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C89 Pervy Things

Lyi Rann was lying in bed, his phone tuned to a popular variety show, but all he could do was stare into space, his mind filled with thoughts. He couldn't figure out what he wanted, but when he came back to his senses, he forgot what he was thinking. He put down his phone and prepared to go downstairs and get a glass of water.

Lyi Aotian was sitting on the sofa in the living room downstairs reading the newspaper while Mu Qing was peeling an orange. She peeled a petal and tasted it. Immediately, she frowned and complained discontentedly, "Lyi Aotian, didn't you say that you bought something sweet?"

Lyi Aotian looked at her pained expression, "What, not sweet? The boss said it's sweet?"

Mu Qing felt helpless, "Can't you try it yourself?"

"I can't taste it every time, right?"

Lyi Rann walked slowly down the stairs, hearing the words, the ordinary, homely words that warmed his heart, and without a word went to the refrigerator to get a cold bottle of Coke. Then he went upstairs.

When he was bored in bed, Shen Moyun called him on a video call. Lyi Rann put on his earphones and leaned against the headboard of the bed to listen to him. Shen Moyun was also in his bedroom. He seemed to have just taken a shower, and his hair was still wet. His upper body was naked, revealing strong muscles. Lyi Rann didn't want to do anything, but his eyes couldn't help but glance at his chest.

"How is it? Are you okay when you get back?" Lyi Rann nodded blankly. Shen Moyun looked at the delicate young man on the screen. "Speak, what are you nodding for?"

"It's pretty good." Shen Moyun didn't believe it. Lyi Rann was so sensitive, he didn't believe that he didn't have any thoughts. However, it was fine if he didn't want to say it. It was a new year, and there had to be a new beginning.

Shen Moyun held his phone and pointed the screen at his face. He looked at Lyi Rann's white skin and felt an itch in his heart. He pulled down the blanket covering his waist and looked at the person in front of him and did some very vulgar things.

"What are you doing? Hmm? Was he in his room?" Lyi Rann replied casually, "I'm watching a variety show. It's been quite popular recently." The two of them chatted on and off across the screen of their cell phones, not saying much, but neither of them hung up, and if they did, they didn't know what to do. It was better to have someone to talk to.

Lyi Rann finally noticed Shen Moyun's unusual behavior. The screen kept shaking and Shen Moyun's expression became seductive. "What are you doing?" Shen Moyun smiled wickedly. "Guess."

"Judging from your wretched expression, you must be up to no good," Lyi Rann snorted as if he didn't care.

Shen Moyun sped up the movements of his hands and said in a deep breath, "Rann, I feel so good watching your face hit the plane right in front of me." Lyi Rann was so embarrassed and angry that his ears turned red. He wanted to pull him out of his phone and beat him up. Damn, old pervert!

"Are you shameless? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lyi Rann held the earpiece wire and roared at Shen Moyun with a face full of disdain. He was obviously angry from embarrassment. Shen Moyun did not say anything. He slightly raised his neck and breathed deeply. Those sexy moans seemed to be right beside his ears. Lyi Rann felt extremely ashamed. He thought that it was a good thing he was wearing earphones. Otherwise, if others heard it, they would not know how big of a misunderstanding it would be.

Shen Moyun seemed to be immersed in his own world, and Lyi Rann could only watch him do all those things. His expression, his subtle movements, his breathing, Lyi Rann couldn't help but think of that scene. A man was fighting in bed. Just thinking about it made his face heat up so much that it could evaporate a steamed bun.

Shen Moyun finally let out a low roar. He raised his neck and closed his eyes in a daze. His appearance was really sexy. He felt like an extremely masculine man. Finally, he slowly opened his eyes, only to see a dark head. Lyi Rann lowered his head just as he was about to open his eyes. Shen Moyun felt pain in the roots of his teeth. Why was this child so angry? !

"Lyi Rann!" He looked up at him and said something that made Shen Moyun angry to the point of near death. "Old people, it's bad for your health to masturbate too much. Look at you, why don't you find someone to take care of you and let Brother Qixi take you to bed? The poor ones can only curl up in bed and use their hands. Do you want me to lend you a few yuan to support your nightlife?" Shen Moyun swallowed his saliva in disbelief. He bit his lip and looked at him angrily. Who in their right mind wouldn't know that this was seduction? How much was it? It wasn't a bus!

Shen Ying pushed open the door and entered. Shen Moyun raised his head and immediately pulled off the blanket. He roared, "Damn! Don't you know how to knock when you enter someone else's room?" Shen Ying could only see a white body. She couldn't see anything else, but she could roughly guess what Shen Moyun was doing.

She was about to say something when she heard a burst of laughter coming from Shen Moyun's phone. "Hahahaha!" Shen Moyun threw his phone into the blanket, feeling awkward on both sides. He felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his life. He actually... forgot to lock the door!

Shen Ying looked at him with disdain. She knew it. Who would do such a thing in the room so openly? It turned out that it was in the video call.

She crossed her arms. "You didn't lock the door or cover yourself with a blanket. You can't blame me for this, right? "I really did see it." For a moment, Shen Moyun felt extremely embarrassed and a little angry. Shen Ying, we are all adults. Do you think it's appropriate for me to barge into your room?" Although they were biological siblings, there were still differences between men and women. Shen Ying pursed her lips. She felt that what she had done was indeed inappropriate, so she did not argue with him anymore.

Shen Moyun was completely tsundere. "What is it? Speak!"

Shen Ying replied, "I forgot."

Shen Moyun:... ""

He really wanted to curse at her. Then get lost. He almost blurted out, but considering that she was his biological sister and a woman, he said, "Take care. I won't be sending you off. Remember to lock the door for me."

Shen Ying turned around and left. When she reached for the door handle, she suddenly remembered, "I want to borrow some money from you." Shen Moyun did not ask anything. He took the wallet from the bedside table and took out a black gold card. Without saying a word, he raised his hand and handed it over.

Shen Ying walked over and took the card from his hand. She had to admit that when Shen Moyun handed her the money without saying a word, she found her brother quite cute.

Shen Moyun let out a long sigh of relief and picked up his phone again. When Lyi Rann saw his face, he started laughing again." Ahahaha, Uncle Moyun, are you embarrassed?" Shen Moyun pouted unhappily and acted as if he was wronged. Lyi Rann looked so cute that he wanted to reach out and pinch him.

Because of this small episode, all of Lyi Rann's melancholy was swept away. It was too rare. He finally had a hold on Shen Moyun. With such a hold on him in the future, he did not have to worry that Shen Moyun would not be afraid of him!

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