Furious Slaughter God/C9 Devil Soul Gift
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Furious Slaughter God/C9 Devil Soul Gift
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C9 Devil Soul Gift

"No, I'm afraid it'll be too late for me to improve. My mother is still in the ascension gate. My father and Gu Yao's hatred can be tolerated, but my mother might be in danger!"

Gu Xiaorann suddenly gritted his teeth and said.

"It's not a problem. I already expected this. I used the last of my strength to calculate it. " Although the result can't be precise, it can be confirmed that your mother will not be in danger within a hundred years! "

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

Is that so? "

Gu Xiaorann seemed to have calmed down.

"That's right. What you need now is to improve your strength. Your personal grudges can be resolved with strength. Moreover, the fated person in the Devil Soul has a heavy responsibility. Every time the Devil Soul appears, a world-destroying catastrophe will appear. Therefore, you are destined to have an extraordinary life. However, no one will be able to control your future. You will need to break out of the sky by yourself! "

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

"Then how should I improve now?"

Gu Xiaorann asked doubtfully.

"Go to a first-rate sect to cultivate, or go to a super sect to cultivate!"

Golden Armored Battle Lady said.

"Okay. Although I don't know what righteousness is and what responsibility is, I know that this is a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Strength is the hard principle. If you don't have strength, then you will forever be an ant!"

Gu Xiaorann clenched his fists and said. His gaze was extremely firm!

"You are the fated person of the Devil Soul. I have some things for you here!"

Gu Xiaorann's eyes widened when he heard that. He did not know what the Devil Soul would give him, but that thing was definitely not simple!

"Yihuan Armor! Ancient Glass Lamp!"

At this moment, an armor and a lamp emerged from Gu Xiaorann's chest!

The armor was almost transparent. If one looked closely, one would see countless mountains and rivers hidden within it, as well as countless lives growing within it. However, when Gu Xiaorann looked again, he saw nothing. It was both real and illusory, and waves of unnatural aura kept leaking out!

"What, what grade of Armors, spirit artifacts, and treasures are these?" Gu Xiaorann had never seen an armor that could be so all-encompassing, containing the universe. He was immediately shocked!

"This is a top grade holy armor, and it can be upgraded to a top grade holy armor. Of course, this is only the later part of the story. However, the Armor requires a lot of energy to activate. " Even if it is only one in ten thousand, it still requires a great amount of energy. Without energy, the difference between a Armor and an ordinary Armor was not huge. In other words, the Armor required a huge amount of energy to activate. Only by continuously increasing your strength will you be able to maximize the defensive power of this Armor. Or, you can also use the Spirit Crystal's combustion to supply energy! "

"What, top grade holy armor!"

Gu Xiaorann almost collapsed from fright!

What did top grade holy armor mean? Weapons and armor? Fan, Ling... Treasure, holy... There are four levels up, and each level has a low grade... Middle, upper, and top level are four different levels. For a first-class sect to have a treasure grade Armor armor, that was already an absolute treasure. And a super sect might not be able to take out a low grade holy armor, but the one in front of them was actually a top grade holy armor!

Gu Xiaorann's mind was not very clear right now!

"Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Once this kind of treasure is known by the world, That would definitely cause a bloody storm, but you have Gu Xiaoranns on you. " The Devil Soul can hide the attributes of the Armor, making it look like an ordinary Armor. No one could tell its true grade, and the Devil Soul could also control the spatial barrier inside the Armor. With just a thought, one would be able to quickly store and retrieve it. "Put it on now!"

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

Gu Xiaorann took the Armor and put it on. It was neither too big nor too small. Instantly, he felt as if his entire body was protected by a divine spirit, an aura that was as unmoving as a mountain!

Then, with a thought, this all-encompassing medicinal Armor instantly turned gray and gray, becoming an existence like coarse cloth clothes!

"It's indeed miraculous!"

Gu Xiaorann was extremely amazed!

"You have to keep improving if you want to unleash the power of this Armor."

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

"What is this lamp for?"

Gu Xiaorann picked up the lamp. Other than the strange shape of the lamp and all kinds of runes wrapping around it, he did not find any other heretics.

"This ancient glass lamp contains countless natural spirits. When you reach the level of the soul, You'll be able to channel your soul power into it, and then you'll be able to enter the ancient glass lamp. " The Ancient Glass Lamp will determine what kind of natural spirit you will be able to challenge based on the amount of energy you infuse into it. The higher the grade of the natural spirit, the higher it will be. However, this natural spirit will be updated for a day and a night! Of course, you can also burn enough medicinal Spirit Crystals to enter. "However, the price you will have to pay is enormous!"

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

This Gu Liu-Li is so magical. Where did it come from? What can appear after defeating the Nature Spirit? "

Gu Xiaorann asked.

"The ancient glass lamp is Old Man Gui Chen's lamp. Old Man Gui Chen seems to have transcended the universe. No one knows exactly where he is. And this Ancient Glass Lamp was obtained by Old Man Gui Chen by chance. It was said that it was an item from the Dark Void, and Old Man Gui Chen had left behind two sets of equipment at the same time. One set was the Yi Huan Set, and this Yihuan Armor was one of them. The Pill Medicine and weapon would appear after defeating the Nature's Spirit. Armor, wait for a lot of treasures! "

Golden Armored Battle Lady said!

Gu Xiaorann was stunned when he heard that. In the next moment, he was extremely excited. This Ancient Glass Lamp was simply an inexhaustible treasure trove!

"Alright, I feel that a calamity is about to befall the heavens and earth. Although I don't know what it is, this feeling isn't wrong. You must work hard to improve yourself. Whether it is for yourself or for the common people in the world, everything depends on your own efforts!"

Golden Armored Battle Lady fell silent after she finished speaking.


Gu Xiaorann's stomach suddenly cried out after he answered. With a thought, he stored the Ancient Glass Lamp into the space of the Yihuan Armor. Only then did he realize that the space inside the Yihuan Armor was layered on top of each other, and it was hard to tell exactly how big it was. With his current cultivation, he could only see the size of a house clearly. But to him, this was already enough!

"No, I have to find something to eat!"

Gu Xiaorann currently did not reach the soul and soul. He was unable to use medicinal Spirit Crystals to replenish his body's energy. Hence, it was very normal for him to feel hungry!

Perhaps it was hunger that made Gu Xiaorann's movements abnormally agile. Very quickly, he left the wilderness and arrived in front of a small village that was not too big!

Smoke rose from the kitchen. As they spiraled into the sky, Gu Xiaorann immediately became even more hungry!

"Shopkeeper, give me a bucket of wild beef!"

Gu Xiaorann walked into a small inn and ordered a bucket of wild beef without a word.

"Dear customer, your appetite is great. Looking at your strong figure, you must have gone to the Heaven Aligning Sect to participate in the outer sect disciple test. Anyone who goes to the Heaven Aligning Sect to participate in the test will have a free meal until they are full!"

A kind old man came forward and greeted him!

"Heaven Aligning Sect? Which sect is this?"

Gu Xiaorann asked with interest.

"Dear guest, you must be joking. The Heaven Aligning Sect is a first-rate sect. There are hundreds of thousands of outer sect disciples, and there are also tens of thousands of inner sect disciples. The incense offerings are flourishing, and there are countless people who yearn to join the Heaven Aligning Sect. Most of the people in my inn are going to participate in the sect examination!"

The old man said with a smile!

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