Future Life, I would Never Love You/C5 She's that kind of person?
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Future Life, I would Never Love You/C5 She's that kind of person?
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C5 She's that kind of person?

"Li Mo Chen …"

Shi Mu chased after him, but Li Mo Chen was no longer around.

River City, which had just entered autumn, had a lot of rain.

It hadn't rained when he arrived, but it was raining cats and dogs.

While searching in all directions, Shi Mu chose a direction and chased after them.


Looking left and right, he bumped into someone.

She staggered from the impact and fell to the ground. Her already drenched body became even more miserable.

A pair of hands stretched over. It was clean, fair, and had slender and shapely fingers.

Shi Mu Yao was startled, he grabbed the hand and stood up.

Raising his head, he looked into a pair of eyes.

How to describe those eyes? She couldn't find the words to describe them, but she had lived for twenty-three years and had never seen a pair of eyes so beautiful and clean.

"Thank you!" The other party was gentle and fair looking, with a very gentle and elegant temperament.

The man made a gesture with his beautiful hands. She had seen it on TV before. No need to thank me if it was sign language.

He can't speak?!

Shi Mu Yao was startled once again, but this was not the time to be curious, so he thanked Shi Mu once again and left in a hurry.

He didn't notice that the moment he turned around, his wallet fell from his overturned bag.

cried the man, preparing to call her, when he saw that she had run away.

When he rang the bell again and no one answered, Mu Yao slumped against the wall.

This was the only fixed residence of Li Mo Chen in River City. Was he really not here, or did he just simply ignore her?

In next to no time, she had an answer.

Because a girl in a white nightdress came out with an umbrella.

Her fair and clean face gave off a pure and untainted aura.

The white color accentuated her immortal aura, "Stop pressing. Brother Mo Chen is bathing, he doesn't want to bother with you."

"What about you?" "Are you here to show off, or is it because of a guilty conscience?"

The girl's face suddenly turned transparent, her fingers tightly grasping the umbrella handle. "I …" I'm just here to tell you not to stay here any longer, it's no use. Brother Mo Chen hates you, he won't see you. "

"So, you're guilty?!" Shimu laughed. The cold rain made her heart go cold. "You're afraid that I'll tell him the truth."

Her calm tone made the girl instantly panic, "What nonsense are you spouting? What truth? I don't know what you're talking about."

Ji Mu Yao grabbed her wrist. "How long more do you want to pretend?"

"I don't know. Let me go, let me go …"

"Su Ling, you …"

"Let her go!"

The man roared out coldly. Before Mu Yao could react, he was grabbed by a huge force and thrown to the side.


She hit the wall and blood gushed out. The rain diluted her blood and let it flow down her face.

There was a faint smell of blood in the air.

The man's entire mind was focused on the girl, anxious and distressed. "Who let you come out? What do you care about such a person?! "

Such a person?

What kind of person was she?!

"Li Mo Chen …"

"Shut up!" The man interrupted her with a roar, "Shi Mu Yao, what qualifications do you have to call me by my name?"

Mu Yao gritted his teeth to hold back the dizziness he felt. "Young Master Li, let me apologize …" She looked as if she was enduring a humiliation. "I was in the wrong at the party. I …"

"Apologize?" The man's gaze locked onto her face. "Then show your sincerity and kneel down!"

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