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C35 Blind Date

Lyi Rann stayed at Shen Moyun's house for another week before Lyi Aotian picked him up and brought him back to the Lyi family. When Shen Moyun got home from work that night, he pushed open the door and couldn't see a lively figure anymore. A lot of disappointment always welled up in his heart.

It had only been a month, but he had already gotten used to Lyi Rann's presence. He lay on the bed and tilted his head slightly to the other side. Suddenly, he felt that Lyi Rann was still beside him. He pulled the blanket over his head.

Wasn't he just a sixteen-year-old child? Shen Moyun really didn't know what to make of himself. What was so good about Lyi Rann? He had asked himself more than once, but the conclusion was that he just liked this heartless, willful Lyi Rann. There was no reason for it, he just liked him.

When Lyi Rann returned to school after recovering from his injuries, the principal really listened to Su Su's opinion and did not expel Soong Yi. Instead, he asked Soong Yi to reflect on himself in front of the entire school. For a time, Soong Yi was condemned by all the teachers and students, and in less than two weeks, he quit school.

Lan Jing found an exquisite packaging box in her drawer. When she opened it, she found a crystal ball. There was only a card inside, and it said, "Help me apologize to Lyi Rann. I really like you, but I never wanted to hurt him."

For a moment, Lan Jing understood why he did that, so she went to apologize to Lyi Rann on Soong Yi's behalf.

Lyi Aotian felt the need to find a girlfriend as soon as possible and put an end to all Lyi Rann's thoughts about him, so the heir of the Lyi family really took the most old-fashioned and effective path, blind date.

Lyi Aotian had heard that the other party had introduced him to a young teacher. Lyi Aotian's original intention was to find a woman to stop Lyi Rann from having any thoughts about him, so he might not really get married. Therefore, as long as the other party's appearance and family background were still passable, he would not have too many worries. He did not need to marry a powerful woman to consolidate his position, and he, Lyi Aotian, disdained to bask in the glory of a woman.

"Uh, I'd like to ask, are you Lyi Aotian?" It had been a few minutes since Mu Qing had entered the coffee shop. Recently, her mother had been forcing her to go on a blind date, saying that it was better for a woman to get married early, repeatedly reminding her to come and take a look this time. She couldn't stand her mother's nagging, so she agreed to go on a blind date.

But she had been standing in this café for a few minutes now, and apart from Lyi Aotian, a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes, she had not seen any other suitable man, so she asked.

"Are you Mu Qing?" She nodded, and blushed. The man in front of her was so handsome, and when she looked at him, her eyes seemed to be on fire. It had been a perfectly normal matchmaking session, but all of a sudden she felt a little inferior.

"Sit down." Lyi Aotian was also a little uncomfortable, but he didn't show it. In the business world, the most important thing to learn was to keep a straight face.

The situation was a little awkward. Since Lyi Aotian did not say anything, Mu Qing did not know what to say.

"Have you been on a blind date before?" Lyi Aotian asked, breaking the silence, "No, it's the first time. My mom asked me to come." Lyi Aotian leaned back in his chair and sipped the coffee in his hand. Mu Qing felt that this was not a blind date, but more like an interview for a job. The man opposite her was so oppressive that she was about to die from nervousness.

"Is this your first time too?" Lyi Aotian's tone was very ordinary, "Do I look like someone who often goes on blind dates?" Mu Qing lowered her head and smiled, "You look like a business elite, but a person like you shouldn't be unable to find a girlfriend, right? Why did you come on blind dates?"

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