From Playmates To Lovers/C68 Do You Know How to Write the Word Death
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From Playmates To Lovers/C68 Do You Know How to Write the Word Death
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C68 Do You Know How to Write the Word Death

For the first time, Hee Shi's gaze fell on Lan Jing. His gaze carried a strong sense of oppression, as if he was stripping her clothes one by one, making her feel as if she was standing naked in front of him. Lyi Rann reached out and pulled her wrist, forcing her to sit on his lap. " Rub my stomach." Lan Jing was still in a daze and asked in a daze, "Huh?"

"My stomach hurts so much. Rub it for me." Lyi Rann ordered as soon as he opened his mouth. Lan Jing pursed her lips and subconsciously looked at Hee Shi before slowly reaching out her hand and placing it on his abdomen. "Stretch your hand in and rub it." She seemed to be shocked as she looked at the face that was just inches away from her.

"Lan Jing, why are you so lewd? You hugged a man in the hospital." Lan Qimeng looked at her with dissatisfaction. Even if that person was just a gigolo, he treated her so well, which made her very dissatisfied.

Hee Shi could tell his purpose with a single glance. He had been playing these little tricks since he was a teenager. Lyi Rann also felt a bit of regret. He was afraid that Hee Shi would have his eyes on Lan Jing, which was why he made such a move. This could also be considered as announcing to the public that Lan Jing was his woman and that he was protecting her. Not only did she get involved in the family affairs of the Lan Family, but she also provoked Hee Shi. It was not worth it.

Lan Jing slowly reached down along the hem of his clothes. Her fingers were cold, and when they landed on Lyi Rann's warm skin, it instantly made him tremble. "Forget it, forget it. It's too cold." He took her hand out, took the hot water she put on the chair beside him, and drank it bit by bit.

Finally, as if he had choked, he coughed and the pain in his stomach rushed up. Lan Jing hurriedly stood up and patted his back, tears welling up in her eyes. "Lyi Rann, are you alright?" How could someone have such a serious stomach hemorrhage? What kind of life had Lyi Rann been living all these years?

He felt a strong smell of blood in his throat and finally calmed down. He covered his stomach with his free hand and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. It was obvious that he was in great pain. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lyi Rann, you're not in the advanced stage of lung cancer, are you?" Hee Shi found it quite interesting that the Second Young Master of the Lyi family looked so sickly.

"Scram." Lyi Rann looked at him with disdain. Hee Shi narrowed his eyes slightly. In this world, there were very few people who dared to tell him to scram. "Do you know how to write the word death? Even your brother doesn't dare to talk to me like that." Lyi Rann closed his eyes tiredly, as if he was too lazy to argue with him.

Hee Shi felt that Lyi Rann was indeed arrogant and ignorant, but if one were to say that he was stupid, impulsive, and did not think about the consequences, it did not seem to stick to him. The degree of ignorance and fearlessness was well controlled, not only would it not anger him, but it would also make people feel that he was brave.

He took out his phone and made a phone call. After a while, the dean personally came over and arranged for Lyi Rann to be placed in the VIP ward. He lay down with a clear conscience and did not say a word of thanks. In his opinion, Hee Shi had the money and the right to work. He just did not know how to spend it.

Lyi Rann would need at least another week's worth of water. His gastric hemorrhage was too serious. The doctor thought he was a high school student, and he had no parents around. If his parents were around, he would even recommend a partial resection. How was that gastric hemorrhage? If he smoked and drank again, he would vomit blood next time. He wouldn't need to come to the hospital.

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