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From Playmates To Lovers/C67 When We Meet
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C67 When We Meet

"Lyi Rann, are you better?" Lan Jing used a disposable paper cup to get Lyi Rann a cup of hot water. "Much better. I'm not going back to the school dormitory. Where are you going to stay later?"

"I'll go wherever you go." She lowered her head, revealing some of the softness of a girl.

"I'm going to a nightclub, and you're going too?" Lyi Rann's tone was tinged with impatience as he looked at her carefully. A beauty was indeed a beauty. Even if she had short hair that reached her ears, it only added to her charm.

"If you want to go, then go. Do you think I'm afraid?" She stood in front of him, filled with righteous indignation. Suddenly, a slender voice interrupted, " Yo, isn't this the Lan family's second young miss?" Lan Jing turned her head and saw Lan Qimeng holding the arm of a cool and handsome man, standing in front of her arrogantly like a peacock.

Lan Qimeng glanced at Lyi Rann, and her eyes flashed with surprise. But so what if he was good-looking? He could only hang on the chair in the corridor. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I thought you would like some rich young master, but it turns out that he's just a poor gigolo."

"Shut up! Believe it or not, I'll slap you!" Lan Jing was instantly enraged. He dared to call Lyi Rann a gigolo, he deserved a beating!

When Lyi Rann left, Lan Jing missed him very much, but later on, her father cheated on her and became the son-in-law of a wealthy family. She could only rely on her mother for support, and from then on, her personality changed drastically. She even learned Taekwondo because of this so that she would not be bullied by others. From then on, the gentle and quiet Lan Jing no longer existed, and there was only the tomboy, Lan Jing.

And this Lan Qimeng was his father's stepdaughter, and to her surprise her mother's last name was also Lan, the same as her father's.

"What a coincidence ~" Hee Shi said indifferently as he looked at Lyi Rann with an evil smile.

Ignoring him, Lyi Rann lowered his head. He only felt pain and even wanted to cut off his stomach to save himself a lot of trouble.

Hee Shi walked to his side, pinched his chin, and asked with an evil smile, "I'm talking to you. Didn't Lyi Aotian teach you what manners are?"

Lyi Rann took his hand away, "Sorry, I'm sick and in a bad mood. I don't have the strength to talk." Hee Shi seemed to have just noticed his pale face and exhausted appearance. That weak little body of his seemed to be able to be blown away by a gust of wind.

Lyi Aotian raised Lyi Rann like this?

"Why are you so pitiful? Lyi Aotian doesn't care about you? Do you want me to give you a luxurious ward? To let you recuperate?" He obviously had a different opinion of Lyi Rann. No matter what, grabbing Lyi Rann was equivalent to grabbing Lyi Aotian's throat.

"No need. I'll leave after I hang up. I won't trouble you anymore." Hee Shi narrowed his eyes as if there was a dangerous flash of light. Lyi Rann did not even dare to look at him. His gaze was too sharp, like a knife. When he looked at you, it cut your skin inch by inch.

"Young Master He, let's go. We'll be late later." Hee Shi still had a party, so he passed by the hospital and came to see a friend. It was just that he didn't expect to meet Lyi Rann so easily. Lan Qimeng did not want to see Lan Jing at all. Recently, for some reason, this girl had actually agreed to return to the Lan Family to live. After all, she was her father's biological daughter, and yet she was always against her. How detestable!

"I'm not going. You can go." Lan Qimeng was instantly stunned on the spot, "You... Young Master He, they are all waiting for you." Lan Jing curled her lips in ridicule. A b * tch who only knew how to show off. She really did not understand why all men liked to pamper white lotus flowers so much.

She pouted slightly and pretended to be innocent as she said, "I don't like you anymore ~" Lan Qimeng was instantly enraged, "Shut up!"

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