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From Playmates To Lovers/C80 We Slept Together
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C80 We Slept Together

"Do you have any pajamas?" Shen Moyun took out a dark cartoon stuffed bear pajamas, one-piece pajamas, and a hat with two cute ears. Lyi Rann threw the pajamas on the bed and commented, "This is not bad."

He carried Lyi Yuv to the bathroom to take a bath, and Shen Moyun went to the bathroom next door. The little girl was very obedient and did not cry like other children when they took a bath. Lyi Rann washed her hair, rinsed it with shower gel, took a big towel, wrapped it around her entire body, and carried her out of the bathroom.

After changing her into her pajamas, Shen Moyun dried the little girl's long hair with a hair dryer. Lyi Yuv hesitated and said, "Little Uncle, I'm afraid of the dark. Can I sleep with you?" Shen Moyun looked at Lyi Rann.

"Okay, little uncle will tell you a story." Lyi Rann was also in a good mood. Lyi Yuv happily got into the blanket. Lyi Rann lifted the blanket and laid down. He put his hand on her small body. It was a very harmonious scene.

"Uncle Moyun, you sleep here." The little girl patted the empty seat on the other side, and Lyi Rann took her little hand. "Youyou, Uncle Moyun is not afraid of the dark. Let him sleep in his own room."

"No, no, I'm sleeping between father and mother. Otherwise, I will fall down." The little girl spoke righteously, and Shen Moyun lowered his head with a cunning smile. When he picked Lyi Yuv up, he had already arranged how to sleep.

Shen Moyun drove Lyi Yuv to his house. On the way, he waited for a red light and asked on a whim, "Youyou, do you want Uncle to put you to sleep? Tell you stories and sing songs?" Lyi Yuv hurriedly nodded, "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Then remember to tell your little uncle that you are afraid of the dark that night, and you must keep Uncle Moyun with you. The three of us can share a bed, okay?" Lyi Yuv nodded. "That's how I sleep with my parents at home."

Shen Moyun was quite satisfied. The plan was a success! That was why children were like God's help.

Lyi Rann asked a few more questions out of curiosity, "Aren't you going to sleep alone?" Lyi Yuv was wearing a bear hat, and her fair and tender little girl was lying between Lyi Rann and Shen Moyun. "No, I'm afraid that if I sleep alone, Dad will always hug me to sleep." She revealed a sweet smile, as if she was quite proud of herself.

Lyi Rann muttered speechlessly, "No wonder your father hasn't given you a brother or sister for so many years." Shen Moyun could not help but laugh out loud. Lyi Yuv's innocence had exposed his father's night life.

"Little Uncle, how about you let Uncle Moyun sleep with us?" Lyi Rann gave Shen Moyun a look of disdain. He had not forgotten that this guy had entered his room on the first day, crawled into his bed, and left a wolf in his room. Was he reliable?

He could not resist Lyi Yuv's soft and coquettish voice, "Okay, okay, okay." When he lifted the blanket and laid down, he warned in an unfriendly tone, "Uncle Moyun, remember to lie down in your place. Otherwise, you can choose from under the bed or on the balcony." Shen Moyun waved his hand heroically and said indifferently, "Am I that kind of person?"

The three of them laid on the bed. Lyi Rann and Shen Moyun lay on their sides and looked at Lyi Yuv. The little girl's eyelashes were especially long. When her eyes were closed, she looked like a small fan. Her skin was especially white, and she had a small mouth and a young face. She was really cute to the extreme.

Lyi Rann couldn't help but kiss her on the cheek. Lyi Yuv suddenly opened her eyes and Coco laughed. "Little Uncle, I can't sleep. Tell me a story."

Lyi Rann only knew a few fairy tales, and the only one he had a deep impression of was the one about the mermaid. So he slowly began to tell Lyi Yuv about the mermaid, and Shen Moyun lay on the side, listening to him attentively. Children and adults paid attention to different things, and Lyi Yuv had a lot of questions.

"Little Uncle, why did she trade her voice for her legs?" Shen Moyun explained to her, "Because she wants to be with the prince. As long as she can be with him, and see him every day, the little mermaid can ignore her own voice." Lyi Yuv nodded in confusion.

"Then why didn't the little mermaid kill the prince? That way, she could have returned to the sea."

Shen Moyun said in a deep voice, "Because she couldn't bear to part with him. Although the prince doesn't love her, she loves him deeply. She can't kill the person she loves with her own hands, so she would rather choose to become a bubble."

The little girl pouted. "Foolish fish, even the prince doesn't know how to become a bubble. It's better to be in the sea." Lyi Yuv could not think about it too much, nor did she know what it meant to sacrifice herself for love. She yawned sleepily and fell asleep in a daze.

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