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C96 Guci Cried

"Lianmu, we run a hospital, we're doctors, we hold lives in our hands, who doesn't have a story? Could it be that we have to tell everyone we meet? So what if I tell you? Who cares who pitied you? So what if you got a divorce? Xiao Liu's father passed away three days ago, and didn't he still have to work diligently? Society is so complicated. Who cares what kind of grievances you've suffered?" For some reason, when Yu Lianmu stared at Gu Ci and said these words seriously, he saw the deep pain and depression in his eyes. How could such a righteous Gu Ci have such a gaze? It made his heart ache.

"Oh, I know, she knows she's in the wrong, I'm just saying, you've been pretty grumpy lately, all right, I'm so sleepy, I'm off, it's time to get off work." Yu Lianmu waved his hand, Gu Ci responded softly, the door opened and closed, the office returned to silence, but Gu Ci could no longer calm down.

He had performed two surgeries today, and he was exhausted to begin with. He had also worked overtime to sort out his medical records and understand the operation of medicine in the hospital. His body was exhausted, but his consciousness was always awake. He didn't know how many such quiet nights he had spent alone. Everyone said that Gu Ci was a medical fanatic, but few people knew that Tang Cheng was his true reason for not turning back.

Gu Ci threw down his pen and leaned back in his chair, exhausted. He opened his eyes and looked at the light above his head. After staring at it for so long, his eyes instinctively teared up. After a rough calculation, he realized that he had been with Tang Cheng for ten years.

Gu Ci came from a well-to-do family, and his grandfather was once a famous person. He was almost a family of scholars, but later on, when the whole family moved overseas, Gu Ci's family found out about his relationship with Tang Cheng, and he came here in a fit of anger. He stayed there for almost ten years, and he never went back.

In fact, after a long time, he did not feel anything. Shame, scum, stain, just because he liked people, he had heard these words from his family, forget it, he would not go back, Gu Ci was never a person who was willing to give in.

Ten years, and he didn't know how he'd gotten through it, and sometimes he thought it was funny, what a devoted young man he was, going away from his family and being reborn for love, well, yes, he was almost touching himself.

Gu Ci was lost in his thoughts when the cold door was opened again. He looked at the man in the black windbreaker in shock, "Why are you here?"

Tang Cheng walked in with a cold aura, "Are you surprised? Are you surprised?" He smiled as if in Gu Ci's impression, this person was not in a bad mood at all. Gu Ci revealed a pleasantly surprised smile, looking like a child. Even after so long, he still felt surprised when he suddenly appeared.

"Are you done? Are you going out for supper?" Gu Ci tidied up the documents and stood up, " Hmm, it's better for you to come early than late." Tang Cheng helped him put on his coat. Gu Ci looked at him nervously as he reached out to put on his coat, but he immediately lowered his head and kissed him on the cheek. There was a crisp "pop" sound, and Gu Ci's ears turned red for some reason.

He gently pulled his ear. "Are you shy?" Gu Ci gave him a helpless look, opened the door and walked out, followed by Tang Cheng.

When Gu Ci stepped out of the door, he had already made up his mind.

'Let me be selfish, I want to treat myself better. '

When the two of them walked out of the hospital, Gu Ci realized that it was snowing outside.

Light flakes of snow danced in the streetlamps, and the cold wind made him cringe. His breath blew into the night air, and he rubbed his hands together and sighed. "It's snowing."

"It wasn't snowing when I came in. The snow comes so fast." The snowflakes fluttered in the wind, and the north wind blew. It was a good time to eat hotpot.

"Come on, let's go to the supermarket and buy some ingredients for hotpot. We'll go back and make our own hotpot." Tang Cheng nodded and followed him to the supermarket.

Gu Ci had gotten a lot of good wine from Jee Qixi and Shen Moyun, but he kept it and did not want to drink it. He even thought that one day when the brothers gathered together, they could have a drink together. Forget it, let Tang Cheng have it.

The hotpot was steaming hot and gave off a spicy aroma. As Gu Ci methodically placed the ingredients inside, Tang Cheng stared at the bottle of wine on the table. The total cost of this meal was not even as expensive as the bottle of wine on the table, and he was looking forward to it.

Only then did Gu Ci feel at ease. Tang Cheng was by his side, eating and chatting with him. He didn't ask for much, that was all.

"Wow, it's super spicy!" Tang Cheng ate a mushroom and frowned at the spiciness. Gu Ci found it funny and reached his chopsticks in as well. It was indeed spicy. The spiciness exploded in his mouth and his brain went numb for a few seconds. He pressed the tip of his tongue against his molar, obviously unable to withstand the spiciness.

"I thought it was just a little spicy. Why is it so spicy?" Seeing him frown and exhale like a puppy, Tang Cheng found him adorable. He got up and went to the fridge to get a carton of milk for Gu Ci and poured it into a clear glass. Gu Ci took it and put it aside, "Drink it after you finish eating. It's still spicy."

In the end, the two of them ate the hotpot in this indescribable pain and torment. In fact, at first, it was especially spicy, but after eating for a while, they got used to it. Gu Ci had never tasted this kind of taste before, so he was in a sorry state.

After dinner, Tang Cheng went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Gu Ci seemed to be a little drunk, lying on the table without moving. Tang Cheng wiped his hands and walked out. When he turned to look, he saw Gu Ci crying.

He pressed one arm against his chest as tears rolled down the bridge of his nose and into his other eye. They streamed down his face, a silent sadness that made Tang Cheng's heart ache.

He grabbed Gu Ci's arms and asked, "Ci, are you alright?" Gu Ci slowly raised his head and smiled innocently like a child. Tears fell from his eyes, as if he couldn't remember what had happened before. He was full of dependence and joy. "Tang Cheng, you're back."

Tang Cheng smiled, "Yes, I'm back. I came back to spend the New Year with you." Gu Ci stood up, and the chair scraped against the ground with a sharp sound. Gu Ci threw himself into his arms, and his breath landed on Tang Cheng's neck, "I miss you."

Tang Cheng frowned. It wasn't that he didn't feel sorry for Gu Ci, but he didn't know how many times this person had waited for him like this. He reached out and caressed the back of his head, doting on him." Ci, are you not feeling well after drinking too much?"

"No," Gu Ci said, his voice cold and soft. For a moment, Tang Cheng did not know if he was really drunk.

"Carry me to my bedroom, Ah Cheng." Tang Cheng's heart skipped a beat. It was only when they were intimate in bed that Gu Ci would call out to him in such an intimate manner, calling out his name, calling him Ah Cheng, clearly letting him know that this person belonged to him.

He wrapped his arms around Gu Ci's waist and lifted him up with a slight force. Gu Ci's entire body lay limp in his arms, as if he had no bones. His head was tilted on his shoulder, and his arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. For some reason, ever since Tang Cheng had seen him today, his heart had been filled with a strong sense of unease. It was not just this time, but every time they met, Gu Ci would be absent-minded. How could Tang Cheng, who was so sharp, not notice it?

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