Future Life, I would Never Love You/C4 Give me the door to sleep on
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Future Life, I would Never Love You/C4 Give me the door to sleep on
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C4 Give me the door to sleep on

Mu Yao tried his best to ignore the sarcasm of women in the Ming Dynasty. He lowered his head and looked humble, "Young Master Li, I beg of you, please be magnanimous."

"A noble hand?" Li Mo Chen sneered in a low voice, "Are you sure that your brother will survive the night if I let go now?"

Satisfied, he looked at the girl's slightly pale face. With a cold smile, he said, "You stepped on your pride to come over here, didn't you just want to send yourself to sleep with me?"

"Tch …" The people around them scoffed at the same time.

The feeling of humiliation was like a huge net that shone down from above, making him feel as if he had nowhere to run.

The girl's gaze slowly turned darker, like the darkest moment before dawn.

Just when Li Mo Chen was waiting to see whether the girl would curse at him or cry and beg him, he suddenly heard the girl chuckle softly.

It was very light, like a feather. It was indescribably cold, and it also had a hidden irony.

"Young Master Li is extremely disgusted with me, and yet you spent so much effort just to sleep with me. Could it be that you've fallen in love with me?"

The man laughed, which was even colder, lighter, and less affected than Mu Yao's.

He did not speak, but the hurt and irony of his words were more real.

"Since you like her so much, you will make those who hurt her pay even if you have to bear the name of being ungrateful," The girl gently smiled. At this moment, the pride of the Wealthy Class was vividly displayed, "Then you should be a bit more straightforward, and be better than us. That way, you won't feel guilty and can stay in love with her for the rest of your life. Are you addicted or are you a double personality, sleeping like this while acting like the Prince Charming who protects her? "

The onlookers would never have thought that Mu Yao would actually have the courage to retaliate against the only person who could save her family when he was down and out.

In truth, Shi Muyao regretted it a bit, but he felt much more at ease.

If Li Mo Chen really killed all of them because of her words, it would be a kind of release for her.

At that time, Mu Yao had never been humiliated before in her life, so she had finally tasted it all these few days.


The man squatted down, still looking down at her despite his poor height. "I told you, you haven't been crushed like mud by me yet."

The girl's body trembled, so he felt it was too cheap to let her die right now.

His nails almost dug into his palms, and Mu Yao looked at the man's face that was shaking the world, "Li Mo Chen, I love you, which is why I'm giving you the chance to stomp me to the ground. If I do not love you, even if you were to dismember my body, you can forget about harming me in the slightest. "

"Is that so?" Li Mo Chen spat out these two words indifferently.

"You used this method to tie me to you, aren't you afraid that one day I'll take a breath and give you a bite?" The girl's smile was wide and unrestrained. Her eyes that were originally bright and beautiful had already lost their former brilliance.

A slender fingers with distinct joints gripped her chin. The man's handsome appearance made her heart beat faster. She slowly enlarged. "It seems like you have hardened your heart to make me completely annihilate you."

A sexy voice said, "Since that's the case, I'll grant you your wish."

"Brother Mo Chen, I-I want to leave now." The girl beside him said weakly.

"Alright." The man stood up and picked up the girl next to him. As he walked out of the hall, his indifferent voice came crashing over, "Inform the hospital to stop Mu Yuan's medicine and have someone bring Shiyu Feng back."

Shi Mu's body swayed and fell to the ground.

She had gambled everything on this gamble and lost.

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