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C34 No Regrets

When Shen Moyun woke up, only Lyi Rann was by his side. "You're awake." Shen Moyun looked at his face and felt as if he was dreaming.

"Lyi Rann?" He called out his name hesitantly." Yes, it's me. Are you thirsty? Drink some water." Holding the glass in his hand, Lyi Rann gently lifted his neck. Shen Moyun drank some water and his throat felt a little better.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have attacked you. I didn't go anywhere. It just rained at my classmate's house. You don't have to be so paranoid. I won't leave again. " Shen Moyun had known Lyi Rann for so many years, but this was the first time he had ever heard him apologize. This apology was precious.

Shen Moyun sighed, "I was too stupid. Hehe, I'm already an old man, but I'm still so impulsive." Lyi Rann looked at him and suddenly felt guilty. "Moyun." Shen Moyun was slightly startled. He felt as if he had returned to five years ago.

Lyi Rann was still living a pampered life at Shen Moyun's house when Lyi Aotian returned from his business trip. He was lying on Shen Moyun's bed, staring blankly at his physics textbook. The average speed, instantaneous speed, acceleration, Lyi Rann had almost seen through the physics textbook. He had no idea what these were for.

When Shen Moyun pushed open the door and walked in, Lyi Rann happened to throw the textbook in his hand to the ground, looking angry. He picked up the textbook and asked, "What's wrong? Why did you throw the book when you have such a bad temper?"

"I don't understand. What the hell is that? I don't want to study anymore. I want to give up physics. Oh no, I want to give up chemistry, physics, and mathematics." Shen Moyun was a little helpless. Then what the hell were you going to learn?

"How can I not know? I'll teach you." Lyi Rann was obviously acting shamelessly. "I don't know how to do anything."

"Shen Moyun, how many years have you graduated from university? Do you still know high school knowledge?" Shen Moyun flipped through his textbook. It was really just a casual sentence. "Isn't that something that can be learned with just a few glances?"

Lyi Rann looked at him with resentment. When he remembered to turn around and look, Lyi Rann's gaze was filled with disdain. It was as if he was saying, Will you die if you don't act cool?!

Lyi Rann's grades weren't particularly good, and his partiality was too severe. Basically, he wasn't very good at science. Logically speaking, boys should be better at science, but for some reason, there were a lot of anomalies with Lyi Rann.

So Shen Moyun taught him little by little. Lyi Rann had a bad temper and no patience for learning. Shen Moyun's method was already the simplest and fastest, but he just couldn't study seriously.

"Focus. What are you thinking about?" Lyi Rann held the pen in his hand, deep in thought. At this moment, he did not know what the person in front of him was thinking about him. He had always treated Shen Moyun as the person he trusted the most.

"Moyun, why isn't my brother back yet?" Shen Moyun stopped flipping through his book. Lyi Aotian had already returned, but he agreed to let Lyi Rann stay at his house to recuperate for the time being. Lyi Aotian also considered Lyi Rann's feelings for him. If he came to take care of him, who knew what kind of embarrassment and trouble he would face. The two of them hit it off, so Lyi Rann would not know that he had returned from a business trip.

"I suppose I haven't finished my business abroad," he said, feeling guilty and suddenly disappointed.

"Rann, do you really like Lyi Aotian? He's your brother, and I know him well. He won't like you."

Lyi Rann spun the pen in his hand, his attitude indifferent. "I just like him. I don't know when it started, but my brother has always been a very attractive man. Women's legs go soft when they see him. If he's really with me, I don't think I have any regrets in my life."

Shen Moyun felt as if his heart had been soaked in lemon water, and his heart was filled with bitterness. Lyi Rann's blind admiration for Lyi Aotian drove him crazy with jealousy.

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