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From Playmates To Lovers/C36 Why Didn't You Come Back
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C36 Why Didn't You Come Back

"It's probably harder for a man like me to find a girlfriend. What do you think of me, are you satisfied?" He suddenly leaned closer to her, as if he was teasing her, making her blush again.

"I only saw you, and I don't know anything else. If it's just your appearance, I'm sure I'll be satisfied." She tried to calm down so that she wouldn't look so nervous.

"We are not going to get married as soon as we get out of this door. We are just dating. As for the rest, you can take your time to understand."

"My name is Lyi Aotian. I'm 185 centimeters tall and 80 pounds. I'm the current head of Lyi's Group. My parents are dead, and I have a brother in high school at home. I smoke and drink, but I don't have any other bad habits."

Mu Qing covered her mouth in shock, "You are... Lyi Aotian from the Lyi's Group. I was wondering how could it be such a coincidence that someone like you would come for a blind date. It's really..."

"I need a woman, and no matter what the result is, I think you're very good." Mu Qing hurriedly took a sip of her coffee. "I..."

"What? Do you think I'm not good? Or are you dissatisfied with something? As long as you tell me, I can change." She lowered her head and smiled helplessly. Why did it feel like a deep love confession?

"If so, fine. I don't need my mother to nag me all the time. If we can be together in the future and have such a son-in-law, she will be so happy." Lyi Aotian felt that she was quite frank, with a little girl's naughtiness and cuteness, as well as a woman's charm and maturity.

He drove her home, and just like that, the two of them quickly confirmed their relationship. At this moment, Lyi Rann did not know that he already had a sister-in-law.

Shen Moyun laid on the hospital bed and felt that his head still hurt. "This time, you have the chance to laugh at me to your heart's content."

Lyi Rann lowered his head and said, "I didn't expect you to come looking for me. My phone was turned off. I just went to my classmate's house. Why should I laugh at you? " Shen Moyun's face was flushed red and his brows were slightly furrowed, as if he was extremely uncomfortable.

Lyi Rann tore open the fever relief sticker that Gu Ci gave him and stuck it on Shen Moyun's forehead. The cold touch made him feel a little better in an instant. Lyi Rann then asked Gu Ci for medical alcohol, took off Shen Moyun's clothes and wiped him, poured the alcohol into his palm, rubbed it and started to rub it on his body.

Lyi Rann felt a strange sensation in his heart as he touched his hot and firm skin. His handsome face unconsciously flushed red. Shen Moyun looked straight at him and found the young man's serious and focused expression very attractive.

He hadn't seen him like this in a long time. Suddenly, he reached out and held Lyi Rann's hand. Lyi Rann bumped into a pair of gentle eyes and Shen Moyun smiled weakly. "When did you learn to take care of people?"

A young master like Lyi Rann was usually served by others. When had he ever condescended to serve others?

Shen Moyun grabbed his hand and looked at the few obvious calluses on his fingers. He reached out and touched them with his fingers. The slight touch carried an indescribable heartache.

Lyi Rann immediately pulled his hand back and pretended as if nothing had happened and said, "I can even cook." Ever since he left the Lyi family, he had learned a lot of things. From cutting vegetables at the beginning, getting burned by oil, and destroying the kitchen a few times, Lyi Rann now had good cooking skills and a few decent dishes.

"Is that so? I want to try it when I have time." Shen Moyun suddenly felt some anticipation.

"In fact, Cheng is right. When I'm most upset, I really want to beg on the streets," he said in a flat tone, his head lowered. For some reason, he felt sad.

"Then why didn't you come back?"

"I didn't want to come back. I always felt like an outsider." Lyi Rann could finally talk to him calmly.

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