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From Playmates To Lovers/C33 As Long as You're Happy
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C33 As Long as You're Happy

Lyi Aotian, Tang Cheng, Gu Ci, and Jee Qixi each held an umbrella as they stood in the rain and watched the two of them argue. They watched the two poor people who couldn't get what they wanted helplessly and painfully.

Shen Moyun felt a little dizzy and couldn't help but feel cold. Suddenly, he took a few steps forward, grabbed Lyi Rann's arm, and pulled him towards him. He kissed him on the lips. Lyi Rann pushed him away and suddenly broke free from Shen Moyun's restraints. He even kicked him in anger. Shen Moyun covered his stomach and retreated. Suddenly, he fell to the ground.

A few people who were watching the situation noticed the sudden change and walked over together. Lyi Rann stood where he was, a little flustered and confused. He didn't use any strength, so why did he suddenly faint?

Lyi Rann was worried about Shen Moyun's high fever, so he accompanied him to the hospital and hung up the faucet. In everyone's memories, it seemed that Shen Moyun almost never got sick.

"Cough, cough." Lyi Rann felt his throat tighten and sniffed. "I'll get you some medicine later. Don't catch a cold." Gu Ci patted his shoulder, "How is he? Is he alright?" He asked Gu Ci about Shen Moyun.

"He's always been in good health. This time, when he found out that you were gone, he drove in the rain and looked for you for hours. I took a look at him. He was in such a hurry that he had a high fever. Moyun doesn't get sick often. As long as he has a fever, it's rare for him to faint. Rann, do you know how much he cares about you?"

Lyi Rann looked at Shen Moyun, who was lying on the bed with a frown on his face and a flushed face. So that was how it was. The phone he had been holding in his hand all this time turned on and looked. All of them were unanswered calls from him.

"I went to the orphanage, and then it rained. I went to my classmate's house." Lyi Rann felt a little guilty and subconsciously explained. "Is he stupid? He actually thinks that I left again? If I wanted to leave, I wouldn't have come back. I'm afraid of living a hard life. I still think it's better to be a prodigal son. "

Lyi Rann's tone was almost flat, as if he was just stating the truth. Jee Qixi stood on the side and watched. He had always been cynical. Shen Moyun's sacrifice for Lyi Rann would make him feel touched, but Lyi Rann just didn't feel anything.

"Rann, Rann..." Lyi Rann was sitting on the edge of his bed, watching him frown and call out his name in his coma. Lyi Rann felt sad and unconsciously held his hand. "Moyun, I'm here. I'm Lyi Rann. I won't leave." He seemed to have calmed down. Lyi Rann held his hot hand, and his cold heart warmed a little.

He looked at the handsome man. The Shen Moyun in his memory had never been so fragile. Why? Why couldn't it be him?

Lyi Rann asked himself. Shen Moyun had never given up on him even when he had already given up on himself. Shen Moyun was the noble person in his life, the person who had personally led him out of the darkness.

However, at this moment, Lyi Rann still could not understand what it was like to love someone.

Shen Ying rushed over. The moment she pushed open the door and saw Tang Cheng, her eyes flashed in disbelief. It had taken her a long time to calm down. "What's wrong with him?" She looked at Shen Moyun, who was lying on the bed. "High fever."

Shen Ying walked over and touched his forehead. She frowned slightly. Shen Moyun had always been in good health and rarely had a fever.

Lyi Rann pulled his hand away and felt the tension in the air. He went to the chair in the corridor and sat down. He rubbed his face.

Tang Cheng sat beside him without saying a word. He tilted his head and smiled at Lyi Rann. "Rann, can't you just try to like him? Even if it's just a try, let Lyi Aotian go and let the three of you go. Cheng really loves you. "

Lyi Rann covered his face with his hands and said in a suppressed voice, "Cheng, I want to too. I've known my brother since I was six years old. He's almost my life. How can I let go? Why don't you teach me?" Tang Cheng reached out and touched his head. He was always willing to enlighten him in the lightest way possible. " Rann, as long as you're happy, everything is fine. "

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