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From Playmates To Lovers/C38 The Bar Was in Good Shape
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C38 The Bar Was in Good Shape

Lyi Rann and Hsu Huo went to the corner and ordered a bowl of porridge and two buns. It was just a simple breakfast.

"Lyi Rann, was that person really your brother that day? Why does he look so fierce to me? My parents were worried after he took you away." Hsu Huo took a sip of porridge and spoke more casually. It was as if he was chatting casually with Lyi Rann, but he did not realize that he was already beginning to understand this person unconsciously.

"No, he is my brother's friend and also my brother. He is very good to me. Yesterday, he thought that I had lost him and came to find me." Hsu Huo opened his mouth and was even more confused. Lost? Lyi Rann was already so old, how could he lose it just like that? However, he did not ask anymore. This was his business, so it was not good for him to ask too much.

Shen Moyun asked his assistant to deliver the guitar Lyi Rann had asked him to buy to his school. Lyi Rann stood at the school gate, holding a guitar in his hand. In fact, he really didn't know what to do with Shen Moyun.

Lyi Rann felt that he was becoming more and more indifferent, and his mentality was getting older and older.

He walked into the dormitory with his guitar slung over his shoulder, unobstructed. Almost all the boys and girls who saw him made way for him because he looked so cold, but the truth was that Lyi Rann didn't like talking to strangers or showing his friendly side.

Suddenly, a girl rushed over in front of him, "Lyi Rann." He looked up and saw that the girl wore a white-striped blouse with a peaked cap and light makeup. Her bright red lips were especially prominent. She wore shorts that revealed her long, beautiful legs. It was late autumn and Lyi Rann felt cold.

She stood in front of him, feeling embarrassed. She subconsciously turned to look at the girl beside her. Lyi Rann could tell what she was thinking at a glance." What's the matter?" She bit her lip and seemed a little embarrassed. There were a lot of guys and girls around her. Gossip was the least lacking in this young university campus. "Do you have a girlfriend?" She mustered up her courage and asked.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend." Lyi Rann's reply was quick and straightforward. The girl was a little surprised. Why did he bring up a boyfriend? Just as she was about to speak again, Lyi Rann spoke first.

"I don't like women with makeup. If you like me, you can come to me after removing your makeup." After saying that, he took a few steps forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with the girl, but in a different direction. He whispered in her ear, "Also, remember to put on your pants. I feel cold just looking at you." He walked away with big strides. He left with his guitar on his back like a lonely teenager.

One of the girls, holding her schoolbooks in her arms, looked thoughtfully in the direction he had gone. She had not expected to see him again, but things had changed.

Another weekend.

Wong Qi called for a class reunion. It had been a long time since school started, and the class had never been together before. As the class monitor, he felt the need to let the students know each other in private and improve their relationship.

After the meal at the restaurant, a group of people turned to the bar and the karaoke lounge. As music students, Lyi Rann sat in the corner and listened to them howl at the top of their lungs.

Perhaps because he was having too much fun, he didn't care what he said or how many girls were there. Naturally, the quiet Lyi Rann attracted the attention of the girls in the class. They sat next to him and chatted with him.

Suddenly, a boy rushed in and was about to close the door in a hurry. A waiter followed closely behind him. The sudden turn of events immediately attracted everyone's attention. Wong Qi turned off the stereo. He was a little drunk and couldn't speak properly. "What's going on?"

"I beg you, okay? I didn't do it on purpose. Don't chase me." The boy was called Luo Ziqing. He was usually submissive in class. To put it nicely, he was timid, but to put it bluntly, he was a coward.

The waiter was fair and clean, and looked to be about the same age as this group of people. At this moment, his face was filled with anxiety and uneasiness, "How can you be like this? You broke my wine and you still want to run away?! [It is not easy for you, but it is easy for me?] What am I going to do with that bottle of wine you broke for thirty thousand dollars a bottle when my mother makes a few thousand a month and my tuition is so expensive?! No, you have to pay for it!" Thirty thousand yuan for a bottle of wine was a sky-high price in the eyes of these men and women who had just entered university. Not to mention a waiter like him, even Lyi Rann would not spend it so extravagantly!

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