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C79 Lovey

Lyi Rann took a shower and wiped his hair with a towel. Lyi Yuv watched him walk out. "Little Uncle, Youyou will help you dry your hair." Lyi Rann said coldly, "No need."

Lyi Yuv's face was filled with grievance and loneliness. Lyi Rann could not bear to look at her. "Here you go. Wipe it well." Lyi Rann handed him the towel. The little girl took it and nodded happily. Lyi Rann sat on the edge of the bed while Lyi Yuv walked behind him. The blanket was still scattered on the bed. As soon as the little girl lifted her foot, she fell onto the soft bed.

Lyi Rann turned around and helped her up. He pinched her little face lightly." She pouted, feeling wronged. She looked cute and obedient. Lyi Rann felt that his heart was about to melt. Lyi Yuv was only five years old, with fair skin and big eyes that resembled Lyi Aotian's. Her long eyelashes were like a fan, her long hair was tied up into a bun, and her baby fat face was covered in collagen. She wore a pink princess dress and stood on the bed with her bare feet. Every frown and smile on her face made him love her dearly.

Lyi Rann really didn't know how to be cold to such a cute little girl. Besides, he liked children very much, and when he saw cute children, he almost couldn't walk.

Lyi Rann used to go to Sunshine Orphanage a lot, and the children there loved him very much. Lyi Rann spent a lot of time with them and knew how to coax children.

Lyi Rann liked being with children and felt like a child. Childishness was the rarest thing in the world.

Lyi Yuv held a towel over Lyi Rann's hair and clumsily but seriously wiped his wet hair. She was short, and Lyi Rann sat up straight on the bed. Lyi Yuv had to tiptoe to reach the top of his head. Lyi Rann bent down little by little so that she could wipe his hair.

Shen Moyun sat on the side and watched the little girl wipe his hair. He wanted to take this opportunity to improve the relationship between Lyi Rann and Lyi Aotian. Lyi Yuv was a very important breakthrough point. Let's just treat it as him using the little girl. However, compared to Lyi Rann having nothing to do all day, it was better to let him coax the child.

Lyi Yuv helped Lyi Rann dry his hair. Shen Moyun carried the little girl over and said to him, "Let's go downstairs and eat." Lyi Rann changed his clothes and went downstairs. Shen Moyun ordered a table full of food for the customers. Lyi Rann had not eaten breakfast and was already hungry. Shen Moyun took care of Lyi Yuv and did his best to take care of her.

Lyi Rann held his chopsticks and watched as Shen Moyun picked up some food for her, poured some water for her, and wiped her mouth. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Shen Moyun raised his eyebrows and looked at him. He replied leisurely, "I don't know how much better she is than you. I like obedient children." Lyi Rann curled his lips and did not mind.

She never would have thought that Shen Moyun would actually bring Lyi Yuv over. After lunch, Lyi Yuv went to watch cartoons, and Lyi Rann ran to the kitchen. "What do you mean? Why did you bring her over? "

Shen Moyun washed the dishes. "Nothing. Your brother told me to." Finally, there was a time when Shen Moyun threw the pot to Lyi Aotian, and this time, he finally felt at ease. Lyi Aotian had tricked him so many times, and now he finally had a chance to take revenge.

Lyi Rann naturally didn't have any objections. He just felt that it was a little awkward for two men to take care of a little girl, but he couldn't say what exactly it was.

Lyi Yuv was lively every day and went to bed early at night. Shen Moyun hugged her, "Youyou, Uncle will give you a bath." Lyi Rann held the remote control and shouted, "Wait!"

Shen Moyun turned around curiously. Lyi Rann stood up and said, "I'll wash her." The little girl was only five years old and ignorant. To Lyi Rann, letting Shen Moyun bathe her was like a vulgar uncle bullying a child. That was his niece, so it was better for him to do it.

Lyi Rann led her to the bedroom, and Shen Moyun followed. "Did you get her a change of clothes?"

"Yes." Shen Moyun found a few sets of Lyi Yuv's small clothes, a pink princess dress. The small clothes and pants looked especially comical. Lyi Rann flipped through them again and again, frowning. He was obviously not satisfied. "Forget it. I'll go out and buy new ones tomorrow. None of them look good."

"Little Uncle will buy you new clothes tomorrow, okay?" Lyi Rann pinched her cheek. Lyi Yuv nodded happily. Her little uncle was really not that scary anymore. He treated her very well...

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