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From Playmates To Lovers/C62 That's Beauty for You
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C62 That's Beauty for You

Lyi Rann drove his flashy Lamborghini and specifically went to Hsu Huo's house to pick him up. Shen Moyun had some complaints about this. He even had a private car to pick him up when he was shopping. This Hsu Huo must have a deep relationship with Lyi Rann. Last time, it was also him who hid Lyi Rann and the two of them were still so close.

Hsu Huo received a WeChat message from Lyi Rann saying that Shen Moyun would be with them. He opened the back door and saw the person in the passenger seat. He politely said, "Hello, Mr. Shen."

"Hello," Shen Moyun replied, looking in the rearview mirror.

Lyi Rann turned on the GPS. He didn't really go around the city and couldn't find it in many places. "Which mall are we going to?"

"Let's go to Cheng Yu Commercial Building, your brother's place." The biggest commercial building in the city, Lyi Rann immediately vetoed it, not because of anything, but because of Hsu Huo. People who didn't have a hundred thousand yuan on them would never dare to go in there.

"No, we just want to find a shopping mall and buy two pieces of clothes. We don't need designer clothes." Shen Moyun sneered, "Which one of the clothes you're wearing right now isn't branded? Why do you feel wronged? What others do is their business."

Hsu Huo saw that he was hostile to him. It was obvious that he had no money and could not afford a branded item, but that did not mean that he was inferior to others.

"Lyi Rann, you don't have to worry about me. You can go wherever you want."

"It's fine. I don't have any money. If I don't go to those places, I'll just bring four hundred yuan with me." Hsu Huo knew that Lyi Rann was worried about his face and gave him a way out. He only brought a thousand yuan with him in total. How could Shen Moyun not know that Lyi Rann was so considerate of others? It was obvious that he was protecting Hsu Huo, 400...

"You didn't even frown when you bought a pair of shoes at 38,000." Lyi Rann glanced at him and said, "You also said that it was back then. A few years ago, I spent the winter wearing a cotton-padded jacket worth 50 yuan. I was fearless." He was just making his attitude clear. He couldn't stand Shen Moyun using his status to pressure him.

Lyi Rann found a random mall and parked the car. The three of them walked in together. Lyi Rann walked in the middle, with Shen Moyun and Hsu Huo walking on either side of him. Lyi Rann was wearing a pair of black super sunglasses and walked with the air of a social boss.

In the elevator, Lyi Rann was wearing sunglasses and almost missed his step. Shen Moyun slapped him on the shoulder. "Take off your sunglasses and walk properly. Don't act cool." Lyi Rann also felt that it was an eyesore, so he took it off and said, "I'm already cool, so there's no need to act cool."

Shen Moyun crossed his arms and looked at him lovingly. A young man with red lips and white teeth was not cool. "You are beautiful."

"Get lost. You're going to say that I'm like a woman again." Lyi Rann pushed him away in disgust. Shen Moyun continued, "But you're not a woman either. You can't have children, and your chest is flat." When the elevator reached the end, Lyi Rann took a big step forward and said, "You still want breasts? You want to drink milk?"

Hsu Huo had been standing beside him the entire time, listening to the two of them bicker. Shen Moyun looked so smart, but he always acted like a child in front of Lyi Rann. Perhaps it wasn't because he had become like this, but because he was facing Lyi Rann. He was willing to change himself, willing to change from being cold to talkative, willing to turn from an elite into a fool. Everything accommodated him just to have a common language and talk to him more.

It was so obvious, who wouldn't see it? Hsu Huo couldn't imagine that such a person, who nagged at Lyi Rann and despised him so much, had silently liked him for so many years and done so much for him.

Lyi Rann walked slowly to the men's clothing area. When the salesgirl saw his and Shen Moyun's clothes, she immediately smiled and walked up to them with a smile to recommend them. Lyi Rann had already accumulated a lot of experience. He touched the material and looked at the shop. He could roughly estimate the price, so he always left after taking a look, even if he saw something he liked.

Shen Moyun didn't care about that. He knew that Lyi Rann liked to dress up in bright and beautiful clothes. It didn't have to be branded, but it had to be comfortable and beautiful. So he took a pure black cashmere coat and called Lyi Rann over to try it on.

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