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Every morning once I open my eyes I'd immediately go out to my balcony to watch him pick the vegetables and herbs for our first meal of the day. So sexy yet adorable, he'd squat in his sweatpants, shirtless of course, as he talks to his plants.

"Awwww my baby has grown!" to the tomatoes.

"Come to papa!" to his first victim when he visits the garden.

"I'm sorry I have to eat you today," that apologetic voice towards the unlucky veggies that's gonna fill our tummy.

Sometimes I fantasise it's me he's talking to. Hopeless, I know.

Anyway, this morning when I open my eyes, instead of rushing to the balcony I realise I'm still lying on the bed at his terrace. The transparent roof is hidden again as I take a breath of the fresh air.

It's amazing how he can get a place like this when twenty minutes away from here, it's already the busy city that's too polluted compared to this neighbourhood.

I'm lying alone on the bed eventhough I think it's still early. So I sit up to locate my phone, wanting to know what time it is now. Perhaps he's downstairs? In his garden? Picking the ingredients for our breakfast? Or already in the kitchen cooking my favorite omelette? Maybe he's done with the cooking, now sitting on the breakfast bar reading news from his iPad, while sipping his second cup of coffee.

Geesh, I've spent too much time with him to know his routine from the moment we meet in the morning to the time we part our ways at night to our own room. Though last night we spent the night together, cue a sheepish smile.

"Good morning." I turn around hearing his voice from the entrance of the terrace. He's walking towards me holding a breakfast tray with a smile and a dimple greeting me.

"Good morning," I smile back and adjust my body so he can put the tray in front of me, "You don't have to do this. I can just go down, I was about to."

He doesn't say anything but sit in front of me.

"Breakfast in bed without sex the previous night? Geesh I wonder what's in store if we did have sex last night." I pick up the fork then stab a sausage, while he picks up the other set of fork and knife, now starting to cut the omelette.

"You'll find out one day," he grins with his fork bringing a piece of the omelette to my mouth, which I gladly open and eat it.

I wonder how much more perfect can he get than this.


We spent half the day at the pool before leaving to the city after lunch, to buy some outfits for my internship that's gonna start in less than a week. I seriously can't wait to begin this new chapter of my life.

Because I've been wondering how will it be like to earn my own money, the appropriate way, so I can escape from being the small town girl that belongs to a middle class family.

A simple life is not for me. I like my luxury items, I like eating expensive food, and I will never be able to mingle with people from that middle class society. Their mindset on most topics is not aligned with mine, I can't believe I come from that narrow minded crowd. My parents included.

"Thank you," I express my gratitude as he places the shopping bags on the floor. Thank you for carrying them here, and for sponsoring them.

I wanted to buy the clothes with my own money, having him to accompany me is just me playing my part in our attempt to get close as much as possible, by spending time together all the time, but when he offered his card, I thought it's wise not to argue in front of the salesperson.

"Do you want me to sleep here tonight?" He asks innocently when I'm a bit surprised having it come out of nowhere.

"I thought it's fair if we spend Saturday night at my room, and Sunday at yours."

I giggle, "You sure make the best ex husband."


"If we have kids, and get divorced, I'm sure you'll be fair about splitting the time between us. Saturday at Daddy's place, Sunday at Mummy's."

He finally laughs once he gets it. There's this feeling of achievement whenever I've successfully made him laugh. Because he looked super hot when he does it.

"I'll buy you a house next to mine so the kids can just cross the gate whenever they feel like spending time with Daddy."

"See, best ex husband ever." I bet it will be me living with my millionaire husband while him next door with his equally hot husband. Geesh, that will be epic. Our kids having three hot dads. And one amazing mom.

"Alright then, I'll be here in an hour." He walks to the door to leave.

"But I like sleeping under the stars."

The man turns around with his forever-smiling face, "In that case, we'll have the sleepover at mine then." He decides, which I squeal in excitement.

"Yay!" Who the hell is this happy go lucky girl? Where is the classy, Exclusive Estelle? What have you done with her, Owen?

I'm so becoming the Elle I am whenever I'm with my bestfriends, so carefree and playful instead of being the sophisticated sugar baby. Geesh.

"Do you wanna watch a movie, perhaps? Or just talk? Like last night?"

"Maybe we can make out." I originally just wanted to tease him by how flustered and uncomfortable he was last night, with the whole taking-it-slow thing, but then he casually replies "Okay I'll wear my nicest underwear."

"Okay I won't be wearing one." I'm not losing this game.

He smirks and suddenly starts to invade my space, nearing his face and whispers, "I can see your nipples last night."

"I saw yours too."

He roars in laughter hearing my reply, "You always win, won't you?"


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