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Furious Slaughter God/C14 The Assessment Begins
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C14 The Assessment Begins

After walking for a while, Gu Xiaorann found that the aura behind him had disappeared, and he had arrived at the foot of the Heaven Aligning Sect!

He was stunned by the scene in front of him. The surface of the mountain in the distance was engraved with the words' Heaven Aligning Sect '. The three glowing words were vigorous and vigorous. One look at its aura and one would be convinced from the bottom of their heart. Following the momentum, he saw the bustling crowd around him. It was like a vast ocean. There were at least tens of thousands of people!

Of course, these people were all here to participate in the Heaven Aligning Sect outer sect disciple assessment!

Gu Xiaorann walked into the crowd, like a drop of water entering the sea. He was about to ignore his existence!

Just as the crowd was in an uproar, an old man with white hair and a youthful face suddenly flew over from the center of the gate. The old man was dressed in an awe-inspiring white robe, looking extremely dignified. His pair of sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through everything. This was the elder in charge of recruiting disciples from the Heaven Aligning Sect. His cultivation base was at the Human Rank King Soul realm, and he was on par with Gu Desheng from the Ascending Gate!

The moment the elder stood, everyone instantly fell silent. Of course, there were still some people who hadn't noticed him. And those people were instantly swept out. They were already eliminated before they even started!

"I am the elder responsible for this disciple recruitment. Everyone knows that. Our Heaven Aligning Sect is a first-rate sect with abundant resources. " There are countless people who want to enter, but they want to enter the gate of the Heaven Aligning Sect. I want you to show your strength and prove that you're lucky. First, they had to inform everyone that those disrespectful people had been eliminated. Also, because there are too many people this time, those who have yet to reach the Third Grade Astral Body will be eliminated! "

As soon as the old man's voice faded, the crowd burst into an uproar. One should know that many First and Second Grade Astral Body had come from far away, but because of this sentence, they were going back, and no one could accept it!

But before they could even complain, they were cleared out!

Gu Xiaorann was secretly glad that he was stuck at Third Order Astral Body. Otherwise, if he was directly cleared out, he would be as aggrieved as he could be!

Gu Xiaorann looked around again and found that at least half of the crowd around him was gone!

"Wu, Wu..."

Suddenly, an extremely strong sound wave came from the old man. The sound wave passed by and Gu Xiaorann immediately felt his five organs turn upside down. He felt dizzy and dizzy. He almost fell down. Then, he became unconscious.

Among the five people around him, three of them fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

"Good, those who can still stand have passed the preliminary test. You have the right to enter the real test, and those who fell to the ground are considered out!"

As soon as the old man finished speaking, another large group of people were eliminated!

At this moment, Gu Xiaorann discovered that his body was already drenched. If not for the support of an extremely powerful will. He would have fallen at once, unconscious!

After adjusting for a while, Gu Xiaorann shockingly discovered that there were only a few thousand people left in the original tens of thousands of people.

He shouted in his heart, "Abnormal!" Before the assessment even began, 90% of the people had already been eliminated!

"Next, Scarface Hall Master will lead everyone to participate in the assessment, and I will be waiting for you at the finish line. Good luck!"

After the elder finished speaking, he disappeared in a few flashes.

In his place was a bald middle-aged man.

There was a deep scar on the bald man's face. His eyes gave off an incomparably cold feeling. Anyone who looked at him would feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. The scar-faced Hall Master's cultivation base was one level lower than the elder's in the Human Realm's soul. However, he was an invincible existence in front of these people. Adding the huge sword on his back, he gave off an extremely overbearing deterrence.

"Everyone, follow me!"

The scar-faced Hall Master turned around and everyone followed him. They walked past a lake and arrived in front of a huge mountain.

"The mountain in front of you is called the Three Crystal Mountain. The hardness of the Three Crystal Mountain is equivalent to a low-grade mortal weapon. The first round of test is to strip the Three Crystal Mountain with your bare hands. In the end, according to the ranking, the last third of the people will be eliminated. Those who are not stripped will be eliminated. Those who are not stripped will be eliminated using their weapons! " The top three will be rewarded with a Consolidated Pill! The time limit for an incense stick to burn will begin now!"

Scarface Hall Master's eyes flashed sharply. The first round of the test had begun!

When many people heard that they were going to strip the three crystals that were equivalent to low-grade mortal weapons with their bare hands, their entire bodies immediately drooped down. When some people heard that the top three had a solid pill as a reward, they immediately became eager to give it a try. One should know that the effect of the solid pill was extremely powerful, from the first level of Astral Body to the tenth level. After consuming a solid pill, it was very likely that one's cultivation base would increase by one level. For example, after consuming a third level Astral Body pill, one's cultivation base would increase by one level. It was very likely that he would reach Fourth Grade Astral Body!

Gu Xiaorann touched the mountain in front of him. That dark texture, that cold forehead feeling, he punched it. That three crystal stone did not move at all!

"It's really hard!"

Gu Xiaorann was secretly shocked.

Then, he gathered his strength with both hands. When he could not control his hands and started to tremble, he struck out with all his strength with the Tyrant Dragon Fist.

Tyrant Dragon Fist struck the mountain, and immediately, the dust became hazy. However, after the dust fell, the mountain was completely intact!

"How is this possible..."

Gu Xiaorann suddenly realized that his strongest killing move could not even hit a rock. He was instantly at a loss for what to do!

Right at this time, Golden Armored Battle Lady who was in front of his heart spoke!

"Three crystals are an extremely hard rock. Its internal structure is made up of three parts. These three parts are unusually hard. They are equivalent to the hardness of a low-grade mortal weapon. " The space connecting these three parts is very fragile. You can start from this weak area. After many attacks on the weak area, the three crystals will naturally fall off if they can't handle it. The patterns of the three crystals are the weak zone! "

Gu Xiaorann heard it and took a closer look. It was true. Each of the crystals had three parts, and the patterns inside were very clear.

Gu Xiaorann smashed the Tyrant Dragon Fist onto the patterns.

Vaguely, it seemed that the three crystals had loosened a little.

Gu Xiaorann was overjoyed.

However, when he looked at the time again, he saw that four fifths of the incense stick had been burned.

Gu Xiaorann could not help but feel anxious. Immediately, his Tyrant Dragon Fist smashed onto the patterns like raindrops.

"Haha, the heavens are really looking after me!"

Suddenly, the burly man used his brute force to peel off a fist-sized crystal. Immediately, he roared with joy.

"Humph, a tiny thing. Look at what makes you happy!"

Suddenly, a thin, tall, and thin person dragged a basin sized crystal in his hand and said disdainfully!

As for the people around who had not made any progress at all, they could be said to be all kinds of envy, and wished that they could immediately snatch it over!

At this moment, a person suddenly laughed wildly. He raised a water-tank-sized crystal in his hands and roared in an arrogant manner!

The expressionless scar-faced Hall Master nodded in secret.

Just as the water-tank-sized man was holding his head high, a loud sound was heard.

"What sound?"

The surrounding people were stunned. Even the scar-faced Hall Master was shocked.

"What? A mountain collapsed?"

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Amidst the bustling crowd, someone suddenly cried out in alarm!

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