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C40 Second Master He

The manager of the bar, who had received the news, hurried over, as if he were accustomed to such scenes, and said with a smile, "Young masters, I am very sorry, I am new here, and I am very insensible. Please forgive me for neglecting you." Qian Song opened the door and hurriedly ran to the wine cabinet to get the wine. He had also paid for it, and now that everything had been explained, Lyi Rann was about to leave with Luo Ziqing.

"Stop!" He stopped, knowing that things were not that simple.

"He can leave, but you can't." Lyi Rann was fearless. He raised his chin at Luo Ziqing, indicating for him to leave first. When he came here, he had told him to immediately call Lyi Aotian if he still hadn't left after ten minutes. Without saying anything else, he gave the address and shouted that Lyi Rann was dying! Absolutely good!

Do you think Lyi Rann is a fool who is deliberately courting death? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was smart. In the past five years, he had seen too many people's feelings. He knew how to grasp what he had and how to protect himself better.

Luo Ziqing fled for his life, Lyi Rann thought to himself, if he forgot to call, he would dare to dismember him after leaving this door!

"Why do you want me to stay? I'm from a good family, I don't accept guests." He turned the tables and the initiative immediately fell into his hands. Hee Shi did not expect him to be so calm. He was just a brat who looked like he was still wet behind the ears, yet he actually had such a temperament.

He pushed the woman away from him and patted the seat beside him. "Come here." Lyi Rann didn't even need to look to know that the man in the private room was laughing flirtatiously, accompanied by all kinds of lewd sounds. He could feel that someone had already pulled out a gun and mounted a horse.

He stood where he was and confronted the group of men and women who were sitting down. " You are not vigilant enough. What if I am an assassin? You will die, won't you?" Hee Shi found it quite interesting. For a boy of his age, even though he spoke in such a casual manner, he actually began to admire him.

"Even if I die under a peony, I'll be a ghost." Lyi Rann smiled in relief, walked to his side, sat down, and crossed one leg over the other. Hee Shi handed him a glass of wine. Lyi Rann asked casually and frankly, "You didn't drug me, right?"

"I gave you face, right? Brother Shi is serving you wine, yet you're still talking nonsense. Who do you think you are?" Lyi Rann waved the wine glass in his hand lazily, which made people angry. "I have no choice. I'm afraid of death, and I'm also afraid of pain." Hee Shi took the glass of wine and took a sip himself. He smiled ambiguously and said, "If I die, I'll accompany you."

What a dangerous man.

Lyi Rann smiled slowly and drank the wine in one gulp.

Then... He focused on watching the couple in front of him perform a restricted action movie. He was very curious. Did such a short thing really make her feel so comfortable? He screamed so loudly that he almost flew into the sky. Hee Shi was unhappy. His face turned cold. "Scram!" The man was so happy that he was slapped by the person beside him. Meeting Hee Shi's cold gaze, he pulled up his pants and ran away. Lyi Rann shook his head. He had really embarrassed the man.

"Hee Shi," Lyi Rann turned his head curiously and realized that he was introducing himself. "I've heard a lot about you, Second Master He." It turned out that he was Hee Shi, his elder brother's arch-enemy, and the second young master of the Hee family's underworld.

"You know me?"

"I don't know you, but as a member of the upper class, it would be too low to not know your name. The outside world is saying that Second Master He has an unbreakable... kidney. " Finally, he lowered his head slightly, revealing the childishness and curiosity unique to youths his age. Hee Shi looked at him and found him interesting.

"Those are all boastful words from when I was young." It was rumored that Hee Shi's kidney was especially durable. He had once conquered five women in one night and fought them all night. The next day, he was still alive and kicking in his opponent's lair.

Lyi Rann really felt that there was some sort of gossip going around. Wasn't that embarrassing?

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