Future Life, I would Never Love You/C3 When i beg you let me go
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Future Life, I would Never Love You/C3 When i beg you let me go
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C3 When i beg you let me go

But she was still too naive.

No one dared to touch a woman that Li Mo Chen had slept with.

Therefore, when Mu Yao received the call from the hospital, she could only take the initiative to look for Li Mo Chen.

A gathering of the upper class, where she, a bankrupt daughter, had entered, naturally attracted the attention of everyone.

The mockery and mockery followed one after another, but compared to the life and death of his younger brother, these were not even worth mentioning.

Mu Yao was under great pressure as he looked all around for the shadow of Li Mo Chen.

In the end, he finally found it.

At the same time, he also saw the woman beside him.

She wore a aqua-red fish-tailed skirt, layers of lotus leaves that were like waves, long black hair that hung down from her waist, and an exquisite face that was as pure and beautiful as a fairy.

What was lacking in beauty was that the goddess's eyes were lifeless.

The moment he saw her, Mu Yao was stunned for a moment, then turned around in panic, stumbling as he tried to escape.

At this moment, all the accumulated courage collapsed.

With her wrist being held, how could the girl's struggle be compared to the arm strength of a man?

The emotions that she had suppressed for several days instantly collapsed at this moment. She was practically screaming, "Li Mo Chen, let go of me."

"Brother Mo Chen, who is it …" The words that the girl was about to ask stuck in her throat, but the next second, she felt a deep-rooted fear. "You …" How could it be you... "You …"

"Bell, don't be afraid." At this moment, Li Mo Chen's usually cold voice was as gentle as the spring wind.

Mu Yao's struggling movement came to a stop, as the surrounding fiery gazes landed on her body.

The surrounding crowd's neither loud nor low comments just happened to fall into her ears.

"Tsk, why is she here?"

"Think about her recent situation, then look at the people here tonight, why is it so obvious why she came?"

"It can't be. Isn't she famous for being demure and elegant? If she doesn't get married, she would never get into intimate contact with a man. It shouldn't be so bad that she would fall to such a state, right?"

"Have you ever seen a dignified and elegant girl auction her first night in public?"

"I... of... "The heavens …"

"Moreover, the person who bought her for her first night was Young Master Li. Look at her haggard and weak appearance, I don't know how much effort she put in last night. "

"True, for a rich, powerful, and affectionate man like Young Master Li, there aren't many women who don't want to cling on to him."

"Nonsense. Look, aren't they chasing us all the way here?"

The gazes of the surrounding people that were watching the show and the unrestrained discussion all fell into her ears, turning her into an awkward and interesting show.

Li Mo Chen was famous for his deep love. Before he was brought back by the Li Family, there was a childhood sweetheart in the orphanage, the goddess who stood by his side like she was nothing. He had always loved her until now.

And this woman who could make such an outstanding man love her for so many years despite her eyes being blind had undoubtedly become the object of envy for the entire Jiangcheng City.

"Li Mo Chen, treat it as me begging you to let me go."

The mocking and disdainful looks from the crowd were no longer something that her ravaged nerves could endure.

Shi Mu Yao looked at the man with an almost imploring expression. Even though his pale face was covered up, one could still tell that he was extremely tired and haggard.

The man squinted his eyes, while his gaze darkened.

A sharp female voice interjected from the side, "Shi-Mu Yao, you're not, right? At any rate, you were once River City's first young mistress, and now that you're bankrupt, she's already been fed to dogs with grace and grace? Or could it be that after sleeping with him for a while, he even forgot to write the word 'reserved'? "

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