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From Playmates To Lovers/C32 A Big Fight
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C32 A Big Fight

"Mr. Shen, why did you come to the orphanage in such a heavy rain?" Shen Moyun couldn't care less about himself, "Principal Zhang, I just want to ask you a question. Has Lyi Rann been here?"

He couldn't help but feel nervous as he asked this question. If Lyi Rann hadn't come, he would have been afraid.

"You mean Lyi Rann? Yes, he came, and his classmates. The two of them left together." Shen Moyun suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was still there and did not leave.

Only at this moment did he feel cold. His entire body was drenched. When the wind blew, he could not help but shiver.

He turned to leave the orphanage. As soon as he got into his car, he received a call from Tang Cheng. "I know where Lyi Rann is. He's at his classmate's house. I'll send you the address."

Shen Moyun looked at the address on his phone. It didn't seem to be far from the orphanage. When he finally entered the neighborhood, he parked his car and went door to door in the rain to find him.

When he knocked on Hsu Huo's door, Lyi Rann just happened to wake up. Hsu Huo looked at the disheveled man in front of him and asked, "Uh, who are you looking for?"

"Is Lyi Rann here?" Hsu Huo was slightly taken aback. He did not know the man in front of him, so naturally, he would not easily reveal Lyi Rann's whereabouts.

"Sorry, I don't know the person you're talking about. This is my house." Seeing that he seemed to have his own considerations, Shen Moyun took out his phone. "I'm his brother, not a bad person. I just want to take him home."

Hsu Huo looked at the picture of Lyi Rann on the wallpaper of his phone. It seemed to be a picture of him from a few years ago.

"Come in first. He's still sleeping." Shen Moyun was standing in the living room. He had been looking for him in the rain for three or four hours. His entire body was cold.

Hsu Huo pushed open his door and saw that Lyi Rann had just woken up. He was holding his phone and turning it on." Lyi Rann, there's someone outside who said it's your brother. " Lyi Rann lifted the blanket, opened the door, and walked out. When Shen Moyun saw him, he felt as excited as he felt when he saw Lyi Rann again five years later.

"Why are you here?" he blurted out, and Shen Moyun thought, I thought it was you. His body was clearly very cold, but why did his heart suddenly turn cold? At that moment, he really wanted to turn around and leave.

Forget it, what was the use of him being sincere to Lyi Rann? That person would never see him. He had been immersed in his own world, thinking too much about himself. The stormy weather, in his heart, made it rain heavily for Lyi Rann. Only then did he realize that he had always been unhappy.

He grabbed his wrist and pulled him away from Hsu Huo's house. He wanted to say something, but he was afraid that when he opened his mouth, he would not be able to suppress the sobs in his voice. Before Lyi Rann could react, he grabbed his phone and pulled him away in Hsu Huo's pajamas.

Hsu Huo was worried that Lyi Rann would be wronged when he saw Shen Moyun's expression, but they were brothers, so he couldn't say anything. He could only watch him take him away.

Lyi Rann didn't understand what was going on, so he was pulled away by Shen Moyun. Just like that, they stood in front of his car in the storm and quarreled with him. "Shen Moyun, let go of me!"

"Lyi Rann, how much of a bitch do I have to be to like you? You're a fucking scum!" After being scolded for no reason, Lyi Rann, who had just woken up and was drenched in the rain again, also lost his temper. "Are you crazy? Why did you suddenly come over and shout at me? Who the hell wants you to like me?!"

"Lyi Aotian will never like a loser like you!" Lyi Rann's emotions erupted all of a sudden. When he swung his fist, even Shen Moyun did not have the time to dodge.

A fierce punch landed on his face, causing Shen Moyun to turn his head away." Get lost! I'm a coward. Even if Lyi Aotian doesn't like me in this life, I, Lyi Rann, am not afraid. I dare to sleep with everyone, but I'll never have you. This time, I'll tell you clearly that I, Lyi Rann, will never like you, Shen Moyun!"

He used all his strength to shout out these words. Shen Moyun's heart felt like it was filled with rain, and the sadness in his heart continued to spread. He suddenly wanted to cry. All these years of suppression and waiting had almost exhausted all his patience. Lyi Rann was right. He just didn't like him. He had been forcing him step by step.

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