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From Playmates To Lovers/C65 It Happened
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C65 It Happened

Hsu Huo raised his head and asked curiously: "Why?"

"I just think that you are a good person. Let me remind you that Lyi Rann is not as innocent as you think. It's not good to be too close to him." Hsu Huo was a little annoyed, "What? You live in the same dormitory as him and you're talking bad about him behind his back?"

"What? I treat him as a friend and you as an outsider. Oh, forget it, forget it. Let me show you something." Lan Yizheng took out his phone and opened a video. Lyi Rann was in the video. It was a very crazy video, very different from the Lyi Rann that Hsu Huo usually saw.

Lan Yizheng whispered in his ear, "He takes pills."

Hsu Huo clenched his fists bit by bit, and his breathing instantly stopped. How could such an indifferent and calm Lyi Rann...

"Send this video to me, and don't tell anyone else. Delete the one on your phone." Lan Yizheng was confused. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm just looking for someone who can make Lyi Rann quit." Lan Yizheng nodded and added Hsu Huo as a friend. Then, he sent the video to him and deleted the video from his phone. He lived in the same dormitory as Lyi Rann, so he didn't want to see him fall so low.

It should be... right.

It was Lan Yizheng's birthday, so he called a few of his better friends to join in the fun. He also called Lyi Rann, and since they all lived in the same dormitory, it was not appropriate for him not to go, so Lyi Rann followed. What he didn't expect was that Lan Yizheng, who treated computers like his girlfriend, had so many female friends, and they were all on good terms.

Actually, it was not that bad. As long as Lan Yizheng said that Lyi Rann would come as well, almost no one would refuse. It was also good to see the legendary aloof campus belle.

Lyi Rann felt a slight pain in his stomach. Perhaps it was because he had drunk a cold Coke in the afternoon, but it was not particularly painful. Instead of drinking, he drank some hot water. Seeing that Lyi Rann could not let go, Lan Yizheng began to persuade him to drink. Helpless, he could only accompany him, slightly regretting why he had come to such a party.

Everyone was out to play, and it was such an occasion that Lyi Rann naturally became the one to be drunk. "Lyi Rann, tell us, is your family rich?" Almost everyone in the school knew that Lyi Rann's car was a super cool Lamborghini. There were a lot of boys who knew about cars, and some of them were jealous.

"No, that's my brother's money. It has nothing to do with me if he's willing to support me." His face was red. He poured himself another glass of wine and drank it down. He was obviously drunk. "He is... stupid and rich. He is... He is not my brother, but he is willing to... Well, he is willing to spend money on me." Mentioning Lyi Aotian was like tearing open Lyi Rann's scar with his own hands. That was the most desperate and lonely existence in his heart. In his heart, Lyi Rann's heart was always snowing and cold.

Lan Jing suddenly pushed open the door and walked in. She had a better friend here, so when she heard that Lyi Rann had come, she naturally followed her. Lyi Rann was a little afraid of her now. No matter how much he tried to persuade her, she would continue to pester him. She used to be such a gentle girl. !

"Lyi Rann," she called out as she sat down beside him. He moved to the side, and Lan Jing followed suit. "Are you that afraid of me?" she asked unhappily.

Lyi Rann lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. "You have good eyesight." Lan Jing looked at his practiced manner and suddenly felt a little angry. The boy she liked was not like that. He was clean and pure. Although he looked a little bad, he was always positive and full of justice.

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