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From Playmates To Lovers/C7 Willful Little Ancestor
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C7 Willful Little Ancestor

Lyi Rann might have been born to enjoy life. He could write beautiful words with his white fingers, play the guitar, and make exquisite handwork, but he really couldn't handle these pots and pans.

Lyi Aotian had been out all day, and he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was take a hot bath and go to bed early. It was all carbohydrates, unlike those big bosses who socialized all day and spent the night in the bar. When they got home, they could do it seven times a night. It could only be said that it was the specialty of the young. Lyi Aotian was twenty-seven years old, and in front of Lyi Rann, who was sixteen years old, he felt old.

Lyi Aotian looked at the plate in front of him and slowly reached out to pick up a piece. It did not have any special taste, like a steamed bun. It was neither dark nor fragrant. "Not bad," he said.

Lyi Rann saw the exhaustion on his face. "Brother, let me massage your shoulders." Lyi Rann walked over in high spirits and placed his hands on Lyi Aotian's shoulders. The pressure was neither light nor heavy, and it felt comfortable. He subconsciously relaxed.

Lyi Rann pressed both of his hands on his firm muscles. Although Lyi Aotian often drank and went to bars with Gu Ci, Jee Qixi, and the others, his body, which often went to the gym, was filled with masculinity. His abdominal muscles were distinct, making Lyi Rann, who only had a round belly, envious. His hand slid down the collar of his shirt and touched his collarbone with his fingers. His slow and deliberate movements were full of teasing. Lyi Aotian frowned and removed his hand the moment he opened his eyes.

Lyi Rann licked his lips and said without any embarrassment, "Brother, our school is going to hold a sports competition in a few days. I've been preparing for it for a long time. Can you come and watch me compete?"

Usually, Lyi Rann's parent-teacher meetings were attended by Lyi Aotian or a few other people. As the second young master of the Lyi family, even if the school was torn down, the principal would not say anything. Every time someone attended, he just did not want Lyi Rann's seat to be empty. He always thought that even if it was the child he had picked up from the orphanage, he still had a family and someone to rely on.

"Okay, I got it. I'll be there." He picked up his coat and turned to go upstairs. Lyi Rann rolled his eyes and followed him.

He returned to his room and took a quick shower. He preferred the smell of lemons. The shower gel and shampoo were all lemon flavored. When he got close, there was always a faint fragrance.

Lyi Rann, dressed in a bathrobe, gently pushed open the door to Lyi Aotian's bedroom. The sound of running water came from the bathroom, making Lyi Rann's heart beat rapidly. He felt like a thief who had just come out for food for the first time. This room that he had been in countless times made him nervous for the first time.

Holding the doorknob of the bathroom door, the soft sound was like a knock on his heart. He pressed it lightly, and the moment he pushed open the bathroom door, he felt so nervous that he almost suffocated. The splashing water covered the soft sound of the door opening. Lyi Rann's fingers moved slightly, and the belt of the bathrobe around his waist was untied. The pure white bathrobe fell down, revealing the young body of the boy.

Lyi Rann slowly walked over and reached out his hand to hug Lyi Aotian from behind. He straightened his back visibly, and a faint lemon fragrance wafted over. Lyi Aotian immediately knew who it was. He reached out his hand to turn off the shower, pulled a towel from the hanger beside him to cover his lower body, and then tried to break off his hand. Lyi Rann held him tightly and became bolder and bolder. He actually reached out his hand to touch him. Shocked, Lyi Aotian slapped his hand away and turned around abruptly.

"Lyi Rann, don't go too far!" The youth's body was flushed red by the hot water, and in the hazy water vapor, his white skin looked pleasing to the eye.

Lyi Aotian turned his head away and adjusted his towel. Lyi Rann did not give up and hugged him again. He had never hugged Lyi Aotian, who was naked from the waist up, before. Now that he was hugging him like this, he felt the muscles under his chest were hard, warm skin, and a strong heartbeat. It really made him feel the strength that belonged to a man.

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