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From Playmates To Lovers/C37 Who's Going to Wash Your Hands
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C37 Who's Going to Wash Your Hands

In fact, humans were social animals. As time went by, you became more and more eager for a listener, and it was obvious that whether it was five years ago or five years later, Shen Moyun was the best person to talk to Lyi Rann. "Don't you know how Lyi Aotian treats you? How can you be an outsider?"

"I don't know. I thought I was going to leave one day, that I was just a kid in an ordinary orphanage, and I really don't know why he was so nice to me. My life revolved around him. When I first left, I thought that I would die alone outside sooner or later. I didn't expect you to find me. "

This was the first time Shen Moyun had ever heard him say this. It turned out that under Lyi Rann's once happy and willful appearance, there was such a deep sense of unease and loneliness. He was afraid of being abandoned, afraid of being alone.

It seemed that not only did he leave because Lyi Aotian didn't like him and married another woman, but also because Lyi Rann was afraid that she would abandon him and feel like an outsider.

Shen Moyun's mood suddenly brightened. Perhaps Lyi Rann really only had a strong dependence on Lyi Aotian, he still had a chance. Thinking of this, he suddenly felt that his head no longer hurt, as if his fever had improved a lot.

Lyi Rann took another two days off work and only returned to school when Shen Moyun's fever had subsided. Hsu Huo had always been very worried about Lyi Rann. That day, he was angrily taken away by Shen Moyun. He was afraid that something would happen to Lyi Rann.

There had just been a heavy rainstorm, and the fact that a small basketball court in the school had been turned into a small artificial lake showed how heavy the rain was.

Lyi Rann had been staying with Shen Moyun in the hospital for the past two days, and he had barely closed his eyes. Fortunately, he did not have any classes for the first period, so at eight-thirty, he was still sleeping in the dormitory. Lan Yizheng did not want to go to his first class, so the two of them slept soundly in the dormitory.

Hsu Huo knocked on the door lightly with a bag in his hand. There was no sound inside, so he knocked again. When Lyi Rann was still in the Lyi family, he had a high requirement for the sleeping environment. However, after he ran out, his accommodation conditions allowed him to sleep soundly even in the midst of the firecrackers, so knocking on the door did not wake him up at all.

Lan Yizheng went to open the door, full of complaints. "Who are you looking for?" His tone was quite harsh as he looked at the boy in front of him. "Is Lyi Rann here? I'm his classmate."

"Come in, I'm sleeping." He walked back to his bed and covered himself with the blanket and went back to sleep. Lyi Rann was sleeping soundly, and half of the blanket had fallen out. Hsu Huo walked over and nudged him." Lyi Rann, get up. It's time for class." Lan Yizheng kicked the blanket, obviously dissatisfied with being disturbed.

"Hmm. Why are you here? What's the matter? What time is it?" His eyes were still sleepy, and he had yet to recover. "It's 8: 30. Hurry up and get up, or else you'll be late for class again."

Lyi Rann sat up and rubbed his messy hair." Yes, I'll get up now. What are you holding in your hand?" He looked for his clothes and saw the bag in Hsu Huo's hand, so he asked casually.

"These are the clothes you left at my house last time. I washed them for you and gave them back to you." Lyi Rann was a little surprised. "What? Did you wash them by hand?"

"Get lost! Who's going to wash your hands?!" Hsu Huo's voice was a little loud, and it disturbed Lan Yizheng, who was still sleeping. He lifted the blanket and roared, "Can you lower your voice?!" Lyi Rann was also angry, "Don't force yourself!"

Lan Yizheng was afraid of Lyi Rann. Although Lyi Rann rarely spoke in the dormitory, if he bought anything, he would definitely bring a share to Lan Yizheng. He never needed to return the money when he lent it to Lan Yizheng. As the saying went, "If you take advantage of someone, they will treat you well. He immediately changed his attitude, Brother, I didn't sleep until three o'clock last night."

"What the hell's that got to do with me? ! " Lan Yizheng licked his lips and did not say anything. He turned around and said to Hsu Huo, " Wait for me. I'll take a bath and rinse my mouth. Then, we can go and have breakfast together. " Hsu Huo nodded and Lyi Rann got off the bed to put on his clothes.

He was naked from the waist up, and the scar on his back was especially obvious. He couldn't help but stare at Lyi Rann's body. He was so thin, with the thin butterfly bone protruding out. The outline of his ribs could be seen clearly in front of him. Even his stomach, which should have been the most fleshy, was flat. It was as if he was only left with a layer of skin.

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