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From Playmates To Lovers/C70 Shen Moyun Cried
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C70 Shen Moyun Cried

"Brother, what's the matter?" Lyi Aotian stared straight at him. Such an obedient and unsociable little boy had already grown up into a man, but he felt as if it was only yesterday that he brought him back to the Lyi family. Lyi Rann used to laugh so much, and wherever he was, there would always be laughter and laughter. Although the situation was constantly changing, the lively and cute little boy always made him feel that no matter how much love he gave him, it was not enough.

He had practically raised him with one hand, and he had a clear conscience about Lyi Rann. Ever since Lyi Aotian was born, he knew that he would have to bear the Lyi family's business in the future. He had too much to learn. He lived like a machine instead of a child. He lost his mother when he was ten, his father when he was eighteen, and brought Lyi Rann home. This person was his only family.

It always seemed to me that this child in need of protection must be doted on to do what he wanted to do, to live the free and easy life he wanted for himself.

However, he did not expect that Lyi Rann would fall in love with him because they were not brothers.

This was something that he absolutely could not tolerate. He resolutely married and had a child, but he also forced his child away. Now that he had finally returned, he was no longer the young man in his memories.

Lyi Aotian slowly got up from the sofa and walked step by step to Lyi Rann. His leather shoes stepped on the floor, and Lyi Rann's breathing became heavier. He was nervous.

Lyi Aotian slapped him without warning. A crisp sound fell into the living room and everyone's ears. Lyi Rann covered his face and turned his head in surprise. Tears instantly welled up in his eyes, but before he could say anything, Lyi Aotian kicked him again. He staggered a few steps back and held onto his stomach, which happened to be kicked by him. His face instantly turned pale, and he was in so much pain that he couldn't say a word. Then, he slowly knelt on the ground and coughed. Blood gushed out and stung their eyes.

Shen Moyun walked over and hugged Lyi Rann in his arms. "Rann, are you alright?" He never expected Lyi Aotian to attack him. Lyi Rann's body leaned into Shen Moyun's arms. He didn't have any strength left in his body. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and beads of sweat the size of beans were dripping down his face. He smiled weakly, his face and blood flowing together. He wanted to speak, but his mouth was full of blood.

"If you want me to die, just say it. I just..." He took a deep breath, and his tears fell even more violently, "I stayed in the hospital for a week." Gu Ci frowned when he saw Lyi Rann holding his stomach, " You kicked his stomach." Even if Lyi Aotian's kick didn't land on Lyi Rann's stomach, it would have been more than enough for him to endure. His fragile stomach had only been ravaged for a few days when he was suddenly hit by a violent external blow. The wall of his stomach bled profusely, and Lyi Rann naturally couldn't withstand it.

He lay on the ground in agony, unable to control himself from the pain." So painful... so painful..." He snuggled into Shen Moyun's arms, crying out in pain and grief. Shen Moyun felt as if his heart was about to break. He regretted telling Lyi Aotian about this matter.

Lyi Aotian stood there in a daze. The bright red stung his eyes and his heart. Lyi Rann held Shen Moyun's hand tightly. Because of the unbearable pain, his nails scratched the back of his hand, leaving behind a few bloody marks. Shen Moyun felt that his arm was in pain, but he didn't know how much pain this person was in.

He stood up and ran to the door with Lyi Rann in his arms. In his panic, he had forgotten that Gu Ci was the doctor. Lyi Rann was in his arms and looked at Shen Moyun weakly. He seemed to see that he was crying.

He endured the intense pain, but he saw that Shen Moyun's eyes were red and his face was covered in tears. Cold and warm tears fell on his face. The tears in Lyi Rann's eyes did not stop. At this moment, he suddenly felt a strong heartache.

He had known this person for fifteen years, but he had never seen him cry before.

He hugged Shen Moyun's neck tightly and suddenly cried out loud on his shoulder. All the grievances, all the pain, all the unwillingness and disappointment, he felt that only this person understood him, and only this person, the only person who cared about him without any principles. What made him even more sad was that he couldn't respond to this person and kept hurting him, but he still treated him well and never left him.

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