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From Playmates To Lovers/C39 The Scene of Debauchery
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C39 The Scene of Debauchery

"I... I don't have any money. I can't afford it." Luo Ziqing was about to cry. His monthly living expenses were only a thousand yuan, how could he have the money to compensate! "Come with me to the manager, no, to the Crown Vic, and make it clear that the bottle of wine I sent you belongs to a very important customer, and that he must be very angry at me for not being able to deliver it, and for not being able to keep my job. You must come with me!"

"I won't go! I'm not going! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" It was unknown where Luo Ziqing got the strength from, but he pushed Qian Song away. He bumped into the door, making a clear sound, and directly hit the back of his head.

He stood up straight and rubbed his eyes, feeling dizzy. Suddenly, he rushed forward and grabbed Luo Ziqing's neck, "I'll kill you!" Wong Qi, Hsu Huo and the others quickly went up to pull him away, "Don't make a move, we can talk things out. At most, we'll help him compensate you!"

Who would want to?! He just gave his money to a classmate he didn't have a good relationship with out of nowhere. Besides, Wong Qi was the good guy.

The others were drinking, eating, and pretending to be drunk. It was obvious that they didn't want to pay.

Lyi Rann stood up and looked at Jun Ziqing with a cold expression, "I'll pay for you. You pay me in installments. As long as you pay me back in four years of college, it's fine. Take us to the Crown Box. I'll take care of everything."

His attitude was cold, without the slightest bit of charity, and without any mercy. He said that you didn't need to pay him back, but when he said, "I'll take care of everything," it instantly made Luo Ziqing and Qian Song feel that the youth in front of them was like a savior.

Hsu Huo grabbed his arm and said, "I'll go with you." He felt that sometimes he really couldn't see through Lyi Rann. Under his cold appearance, there was actually a burning heart.

"There's no need. The fewer people who want to get involved in this, the better. You guys can continue to play. I've already paid the bill." He opened the door of the private room and led the two of them out. Luo Ziqing told him the whole story, and after Lyi Rann learned the truth, he felt a little more confident.

He pushed open the door of the Crown Vic and swore he had never seen anything like it. In the arms of every man was a woman in her midriff.

Even if it was a man, Luo Ziqing and Qian Song were too shy to raise their heads, but they couldn't help but peek curiously. It turned out that women's bodies were like that.

"Where's the wine I wanted? How long has it been? Is the manager dead?! Do you still want to continue driving?!" One of the men was smoking a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling, enjoying the warmth and comfort of his crotch.

Lyi Rann glanced at his crotch. The thing that stood up was so short that it probably couldn't even reach a woman's throat, yet he had the nerve to show it off. A deep sense of disgust flashed across his eyes, but it couldn't escape someone's eyes.

Hee Shi looked at the exquisite young man in front of him. His cold and indifferent appearance was really similar to someone else's. "Speak!" With a frown, he regretted lying down in the muddy water and said coldly to the two people behind him. Qian Song stammered. He didn't know where to look. "No... I'm sorry. The wine was broken by this man. I... I'll apologize."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't do it on purpose. It was just an accident!" Luo Ziqing groveled. Someone who dared to play like this in a bar's private room must have a great background, and he also knew that he had provoked someone he shouldn't have.

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