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As usual, after I finish my finals, I'd spend six weeks with my bestfriends somewhere we've decided to go months before.

It's actually one of the things that keep me in the business, to aim for lotsa money so I can enjoy my vacation like a heiress instead of who I really am.

Three weeks in Italy, another three in Greece, then the three of us bid goodbye until next year because we're gonna go for our internship at three different locations.

Well, I thought I'd stay with Kimmie in London but at the very last minute the company I'm really interested with suddenly called and offered a place so hereeee I am, New York!

Instead of starting my internship in September, I took the initiative in offering myself for an earlier enrolment. They're absolutely delighted to receive me in August instead of a month after.

While me, on the other hand, is beyond thrilled to have a reason not to go back home prior internship. I'd rather spend a month at the most expensive city in the world than be at that place where I don't belong.

"Hello?" I answer my phone as I push the pause button on my laptop. I don't know who's the caller since it's a private number but it can't be from the office I'm interning because they called me twice with the number appearing on the screen.

"Am I speaking to Miss Evans?" The lady on the other line sounds serious.

"Yeah speaking." It's Saturday, it can't be the office.

"I'm calling from Cupcake." Cupcake? The Cupcake Cupcake? The sugar baby agency? That's been handling me since three years ago?

"Madam Helen informed me you're looking for an arrangement in New York?" I did tell Helen I'm leaving for New York but it was a joke, about being a sugar baby here.

I thought it'd be too tiring to go to work from 8 to 5, five days a week then to entertain a sugar daddy. 'But I'll never say no to good money', that's what I told her before I left London. It was a joke.

"Are you free today for a meet up?" Today?

"I'm sorry for calling you this last minute but I just got off the phone with her an hour ago. Do you have some time today for this new prospect?" I laugh at the word prospect.

Cupcake, a sugarbaby-sugardaddy site I registered three years ago when I moved to London for my bachelor degree. Up to date, I've had six sugar daddies so I'm very comfortable with the agency. But I've always had Helen as my agent, and it's in London.

"Yeah I'm free but I'm not really looking for an arrangement," I've decided it's best to be upfront, "I'm gonna start my internship in two weeks so I don't think I have much time for this extra job while interning."

"Perhaps you can decide after you meet him?"

"Hmm?" Why is she so desperate for me? I've said no and yet this enquiry.

"I don't think I'm interested, sorry." Also because I'm getting money from my internship. It's not as much as I make being a sugar baby but still, this is important for my degree. I need a full score on my internship for a good CGPA. I can't be distracted.

"Alright, let me know if you change your mind. I'll email you my details. Thank you for your time, Miss Evans."

"Yeah okay, no problem Miss..?"

"Collins. Alright, have a nice day, Miss Evans."

"You too Miss Collins." I smile as I touch the end-call button. Not even a day in New York and I'm already getting an offer?

Geesh I wouldn't say no too if I'm Miss Collins. I mean, who'd say no to an hourglass bombshell with a strawberry blonde hair like me? You'd be crazy to not fall for my witty personality, complimented with how gorgeous I look.

This is not about having high self confidence.

Because I really know my worth that's why I put myself on the stage. I know I'm smart, I know I'm pretty, and I know I have that classy personality despite what I do.

That's how I make a minimum of five hundreds pounds a week. That's how the daddies always want to continue fucking me even if we've gone past 12 weeks.

But I'm smarter than to be with the same guy, stuck in some kinda relationship when I know I can get a better one.

My end game is to finish my degree, find a high paying job, marry a young, good looking with good qualities millionaire and be that all-rounded wife every woman wants to be instead of being stuck with a man who hires a woman for a companion. I can get better than those sick men.

"Hey," I answer my phone once I see Helen's name on the screen. Her colleague must have complained about my rejection two minutes ago.

"How are you? Settling down with everything?" Her friendliness always make me comfortable, but her big heart at checking me either for safety reason or service quality, is what makes me love her as my agent.

"Everything's good, just got here last night. I'll be moving to my new place next week." I plan to stay at this airBnB apartment for four days since I'll only get the keys a couple days before the month starts.

"Oh wow, looks like you're all ready for the big city. But you must be having your jet lag still," she laughs, "So sorry to disturb you Elle."

"Nah, I just got up from my eight hours nap." I planned to nap for half an hour to not succumb to my jet lag but I kept on hitting snooze button so that's that.

"So you should be hungry, right?" She sure sound suspicious.


She laughs harder, "Miss Collins told me you're not looking for an arrangement."

"I knew it," I roll my eyes as I hear the laugh continues, "I'm gonna be busy with work, I don't think I can commit to that."

"Perhaps you'll meet him first then consider?"

"But I know I won't do it, so why bother?"

"At least you get a free meal out of it. You know you can always reject it. Aren't you a bit curious why we want you so bad for him?"

Fine. I am actually curious about it.


"He wants someone who's drop dead gorgeous."

"Which I am," I shrug, with full confidence.

She laughs, "Yes you are. You're the prettiest I've had that's available now so it'd be a waste of opportunity because he ticks all the boxes, Elle."

She has been entertaining all sorts of requests these three years and she knows how I want my men to be.

"Fine. I'll bite."


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