits, she quickly greeted them and nagged Hsu Huo, "I said it would rain today, but I ran out without an umbrella."

Hsu Huo took a towel and handed it to Lyi Rann. He wiped Yuv's wet hair with the towel in his hand. "The rain is too heavy. It's useless even if you bring an umbrella. Mom, Dad, this is my college classmate, Lyi Rann." "Hello, Uncle and Auntie." Lyi Rann greeted obediently. "Alright, alright. It's all wet. Hurry up and wipe it. Don't get sick. In a while, I'll go make some ginger soup. The three of you, drink a bowl."

"Go to my room and take a bath." Lyi Rann nodded and the three of them ran all the way home. It was raining so heavily that almost all of it was wet. Lyi Rann went to Hsu Huo's room to take a shower and take off all his wet clothes. Only then did he remember that he did not have any other clothes. Hsu Huo took off his wet clothes and wiped his body with a towel. He went to the closet to find a clean pajamas and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Lyi Rann, your clothes are all wet. Put on my pajamas first."

"Come in." Lyi Rann's body was covered in foam, making it inconvenient for him to open the door. Hsu Huo hesitated for a moment before pushing open the door and walking in. He subconsciously glanced at Lyi Rann, who had his back to him. The scar on his back was especially obvious. Hsu Huo was a little curious about how he could have such a serious injury.

"I left it here for you. Come and get it yourself." Lyi Rann turned around and washed off the foam on his body. "Hand it to me." He saw that he was wearing a long blue robe, and the one he gave him was black. "Don't tell me that this is a couple's dress."

"Lending it to you is already not bad. What, you don't like it?" Lyi Rann used all of Hsu Huo's belongings familiarly. After drying his body, he put on his pajamas." Why is there such a long scar on your back?" Lyi Rann's movements of putting on his clothes paused for a moment before he replied nonchalantly, "I was beaten up by someone."

" You were actually beaten up?! Why don't I believe it?" He muttered suspiciously, "Didn't anyone tell you that curiosity killed the cat?" He opened the bathroom door and went straight to Hsu Huo's bed. He covered himself with the blanket and naturally wanted to sleep.

Hsu Huo also took a bath. When he came out, Lyi Rann was about to fall asleep in a daze. His mother knocked on the door and brought two bowls of ginger soup. Hsu Huo put the bowls on the bedside table and said, "Lyi Rann, my mother made ginger soup. You should drink one bowl. Otherwise, you will definitely catch a cold."

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