Furious Slaughter God/C4 Devil Soul Is Born
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Furious Slaughter God/C4 Devil Soul Is Born
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C4 Devil Soul Is Born

The first thing Gu Longao did when he returned was to discuss the plan with Elder Qiu.

Elder Qiu frowned. They had already prepared the reason for Gu Xiaorann's death, but now he was alive again!

If their plan failed, they had another plan. Elder Qiu hurriedly called all the elders to convene a meeting!

They were now going to completely kick Gu Xiaorann, this nail in the flesh!

At this moment, in the Blood Demon Secret Realm, Gu Xiaorann was still unconscious. The surroundings were still white!

Not long after, the white light shattered, and the surroundings gradually became clearer. Only then did they realize that this Blood Demon Secret Realm was a huge Blood Pool. The Blood Pool was constantly bubbling with blood, gurgling and bubbling, as if it was boiling at all times!

And the stench of blood and foul smell lingered in the air!

In the center of the Blood Pool was a bright red skeleton. The skeleton held a scepter in its hand. On the scepter was a black gem that was emitting dazzling rays of light from time to time. It was extremely strange!

Gu Xiaorann was lying on the edge of Blood Pool.

As if it had realized that something had intruded, the skeleton's eyes suddenly shot out a black light. The black gem also shone brightly.

At this moment, the Blood Pool began to ripple like a waterfall. In the next moment, countless black Qi rushed out of the Blood Pool and swam quickly above the Blood Pool. Then, they met and gathered together, and a ferocious devil... appeared!

The devil grabbed at the air and the unconscious Gu Xiaorann flew up. Then, countless black Qi flew out of the devil's hand and wrapped around Gu Xiaorann tightly.

It was obvious that the black gas was absorbing Gu Xiaorann's blood and life force. Every time it wrapped around Gu Xiaorann, the Abyss Devil became more and more excited. Gu Xiaorann's life force was also getting lower and lower.

"Ancient Emperor Life Sacrificial Art, Ancient Monarch Relic Sacred Water?"

Suddenly, a woman's voice came from the bottom of Blood Pool.

And this move was used by Gu Xiaorann and Gu Longao during the battle!

Then, the devil was terrified. His face twisted, and then he collapsed and turned into black smoke.

At this time, circles of dizziness spread out around the skeleton of Blood Pool. Then, it slowly sank down. Around the place where it sank, a huge blood vortex appeared. The blood quickly retreated. Soon, the skeleton showed up again. After all the blood had disappeared, a huge ancient coffin was lying in the center of Blood Pool. The skeleton was standing on top of the coffin!

This coffin looked like wood, but not wood. It looked like metal, yet not metal. All kinds of symbols were lingering around it. It was indescribably strange and ancient. It was unknown when this thing had existed. Although it was frightening, it was still terrifying. It had an indescribable solemnity...


The coffin opened a crack and a white light appeared. It was exactly the same as before!

In the white light, there was another golden flash. Very quickly, the white light dimmed. There was a woman lying inside!

This woman wore golden armor, and she had slept for an unknown period of time. Her skin was fair, and she looked like a celestial being. She was completely like a sixteen or seventeen year old young girl, completely out of place with this ancient and strange coffin!

She slowly opened her eyes, and then a domineering aura of a king shot out from her beautiful eyes!

She directly flew up and landed in the sky above Gu Xiaorann.

"It's been so long. Finally, you are here!"

The golden-armored woman's eyes gradually softened as she spat out these words from the corner of her mouth.

At this moment, Gu Xiaorann was still in a dream, but he could faintly hear someone talking to him.

"I am the guardian spirit of the Devil Soul, Golden Armored Battle Lady. I have slept for countless years just to pass the Devil Soul to the fated person. Today, I have finally met the second person who is not an Ancient Emperor. From now on, you will become the owner of the Devil Soul!"

Following that, the skeleton on the coffin suddenly exploded. The scepter in the skeleton's hand flew up high. Countless blood flew out from the bottom of the coffin and was absorbed by the scepter!

At this time, the scepter's body expanded by countless times. Then, it slowly shrunk and finally turned into a black gem that fell into Golden Armored Battle Lady's hand!

"Endless nether void, vast and boundless, you have nurtured everything. Today, I will request from you, this Devil Soul will change owners for him!"

Golden Armored Battle Lady's entire body emitted a bright light. Then, it slowly dissipated and merged with the Devil Soul. The Devil Soul turned into a void in an instant. The light soared to the sky and could no longer be seen clearly. Then, a few flashes merged into Gu Xiaorann's heart!

