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From Playmates To Lovers/C76 Kissed Deeply
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C76 Kissed Deeply

Shen Moyun thought, No wonder Lyi Rann wanted him to tie him up, even so. He was still struggling with all his might. The rope rubbed against his wrist, and he felt a burning pain. Lyi Rann felt that the pain was not even one ten-thousandth of his body. His feet kept kicking like a trapped beast. He bit Shen Moyun's arm even more fiercely. Shen Moyun thought that this was good. Although he couldn't help him, he felt sorry for him.

Lyi Rann's tears finally fell uncontrollably. Although he was overwhelmed by pain and pain, he could still see Shen Moyun's frown. He turned his head away, unable to bear to look at his pained expression any longer. Lyi Rann suddenly let go of his arm and turned his head quickly. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

Shen Moyun raised his head to look at him again, but Lyi Rann had already tilted his head and was enduring it alone. The veins on his neck were clearly visible, and his hand that was holding the rope was still trembling. There were still wet tears, red eyes, cold sweat on his forehead, and his lower lip that he had bitten open in an instant.

Shen Moyun reached out to straighten his face, closed his eyes, and leaned down to kiss him on the lips. Lyi Rann's eyes widened.

Perhaps this was the most affectionate kiss Shen Moyun had ever kissed him. Lyi Rann saw that his eyes were closed and seemed to be intoxicated by it. He subconsciously closed his eyes too. Shen Moyun's actions were very presumptuous. He was not afraid that Lyi Rann would bite him. If the kiss in the game room was a playful kiss, then this kiss could be said to be a real deep kiss.

Shen Moyun acted as if nothing had happened. He first rubbed Lyi Rann's lips, and the tip of his tongue slowly squeezed between his lips. Lyi Rann let him do whatever he wanted in a daze. Shen Moyun bent down and grabbed both of his arms. His upper body pressed down on Lyi Rann's body, and his entire weight pressed down on Lyi Rann, making him unable to move at all.

Lyi Rann felt an inexplicable sense of shame as Shen Moyun licked his teeth. He felt the nimble tongue invade his body bit by bit, and finally forced him to open his teeth cooperatively. He was like a general who had conquered cities and conquered lands. He invaded without any scruples, and Shen Moyun hooked his tongue and kissed him patiently and carefully.

Lyi Rann's entire attention was focused on each of his specific and intimate movements, his breathing, his lips and teeth. Lyi Rann's face began to heat up, and his ears seemed to be steaming with embarrassment. A virgin who had never really done anything, even a few kisses were given by the person in front of him. Lyi Rann only felt comfortable with the gentle and affectionate kisses.

Shen Moyun felt as if all the blood in his body was rushing to his lower body. He was no longer satisfied with this kind of kiss. Lyi Rann was tied up. This was a good opportunity to do something, but he was still in pain. How could Shen Moyun take advantage of him?

Lyi Rann didn't even know how the pain had receded. It was just that when he reached the edge of the pain, his attention was completely taken away by Shen Moyun, and he ignored the pain that was tearing him apart. Shen Moyun didn't know how long he had been kissing him. He slowly moved away from his lips, and Lyi Rann slowly opened his eyes as well. The embarrassment that quickly spread made his cheeks, ears, and even his neck turn red. His eyes rolled around, but he didn't dare to look him in the eye.

Shen Moyun smiled proudly and reached out to wipe the blood off his lips. "The best treatment is the only one. Fake one to ten." Lyi Rann wanted to laugh, but he felt tired.

Shen Moyun pulled him into a deep kiss, making it hard for him to breathe. Because he had just endured an unbearable pain, he felt sweat all over his body, and Shen Moyun was still pressing down on him. His arms and legs were numb.

"Let go of me first." Shen Moyun stood up and untied the rope around his wrist. Lyi Rann struggled to pull his hand back. Perhaps because he struggled too hard just now, the skin on his wrist was torn. There were clear and obvious marks of strangulation, and it burned with pain. Lyi Rann was not used to letting go of his arm after being tied for so long. He sat on the bed and rubbed his wrist. He let out a long sigh of relief.

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