From Playmates To Lovers/C63 I Despise You
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From Playmates To Lovers/C63 I Despise You
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C63 I Despise You

Lyi Rann knew Shen Moyun too well. The clothes looked expensive at first glance, and Shen Moyun could not hide his temperament of spending money like dirt. So he pulled Hsu Huo and left without looking back.

Shen Moyun paid the money himself and gave Lyi Rann a small piece of clothing according to his size. Satisfied, he swiped his card and followed the two of them. The three of them shopped in more than half of the shopping mall, but Lyi Rann and Hsu Huo found nothing. On the other hand, Shen Moyun carried a lot of bags and bags, and his harvest was quite bountiful.

The three of them were tired from walking and found a rest area to rest. Lyi Rann bought two cups of hot milk tea and handed one to Hsu Huo.

Shen Moyun was unhappy, "Why didn't you give it to me?"

"Do you have hands to drink?" Shen Moyun put everything on the ground. Lyi Rann added, " Besides, don't you not like sweet things?" Shen Moyun reached out and took the milk tea from his hand. He took a big sip from the straw.

Lyi Rann looked at him speechlessly. Shen Moyun said slowly, "It's fine. I don't mind you."

Lyi Rann licked his lips and said, "I mind you."

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Hsu Huo felt that he had been fed a lot of dog food for no reason. Lyi Rann always showed him many of his good points when he got to know him more. Although Lyi Rann could be very sharp-tongued occasionally, most of the time, he paid attention to the way he spoke. Only when it came to Shen Moyun, Lyi Rann did not care about anything else. He looked down on him without any hesitation and attacked him. He seemed to know that no matter how much he said, that person would not be angry or leave.

Hsu Huo felt like a rational outsider, analyzing the relationship between Shen Moyun and Lyi Rann, their way of getting along with each other, and the fact that Lyi Rann liked men these past few days. This person had always been in his mind. Hsu Huo had always been a quiet person and was regarded as a literary teenager. He preferred to be alone, so he did not have many friends. However, Lyi Rann, a rebellious young master, insisted on being friends with him.

Hsu Huo's world had always been straight and proper. His friends, fights, and puppy love rarely happened. Lyi Rann's betrayal gave him a sense of novelty and excitement at the same time. He was not a person full of positive energy, but Hsu Huo liked his honesty and candor. No matter what the society was like, Lyi Rann had always walked his own path and would not compromise for anyone.

Lyi Rann had rested enough and continued to shop. He saw a long black down jacket. The design was new, and it was his favorite style. Hsu Huo also thought it was not bad. Lyi Rann tried it on and his tall and slender figure was clearly visible. Lyi Rann also put on the hat with a circle of rabbit fur around it. He grabbed the bag with both hands and a piece of clothing instantly wrapped around him. He was too thin, and wearing this dress gave people the illusion that he was fat.

Hsu Huo adjusted his hat, pulled up the hem, and smoothed out the folds of his clothes.

Shen Moyun began to look at him with hidden bitterness in his eyes. Hsu Huo swallowed his saliva guiltily. Lyi Rann felt so good about himself that he ran to the mirror and looked at himself in the mirror. "Hsu Huo, do you like this dress?"

"I think it's pretty good," Lyi Rann said, nodding his head in agreement. I think it's better to get a long one that covers my knees.

It was only at this moment that Shen Moyun realized that he did not seem to understand the young man's concept of consumerism. He had seen some boys who put on flirtatious makeup and wore shorts in the middle of the winter. There were also some who pretended to be cool and cool.

"If you like it, we'll have one each, and what color do you like?" It was black, white, gray, and red.

"Why do you want to wear the same? Don't you hate people bumping into you the most?" The same? Isn't that just a couple outfit? Shen Moyun was unhappy.

Lyi Rann did not even turn his head around. "Because the second one is half price."

Shen Moyun was speechless."

Did he not want to lose to the second half price?!

In the end, Lyi Rann relied on his face to get a discount of two hundred, two clothes, a thousand in total, and an average of five hundred for the two of them. Satisfied, he prepared to go to lunch.

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