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From Playmates To Lovers/C31 Searching for Someone in the Rain
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C31 Searching for Someone in the Rain

Lyi Rann pulled at the quilt, still feeling a little cold. "No need, I don't like the smell of ginger. I'm going to sleep. I won't leave tonight. You can do whatever you want."

Hsu Huo was speechless. Whose bed was it?

He had seen shameless people before, but he had never seen such a shameless person! "Um, lend me your charger for a moment. My phone is off battery and automatically shut down." Hsu Huo found a charger for him and charged his phone. Only then did Lyi Rann naturally go to sleep.

Shen Moyun stood at Lyi Rann's dormitory door with a guitar in his hand. He knocked on the door, and Lan Yizheng opened it. When he suddenly saw such a refined man, he was still a little dazed. "Uh, who are you looking for?" Shen Moyun did not know that Lyi Rann had already moved into his new dormitory. "Doesn't Lyi Rann live here?"

"Oh, you're looking for Lyi Rann? It's the weekend. He probably went out early in the morning. I'm his roommate." Shen Moyun turned around and left. Lan Yizheng did not dare to say anything, but this man's aura was so strong that it scared his little heart.

When Shen Moyun called Lyi Rann, Lyi Rann's phone had forgotten to charge when he came out of the dormitory. It had already been turned off a long time ago. Hearing the cold and mechanical female voice coming from the phone, Shen Moyun felt a little flustered. Lyi Rann couldn't have run away again, right? As soon as this thought came to his mind, it instantly robbed him of all reason.

He called everyone, and in the middle of the night, everyone was in a state of panic. He searched all the places Lyi Rann might have gone, driving in the rain, risking his life to find him in every place in the city, while Lyi Rann slept soundly in Hsu Huo's bed.

They met at a bar owned by Lyi Aotian. Jee Qixi was still fooling around with women, so he went out without getting dressed properly, "What's wrong? Lyi Rann is gone again?"

Gu Ci and Tang Cheng came together. "Don't worry, how did you know he was gone again? Maybe he just went out for a walk to relax."

Shen Moyun looked like a mess. His clothes were all wet and his face and hair were dripping with water. Everyone had known him for so many years, but they had never seen him in such a mess. The waiter brought a towel and Gu Ci took it, "Moyun, quickly wipe it."

Shen Moyun wiped the rain off his face. Suddenly, he thought of something, threw down the towel, and ran out. "I think I know where he's going."

They just watched as he rushed out again. Gu Ci sighed, "If I were Lyi Rann, I would definitely be with him. How much did he give up for him? If someone could be as meticulous to me as he is to me, I would be with him no matter what the result is."

Tang Cheng glanced at him, and for some reason, a faint sadness welled up in his heart. He really felt sorry for Gu Ci. However, at this moment, he didn't know that the thing he was most afraid of was his apology.

Shen Moyun went to the Sunshine Orphanage. He still remembered that Lyi Rann used to come back here often to visit. He was a stubborn child who always came here with a sense of humility. When he walked in through the rain, the dean thought something had happened. When he looked carefully, wasn't this the gentleman who had occasionally come to their orphanage in the past few years? Ever since Lyi Rann left, Shen Moyun would come to this orphanage whenever he missed him. Over time, the dean became familiar with him.

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