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From Playmates To Lovers/C77 You like Him
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C77 You like Him

"Are you okay?" Shen Moyun asked with concern. Lyi Rann got off the bed and stood on the ground. He suddenly felt a sense of relief. For the first time, he had survived.

Shen Moyun looked at him seriously. Lyi Rann sat back down on the bed as if nothing had happened and rubbed his wrists and ankles. "I think you have a grudge against me. The feeling of using your power to avenge a personal grudge is so tight that you're afraid that I'll run away in pain."

Shen Moyun was also innocent, "I tied it very loosely, okay? It's useless to loosen it any more."

"Liar, you're using your official position to take revenge on a personal grudge. You just wanted to see me make a fool of myself. You took advantage of me when I was in trouble, you hypocrite, you old pervert." Shen Moyun looked at him with hostility. He suddenly rushed over and threw Lyi Rann onto the bed. He pulled at his clothes and threatened him, "Is that right? ! Hmm?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a pervert who knows how to talk. I'll satisfy you today. " Shen Moyun was just playing around. Lyi Rann couldn't even walk steadily, so naturally, he couldn't do anything to him.

"Damn! You... Get down." Lyi Rann struggled with all his might, but Shen Moyun acted as if he was real. His clothes were torn to the point that half of his snow-white shoulders were exposed. Lyi Rann pulled back with all his might. That posture was just like that of a landlord wanting a wretched little maid.

Suddenly, the door to the room was opened. Jee Qixi stood awkwardly in the doorway, looking in horror at the hot scene. He gave Shen Moyun an ambiguous and evil look and retreated with a smirk. "Continue, continue."

Lyi Rann pushed Shen Moyun away, "Get up." Shen Moyun licked his lips and felt that he was in a good mood.

When Jee Qixi received the news, he rushed over to see Lyi Rann. However, he did not expect to see such a scene when he opened the door. As he walked down the stairs, he turned to Tang Cheng and Gu Ci. "I'm sorry, he said. I didn't go in at the right time. It hurts my eyes."

Gu Ci asked, "What's wrong? Is Lyi Rann addicted?"

Jee Qixi shrugged his shoulders. "What can they do together? They do all kinds of things that aren't suitable for children, tie Lyi Rann up, and then let him be with Shen Moyun." As he was speaking, he suddenly heard the loud sound of a door closing behind him. He was curious when he saw Shen Moyun standing innocently outside the door. It was obvious that he had been chased out.

Just like that, the few of them accompanied Lyi Rann in his withdrawal. With Gu Ci, a skilled doctor, there were all kinds of precious medicines available, and with Lyi Rann's strong willpower, in less than a month, he had basically given up. The pain of each withdrawal was getting smaller and smaller, and the time was getting shorter and shorter. When he finally gave up completely, he looked much more energetic.

Lyi Rann's classmates had already entered a tense preparation stage for their final exams. Lyi Rann, the young master who skipped classes every two or three days or didn't go to class because of his illness, had almost all of his textbooks brand new except for a name.

Hsu Huo hadn't seen Lyi Rann in a long time. Thinking about his drug addiction, it wasn't hard to guess where Lyi Rann had gone. Therefore, when he sat in the coffee shop and looked at Shen Moyun opposite him, he already knew why he came.

Shen Moyun found out who sent him the video, so he had an appointment with Hsu Huo today. "You sent the video to me." Shen Moyun spoke in a firm tone.

"Yes." Hsu Huo admitted it calmly.

Shen Moyun carefully looked at the person in front of him, not letting go of any of his expressions." What's your purpose?" Hsu Huo was neither servile nor overbearing, "I treat Lyi Rann as a friend, so naturally, I won't watch him take detours. I know you like Lyi Rann and value him a lot. I think you have the ability to make Lyi Rann quit, so I sent you the video. I hope you can help him."

For a moment, Shen Moyun couldn't see through this person. But why did he, Lyi Rann, have to be friends with such a well-behaved and decent student in school? "Do you like him?"

Hsu Huo subconsciously felt guilty. He didn't know how much willpower it took for him to restrain himself. He didn't show any other expression, letting Shen Moyun see that there was something wrong with him. "Lyi Rann is my friend, and my sister is also from Sunshine Orphanage. I think Lyi Rann and I have something in common. " Shen Moyun muttered to himself. His inscrutable expression made Hsu Huo's heart beat like a drum.

"I don't have a copy of the video, and it's the last one I have. I deleted it after I sent it to you, Mr. Shen. I hope you can get together with Lyi Rann as soon as possible. He's... He's really afraid of loneliness. He likes Lyi Aotian, or maybe it's just dependence. What he needs is someone who will never leave him." With that, Hsu Huo got up and left. He opened the door of the coffee shop, and the cold wind blew in from the outside. Hsu Huo tidied his clothes. He had something on his mind that he could only tell himself.

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