Very quickly, the surrounding light disappeared. It was surprisingly quiet, as if nothing had happened.

Naturally, Gu Xiaorann felt something attack his chest in the midst of his hazy hearing. He subconsciously covered his chest. His entire body was sweating, but he did not wake up.

Following that, his chest began to feel intense pain. Whether it was an illusion or reality, all sorts of supernatural phenomena swept through his mind.

At this moment, he was standing in the sky. He did not know how far away he was from the ground. And below him was a complete world. It was enormous, boundless, and filled with fog. Light was jumping in the fog!

Looking closely, there were nine long rivers that led to the horizon. They were surging and surging, and their auras were vast. However, no one knew where they came from, and the nine rivers ended together. Finally, it took on a radioactive form, and a divine dragon appeared at the end of the stream. The dragon was real and illusory, and the current poured down from the mouth of the dragon. It fell into a bottomless abyss, and there was a dragon in every river. The nine dragons formed a circle in the sky, and the bottomless abyss was like the bottomless abyss. The water vapor soared to the sky! If one had to compare the nine dragons that formed the deep abyss... Then it was thousands of times bigger than the Sky Reining Continent Gu Xiaorann was in!

This super big world formed such a monotonous scene. The nine rivers converged and the nine dragons surrounded the deep pool!

No matter who saw this scene, they would sigh with emotion at the majestic nature of fortune. Then, they would sigh with admiration from the bottom of their hearts!

Suddenly, the scene changed. At the source of the nine rivers, the sky cracked. The From Another World black hole rolled and surged with all kinds of creatures, humans, devils, ghosts and gods. Then, the sky turned blood-red and endless killing intent filled the air.

Blood stained the nine rivers, and blood floated in the air. There was only a hint of redness left in the sky!

In the next moment, a person appeared within the deep pool. That person was half black, half white, stopping the killing intent. The killing stopped, and he was petrified as well, standing at the center of the deep pool!

Suddenly, another scene changed. The petrified person exploded, and endless blood flew out. Then, there were two balls of bright light, one black and one white. The white flew through the sky and disappeared, while the black smashed straight towards Gu Xiaorann!


Gu Xiaorann roared and suddenly woke up. He sat up!

He found that his entire body was drenched, but there were no rivers around him. There was no killing. There was only an empty pond and an open coffin in the pond. Behind him was the door to the Blood Demon Secret Realm. The door had already been opened. It was like a normal cave entrance that could be entered and left at will.

Naturally, the core power of the mystic realm had disappeared, and the restrictions had automatically disappeared!


Gu Xiaorann suddenly thought of Gu Yao being entangled by Gu Longao's blood threads. He was afraid that she would be captured now. He did not know how she was doing now. Thinking of Gu Longao's ferocious appearance, he could not care less and rushed out of the door in an instant.

At this moment, Gu Longao and Elder Qiu were having a meeting. Gu Longao said in front of all the elders, "Gu Xiaorann is a wolf with wild ambitions. Evil villain. After obtaining the Soul Building Pill, he still lusted for the Body Condensation Pill that I obtained in the secret realm. He even ambushed me while I was cultivating. I fought back in the nick of time. Only then did I gain the upper hand. I defeated him. In order to prevent him from harming others, I took his Soul Building Pill. I never thought that he would use junior sister Gu's life as a threat. Junior sister Gu Yao is completely devoted to him! I had no choice but to swallow the medicinal Soul Building Pill, wanting to quickly increase my strength. To kill him in one fell swoop, but Gu Xiaorann was desperate. I actually... chased after Junior Sister Gu Yao with all my might, but did not expect that he actually escaped into the mystic realm. "I was furious in my heart. I was furious that I did not kill this despicable person who killed Junior Sister Gu!"

Gu Longao spoke with righteous indignation. He gritted his teeth and secretly glanced at those elders who supported Gu Xiaorann. He wanted to see if there was anyone suspicious and prepare to get rid of the dissidents as soon as possible.

"Humph! Gu Xiaorann is such a heartless person. How dare he use such unscrupulous means. It's really infuriating!"

Some of the elders who supported Gu Longao also said with righteous indignation.

Although those elders who supported Gu Xiaorann did not believe it in their hearts, they were suppressed by Elder Qiu and Gu Longao's oppressive might. None of them dared to even breathe loudly!

"The matter is already very clear. As the chief elder of the Illusory Soul, I'm really ashamed! Pass on my order. Gu Xiaorann has been removed from the Immortal Ascension Sect. If he is lucky enough to escape from the Immortal Ascension Sect in the future, all disciples of our sect will be punished!"

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