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From Playmates To Lovers/C66 Stomach Hemorrhage
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C66 Stomach Hemorrhage

"Don't drink too much, you won't feel well," she said, watching him pick up another glass and drain it.

The girls sitting next to Lyi Rann all looked at Lan Jing with hostility. Some of them even felt that this was going too far. Lyi Rann obviously had no interest in her, yet he spoke to her like she was his girlfriend. He was so hypocritical.

Lan Jing kept pestering Lyi Rann, and he couldn't stand it anymore. He went to the bathroom.

He staggered into the bathroom and leaned over the sink to vomit. His stomach was full of wine, and he felt a burning pain in his stomach. His face was pale because there were tears in the corners of his eyes.

Lyi Rann had always known that he didn't have a good stomach. When he had just left the Lyi family, he had eaten once without eating a second meal. He was hungry and full, so his stomach had a problem. Later on, he smoked and drank a lot, and he didn't eat on time. He never took good care of it, so it protested from time to time. Lyi Rann slowly squatted on the ground along the sink, sweating cold sweat. It hurt so much that he couldn't even walk a step.

The phone was still in the booth, so he crouched there and prayed for the pain to pass.

Lan Jing looked at the time. It had been some time since Lyi Rann left, and she didn't know why he still hadn't returned. She walked in front of Lan Yizheng and said to him, "Go and find Lyi Rann. He has been gone for a while. Did he drink too much and go the wrong way?" Lan Yizheng was also a little drunk, but he was not unconscious. No matter what, he could not let a beautiful woman's request affect her face.

So he went to the bathroom to look for Lyi Rann. Lan Jing followed behind him. When he walked in, he saw a person squatting there. It looked like Lyi Rann. " Lyi Rann?" He raised his head at the sound of the voice. His face was pale, and his lips were stained with blood. His bangs were wet with cold sweat. Lan Yizheng was so scared by his appearance that he immediately sobered up, "Damn, who are you trying to scare? It's too scary."

"My... My stomach hurts." Lan Yizheng walked over and helped him up. Lyi Rann could barely stand up, "Lyi Rann, are you suffering from gastric hemorrhage?" When he saw the blood on his lips, Lyi Rann did not know, but it hurt. Lan Yizheng shouted, "Lan Jing!" He felt a little scared facing Lyi Rann alone in the toilet. Perhaps he had read too many horror novels.

Hearing that, Lan Jing hurriedly ran in and saw Lyi Rann's pale and haggard face. "Lyi Rann, what's wrong?"

"Send him to the hospital first. He seems to have gastric hemorrhage." Lan Yizheng did not bother to go back to the private room and tell the others. He and Lan Jing took a taxi and sent Lyi Rann to the hospital. Lyi Rann had an emergency room in the middle of the night, but there were no beds. Lyi Rann could only hang water on the seat in the corridor of the hospital. He did not feel anything. Lan Jing was so angry that she almost went to the hospital director to complain about the doctor who had an extremely bad attitude. It was obvious that he was a bully.

Lyi Rann had also been hospitalized by himself. He had encountered too many of these things, so his mind was at peace. The rich and powerful were all masters, and the ordinary people could only stand aside. It was just a rule of survival, so what could complaining change?

"I'm sorry you had to take me to the hospital for your birthday. You can go back." Lan Yizheng was actually quite worried about him, but there was also a girl he liked in that group of people, and he had to persuade her to come to his birthday. If he completely stood her up, he reckoned that he would have no chance at all in the future.

After much thought, he decided to leave. Before he left, he thought that he would come back later to accompany Lyi Rann, but in the end, he was carried back by someone else.

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